05 July 2013

Emptying My Closet

I enjoy getting rid of stuff. Angel actually complained about this in a Facebook status of his from a few months ago: "Rachel is throwing away lots of stuff and calling me a hoarder for keeping papers from college." {further info: the papers were flyers for college events from 2005}

For the most part, I'm fairly good at keeping us from accumulating unnecessary stuff, but when it comes to my wardrobe, I tend to be so emotionally attached to my clothes that getting rid of them is a little difficult.
Example: I considered getting rid of a plain, old purple t-shirt that's I got for $5 from Kohl's. It's getting faded and stretched out, but my heart rebelled. "Angel proposed to you while you were wearing this shirt!" my heart said. I kept the shirt.
I'm planning on doing some serious shopping pretty soon, so in order to facilitate my shopping trip, it was important to get rid of clothes. My standards for getting rid of clothes this go-round?

1) The item doesn't fit well
2) The item has holes in it that shouldn't be there.
3) The item is ugly/boring and purely practical, and therefore isn't fun to wear.

My style has changed in the last few years. If possible, I've gotten a little more ornery and stubborn, and I don't want to wear clothes just because they are practical. I want to enjoy all of my clothes, which means that I need to get rid of the unenjoyable clothes. (Except my work clothes. They are unenjoyable, but I have to keep them.)

I thought I'd tell you a few of the stories of these items and why I decided to get rid of them.

 Obviously, these are my paint jeans. They've been my paint jeans since 2008. So they're supposed to look like this. But the holes in the butt (not pictured) are becoming quite unacceptable. Paint jeans that you can only wear on solo painting projects because they are too indecent for any group work projects are kind of useless, so these must go.

 The flip flops were free, and I have no use for platform flip flops. I love my starry sneakers and my brown bow sandals to death, but they are both quite literally falling apart. The black boots and the black and white pumps are both excruciatingly painful to wear. The strappy white heels and the strappy black heels are from the era when I thought you had to have a classic pair of strappy heels in basic colors to wear with dresses. Since that era, I've decided that fashion rules don't exist and also that I don't like strappy open-toed heels. They look too normal and I always feel like my toes are sliding out.

 Actually, I love this shirt, but it fits me horribly. I want it to go to someone with a shorter torso and much shorter arms who will love it as much as I do.

 I love the concept of this dress, but it's not at all right for my body shape. It's extremely loose in the top, and I've decided that it's not worth hoping that the top will ever shrink enough to not gape open.

This shirt is just plain ugly. I'm ashamed to say that I think I actually bought it myself. I don't know what I was thinking, I was young and foolish. If anything, it looks worse on me than it does on the hanger. Goodbye and good riddance, ugly shirt.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. I have a system for getting rid of clothes. I throw away the stuff that's falling apart, and I give the rest to my sister. She keeps what she wants and gives the leftovers to her friends or Salvation Army. Lizzy has a very different taste in clothes than I do, so sometimes when I've decided that something is intolerably ugly, that means she'll like it. It's a very effective system.

The time I spent sorting was productive. I got rid of: 7 pairs of shoes, 17 tops, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, and 4 skirts. Most of which I've had since before I got married (my style has changed somewhat post-marriage, strangely), some I've had for 6 or 7 years, and a good percentage of which were hand-me-downs that I kept because they were free, but I never really loved them in the first place.

Now I have lots of space in my closet!

Also, Lizzy, you can officially consider this your bribe to come visit me and get your free clothes ASAP.

Does anyone else have any organization projects they are working on? (Or you need to accomplish but you're procrastinating?) Is it also hard for you to get rid of clothes that you love but that simply don't fit you?

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Kristin said...

Funny: I just sorted through my closet at my parents' house last night. I do not need them keeping my sandals from 2004 and my belts from high school.

I know exactly what you mean! I especially hate it when we buy ugly clothes and then never even wear them.

Vi said...

I have the opposite problem, I have random cleaning sprees where I give huge bags of clothes to my sisters. But then I see them wearing them and looking all cute and I regret giving them away...! At least my closet gets cleaned out :)

Moonofsilver said...

I'm cleaning my closet out! It totally needs it!

Tayler Morrell said...

It's funny, I still have skirts and a few tops from '06!

Unknown said...

I hate shopping for clothes and only do it out of necessity. I have jeans from 2004 that have holes everywhere and they are finally getting "broke in." :D And we won't talk about footwear (I have 3 pairs: flip flops for around the house, tennis shoes I wear everywhere, and -30 degree winter boots that I don't have the heart to get rid of even though we moved to the desert last fall).

I'm expecting a post showing us the spoils of your mega shopping trip! ;)

Unknown said...

I love/hate getting rid of clothes. I'm bad the same as you, making clothes sentimental. But what good does being sentimental do if I'm never going to wear it? I got rid of most things when we left for Cambodia, but lately I've been getting rid of more pieces and only buying pieces that are stand alone, shirts that don't need something to make them look good, and are fun on their own.

Susannah said...

I love going through my clothes and getting rid of things that don't fit/I don't like. I tend to get emotional with clothes I like, though, in the sense of "maybe my high school jeans will fit again" or "maybe this style of shirt will be fashionable again" Yeah, those things don't tend to happen.

Helene in Between said...

i NEED to get my closet organized! but it's so hard, i hate getting rid of clothes!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

17 shirts?!?!! wow! good for you. I know what you mean about being emotionally attached to certain articles of clothing, haha!! I have a younger sister i pass my clothes along to as well. It is a great system :)

Jessi said...

Ok I seriously can never get rid of clothes! I always do the thing where I'm like "oh, I never wear this, I should get rid of it" and then I'm like "But what if I suddenly need it and it's gone?" It's horrible. My closet is in need of a major clean out! Kudos to you for actually doing it!

bluehuewonderland said...

It's so hard to let go of clothes. Good for you! You are inspiring me to do the same.

blue hue wonderland

Michelle said...

I did this last weekend! I spent all Sunday afternoon purging my closet since we're moving in a few weeks, and the less we have to pack the better. I got rid of SO MUCH STUFF. It's horrible. But so much didn't fit me anymore, and like you, my style has changed lately. I feel so much better now :)

Rachel said...

haha, good for you, a good closet clean out is so refreshing every now and then!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

Unknown said...

I've been tossing with abandon trying to get down to what I truly love and use. It's fun for me, too, so I understand where you're coming from. I've finished with jeans, pants, skirts and shorts and I'm getting ready to sort through my tops. Debbie @

Larissa T. said...

I'm going to be living with my grandparents in Brazil this summer, so I have to pack. I'm procrastinating that in itself, but I've promised myself that during the packing process I will get rid of much of my clothes. I have too much that I don't wear and I much of that is because it's hidden in the back of closets or drawers and I never remember them. So I need to find a better way to organize my clothes or get rid of them. Wish me luck! I'm getting started this week. :)

jessanneharrop said...

oh the joys of cleaning out your closet!

Law & Luxury said...

i've been needing to clean out my wardrobe, THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION! i think i'm finally going to part with some of my items that need to go! just subscribed on bloglovin :)


Lena B, Actually said...

I LOVE that you are getting rid of the boring NOT FUN stuff... I've sort of being doing the same thing. If it doesn't make me happy to wear it, then I'm done with it!
Thanks again for linking up for Passion For Fashion!!

Charlotte said...

Trading clothing with my sisters (I have two) is one of my FAVORITE things about having sisters. We're all close enough in size that we can trade fairly freely. My mom throws an item in everyone once in awhile too!