19 July 2013

My Man

 I was the sneaky wife wandering the park and taking pictures of Angel while he played basketball...

The man who calls me at 10 pm from playing basketball at the park and says, "Hey, I'm going to go out for drinks and dinner with the guys." and that doesn't get much of a reaction from me so he adds, "Actually, we're going to get drinks and eat at {this man who I don't know}'s house and since I can't drink and drive, I'm just going to sleep over at his house." And then, as I'm spluttering that no, you have a home, you don't just randomly sleep at random people's houses for no reason...he pulls into the driveway.
He does it just to fuss me.
The man who wears running shorts and sleeveless shirts--when I respond to such outfits with, "What are you wearing? Where did you even find those clothes? I hate those clothes!" 
He laughs and says, "I love you. You're so honest. You never pretend to like something if you don't like it." 
He understands my personality the way no one else does.
We both have our eccentricities--and man, we're good together.
Happy 29th birthday, my Angel!
 He always says I never let him drink alcohol, so I bought him a margarita for his birthday to prove he's only mostly right.
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  1. Happy birthday Rachel's Angel!! Haha. Adorable!! And it sounds like he knows just how to push your buttons lol.

  2. Happy Birthday Angel! (even if you don't like pencil skirts...:)

  3. Happy Birthday Angel the angel!

  4. Happy (day late) birthday Angel!!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment!
    Happy belated Birthday from me, too! He sounds like a wonderful partner!

    Have a good day,

  6. Happy birthday to Angel! :) you two make a great couple.

  7. Happy Birthday Angel. Now you need to mess with him as his birthday present.

  8. Happy birthday Angel! We're grateful for all the silliness you help Rachel bring to this blog. :)

  9. my husband will SO pull off the whole "hey babe, I'm getting off late today" in which I respond "UGH! I just prepped dinner because you said you'd be here at exactly 5:00" in which 5 minutes later the garage door opens. It's a weird feeling - you're happy they're home but for the past 5 minutes you were SO mad. ha!