26 July 2013

Never Have I Ever...

 So, there's a lot of things I haven't done, but that doesn't mean I've never broken a rule in my life. Apparently, I once trespassed for the sake of taking a picture. While wearing a swimsuit and a jacket. Very scandalous indeed.

...Traveled to Europe. {And Angel doesn't want to go there, so I probably never will.}
...Been to a wedding with a date. {The last wedding I went to, I was only 16, so that explains why. People need to get married and invite me.}
...Watched a legit scary movie. {People tell me that "Ernest Scared Stupid" and "The Spiderwick Chronicles" don't count. I don't care, they were too scary for me.}
...Smoked a cigarette. {I do, however, burst into spontaneous fits of severe coughing as soon as I catch a whiff of cigarette smoke. It definitely doesn't agree with me.}
...Not wanted my picture taken. {you know those people who are like "Ahhh!!, don't take my picture!!"? Yeah, that's never me. In case you hadn't already guessed}
...Willingly eaten sushi. {I once had my mouth pried open and a concoction of seaweed and rice stuffed into it. Thanks, friends. I thought you loved me.}
...Ridden a motorcycle. {One of my baby sisters did when she was only two! I guess I'm sheltered.}
...Gotten a tattoo. {and I have no intentions of ever getting one.}
...Colored my whole head of hair. {peekaboo blue highlights are as crazy as I'll go.}
...Broken a bone.  {I was a rather safety-concious child}
...Met anybody famous. {I usually add, "....except myself" just to confuse people.}
...Wanted to study French. {No way! I'll take on learning 5,000 Chinese characters and the entire Japanese grammatical system before I try to twist my tongue into making those extremely difficult sounds!}
....Put a contact in my eye. {you would understand why if you had seen the eye doctor trying in vain to put eyedrops in my eyes}

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Tayler Morrell said...

This is hilarious! I have never smoked, gotten a tatoo, or even had coffee/tea/alcohol and never will (Mormon). But, saaaaad! Europe is awesome! True, I've only been to Great Britain, but I also want to visit Greece, Rome, and Venice, at least!
Our Fairy Tale

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I feel like I identify with several of these! Like broken bones, sushi, the picture

Unknown said...

I've never done a lot of these either. I've only been to the UK, but I'd love to go to Europe. I hate walking into cigarette smoke too! Bleh. China was hard because of that. There was just smoke everywhere. I like tempura sushi a lot better, it's fried and the vegas roll is in this spicy mayo sauce. mmmm now I'm craving that!

Vicki said...

I've never done a lot of these either! I never broke a bone..but that wasn't because I was careful! I was quite a daredevil when I was little! It's a blessing that the worst I ever ended up with was a sprained ankle!
I have been to a lot of weddings with dates, though...two in just this year! :P

Decked Out in Ruffles

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I've never broken a bone. I willingly tried sushi ONCE and HATED it! Yuck! I love having my picture taken!!

My husband has a motorcycle so I have ridden on the back with him. I love love scary movies!!!

Chelsea Melrose said...

I hate scary movies. You are NOT missing anything! I love sushi, but it's not for everyone. And motorcycles scare me!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oh this is a fun post..i've never broken a bone ever!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

you MUST try sushi! i'm not a fan of the super fishy sushi but I go through stages where I CRAVE it....last time, it was when I was preggo. lol

Anonymous said...

I won't say "get a tattoo, you HAVE to!" because it all boils down to personal preference.

But for a motorcycle ride? Get on it girl, it's a blast! :D

Suzanne said...

You should visit Europe. It is fabulous. Seriously. I might be biased because I lived there and my hubby is from France, but there is a certain vibe and sense of history that can only be found in Europe.

I've done everything you haven't done except for smoke a cigarette. I hate them. The smell and everything.


mckenziewinkel said...

I love the one about never meeting a famous person except for yourself ;) haha

Janna Renee said...

Haha I have done most of these...too funny.

Holly said...

Love this idea! I'm totally going to do a post like this soon :)

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

I love this idea too... It's crazy that you haven't been to a wedding since you were 16! Totally agree about the picture taking (I love getting mine taken too!)

Nicola Kirsty said...

I've never smoked a cigarette either! I'd love to try riding a motorcyle though. I also always toy with the idea of getting a tattoo but I think I'll stick to henna instead!

Martha Hokenson said...

Aw, that's a bummer that you'll never go to Europe! I've never been out of the U.S., if that makes you feel better. I'd love to travel but so far life just hasn't lined up quite right for that to happen.