07 July 2013

What if There's Literally a Hole in Your Wall?

Angel and I just finished the biggest home improvement project we've attempted yet!
When I was little and my family lived in this house, everything was do-it-yourself, so I have a fair amount of remodeling experience. Angel, on the other hand, grew up in apartments, and prior to marriage, had no experience with remodeling. However, he's not scared of tackling any project, even if he doesn't know how to do it.
Like, say, dealing with a plaster wall that is falling down.
As the hole kept increasing in size and after we had 3 bats in the house in a 5-week period, we decided that we really had to get to work on fixing up my office.

First, Angel knocked down all the loose plaster.

There ended up also being a patch of cracked and loose plaster on the ceiling, so Angel also knocked that down. After watching youtube videos on the subject, Angel decided that patching plaster with plaster (especially on the diagonal wall and the ceiling) looked like too complicated of a skill to try to figure out by himself. So, he patched the hole with a trusty chunk of drywall, and blended it to the plaster with drywall mud.

Ta-Dah!! Okay, it wasn't beautiful or perfect. But when you've got an extremely uneven (the plaster on that wall ranges from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick) wall and a small budget--this isn't a bad fix to make sure your house doesn't literally have holes in it and to keep the bats out.

So, now this room was hole-free, and Angel's work was done. My job was to make the room pretty again. See, this room is currently my craft room/office. When I was 8 years old, it was where me and my younger siblings did schoolwork. That explains the Ten Commandments on the wall above, and also all of these posters.

Since Angel and I moved in here, I hadn't wanted to pull the posters down for fear of pieces of the wall coming down too. But now I knew I had an expert wall-patcher in the house, and I couldn't paint around the posters, so down they came!

I ended up taking the room from sky blue with bright blue trim, to turquoise with white trim. Oh, and because that one wall with the huge patch looks kind of funny with the one square of smooth drywall sticking out from the rest of the really textured plaster, I decided to turn that wall into an accent wall to distract from the patch.

See? You can hardly tell there's a patch!

I don't know if you'll believe me, but there was no stencil, no plan, and no tracing used in this masterpiece (Of course.). I've always loved the traditional patterns used in henna tattoos, which tend to be either from nature or geometry, so I just started painting on some of my favorite patterns. And then I threw in a few Chinese characters to fill up empty spaces. Because if I can't decorate my home with Chinese characters after studying the language for four years, what can I do?

It's random and crazy, and I'm sure it's not 'legit' as far as Pinterest experts or interior designers are concerned, but I love the look for my little room of creativity.

After I finished my artwork, I got my bucket and did some hardcore cleaning--we're talking fan blades, every last inch of that wooden floor, and the sliding glass doors, too. My room is now is pristine condition...maybe I'll go up and start sewing something today!

Special thanks to this work project's entertainment director--my Dad's old boombox, who might have just slightly more seniority than I do.

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Inge Jane said...

Great job, you're right, you can't even tell there was a patch by the end. And I love that you painted it to make your own special accent wall!

Moonofsilver said...

Wow! That's amazing! I love your accent wall! And what a fun project!!

Katie said...

bats in your house? that would freak me out! you did a great job! I love the accent wall!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

it looks great!

Charlotte said...

Kudos to you for tackling that paint job! Painting is one of my least favorite home improvement projects.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

That's awesome that he just got down and dirty and fixed it. You totally can't tell there was a hole in your wall. I'm super impressed that you just drew that on there. My drawing skills are limited to non straight lines so I'm always impressed when someone is talented at drawing.

Anna said...

Tell Angel I'm super impressed! We also just finished some dry wall/mudding over here on our new house but we had Mo's cousin do it (since he's got experience with that sort of thing). Watching him do it made me realize I'd have a hard time in that line of work. :) definitely not for me.

Anonymous said...

Umm bats? Scary! The room looks great!

Dominick said...

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