12 August 2013

In-Law: That Mysterious Relationship

We went back to the park and the bench where Angel proposed and performed a reenactment, this time with a couple sisters to photograph the event. The original was just over 3 years ago.

I haven't seen Angel in two weeks, though my Mom would roll her eyes at the number of emails and facebook chats that have taken place in those two weeks. 

The in-law relationship is a funny thing. All you want to do is marry someone that you like, and for better or for worse, you end up gaining a whole new set of family members for the rest of your life. This visit to my family was the second time this part of my family has got to see Angel in person. After he left, my Mom said, "He seems quiet, he doesn't talk very much. Is he still scared of us?"

My family is a little frightening when you meet all of them at once, and this is only Angel's 2nd time meeting them, so I think it's quite possible that it might be a few more years before everybody really gets to know each other and feel at home around each other. 

However, from my observations of this trip, I wouldn't have exactly described Angel as "quiet" or distant or on his best behavior....not at all. He didn't have any sisters till we got married and he gained 5 younger ones at the same time, but to my perspective, he's very quickly learned the role of sometimes annoying but useful older brother.

For example:

He hung my little sister's baby doll from the curtain rod, along with her hippo named Ralph. He threatened to take Ralph to America and blog about Ralph's adventures in the U.S. He hid baby Sarah's teddy bear that she sleeps with every night till she she was nearly in tears because she couldn't find it. He taped my Mom's Korean drama DVD to the ceiling of her bedroom. He constantly took panorama pictures of everybody, whether we wanted our picture taken or not.

But my sisters know very well what to do with a strong older brother:

Use him at the base for a four person stack in the pool. (p.s. I love the "Adults must accompany children" sign in the background)

Little Sarah doesn't like to walk. She thinks if she walks too much she'll get too skinny (those are her words). So she liked having a ride while he was here.

I'm so glad my family loves my husband. And that apparently they can be tricked into thinking he's on his best behavior when he's constantly playing pranks.

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Cassandra Too said...

I think you have a really cool family! :D:D

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with love, Cassandra xx

Veronica Lee Burns said...

ummm WOW I love the stack in the pool...angel is awesome!

Moonofsilver said...

oh pranks!! hahaha!!! He is the perfect older brother, and he must a have a ton of fun with them! He knows exactly how to torture :P

I'm sure you must miss Angel a ton. I can't imagine being so far away from my would be hard!!

Inge Jane said...

Ahhh that stack in the pool is awesome!!

Angi said...

I love the pool picture!! I bet Angel is loving having a bunch of younger sisters to prank. Maybe he got some of it out of his system. ;)

I laughed out loud at the picture of Sarah and how she doesn't like to walk because she doesn't want to get too skinny. I love the minds of children!

Elizabeth said...

You're littlest sister is the cutest thing! That's wonderful you all get along, even if everyone's not 100% comfortable yet.

Tayler Morrell said...

This is adorable. Angel seems like a wonderful man! My husband and my 16 year old brother bonded very easily because they are both gamers, so they always talk about videogames. He bonded with my 20 year old sis because she goes to him for boy advice. My 13 year old sis is still a bit awkward about him, but is warming up a lot!
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Lizzy said...


Jessi said...

Haha I can't believe after all those pranks your mom still called him "quiet" Did she know it was him? Lol. Looks like your sisters love him! And they're all skinny-minis like you! I love that Sarah thinks she'll "get too skinny" if she walks!!
That would definitely be hard to bond only meeting the family twice in 3 years! We've been married 3 years too but we're at my parent's most Sundays for dinner!

Patty said...

I love that pool stacking!! he must be soo strong:)

Charlotte said...

Such cuteness! It looks like Angel fits right in.

I used to make towers of people in the pool with my siblings too.

Anonymous said...

Your so sexy you know. I just had to get that off my bare muscular pecked chest.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Angel fits in with the family so well! My little sisters adore my husband. He has enough energy to keep up with them and he's big enough to carry them.

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I love this post - a lot of people would LOVE to have relationships with in-laws like this!

Michelle said...

He taped the DVD to the ceiling?! Hilarious. I love it.

Unknown said...

That first picture is totally something Hal would do! He gained 4 sisters when he married me, but they're all older. Either way, it's totally different for him coming from a family of all boys. Having a good inlaw relationship really is a huge blessing.