26 August 2013

One Outfit, One Way

 My family has long had a tradition of posing and taking pictures next to stop signs (you can tell this photo was taken in America, otherwise the sign would say 'berhenti'), I saw this one on the way to the grocery story and thought I'd add to the tradition. And yes, I was holding my glasses behind my back for these pictures. There are few accessories I hate more than my glasses.

Okay, most of the time I attempt to be a polite person. I don't think rudeness or making fun of other people is fun or cool, so when I have something snarky to say, I either keep it to myself or say it to Angel. He doesn't really count because we're one, ya know?

But I honestly do not understand the appeal of outfit posts with the theme of "One pair of shoes, four ways." or "One skirt, 3 ways."

I mean, really, does anyone ever go to the store, buy a skirt, and only wear it one way for the rest of their life? Is making one article of clothing a usable part of many different outfits supposed to be a revolutionary idea? Because I was pretty sure that that was just a necessary part of getting dressed.

Imagine that you've done a load of colored laundry, but you haven't done the load of lights yet. You want to wear your freshly washed fuchsia blouse, but the white pants you wore it with last time are still in the laundry. Oh no! What to do? 

Actually, that's not a dilemma. You just put on a pair of blue jeans or a skirt or something and move on with your life.

I don't understand, because I've never gone shopping and bought a pair of sandals because they could be worn with one....or maybe even two, or dare I say it, four!!!....of my outfits. No, I buy a pair of sandals because they are comfy or because I'm in love with them and then I wear them whenever I want to.

I always thought that the normal way of getting dressed is that you do have to wear the same clothes over and over again...because your closet is obviously not unlimited if you are a person of moderate income. Clearly, nobody would wear the same shirts with the same pants all the time because that's terribly boring. Plus, who could memorize all of those precise outfit combos if each piece of clothing only could be worn with one other piece of clothing in the closet.

I don't know. If I were to write a post like that, it would be more like:

"One pair of cowboy boots, 25,031 outfits."

"One pair of fuchsia tights, 186 outfits."

"Superman t-shirt, 38 outfits."

When it comes to clothes, all I say is: Wear them. Wear them all.

What do you think?
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  1. oh, but come on. that superman shirt would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute with some harem pants and a knit hat.

  2. Too funny! I do love that tee, and could definitely come up with many ways to wear it! Ha!
    Debbie :)

  3. Ha, this made me laugh! I totally hear you on this one (though I do like to see outfit remixes on fashion blogs). But like you, I always but something knowing it will go with a bunch of stuff in my closet. It's way more fun that way :)

  4. I agree. Which is why I would never be a fashion viewers would see similar outfits too often! Use, reuse, and mix it up!
    Our Fairy Tale

  5. I agree too. I like looking at fashion blogs though and dreaming about buy pretty clothes. I never have the money though. :( I love your outfit though. Thanks for sharing. Following you now on GFC.

  6. First off I love the outfit. Casual and quirky, just like you.

    It is true that people are obsessed with over-consumption so they feel they are being generous showing someone how to wear an item of clothing more than one way. Personally when I buy a new item the first thing I want to do it try it on with a bunch of the clothes in my closet to make sure it'll work with a bunch of them. Unless it's a special evening dress it needs to work with lots otherwise it goes back.


  7. Wear them. Wear them all. That is my new motto! ;-)

  8. Haha, this is a great way of looking at it. I don't mind those kinds of posts TOO much just because there are occasions where I'll see an outfit and think to myself, "I never would have thought to wear that type of skirt with that type of shirt..." but I can definitely see how those kinds of posts are kind of..."duh" in a way. I love your shoes. I want them.

  9. thats a funny thought - i do like some of those posts because it gives me ideas of ways to wear things! love those cute shoes!

  10. While I can't say I really dislike those those posts (they are fun to write!), I get your point. I've stopped following a lot of purely fashion bloggers just because I get sort of tired of seeing all the 'duhs'. Like 'cotton skirts are great for summer!!' Or 'wear skirts in the winter with tights to keep cozy!'...seriously? However, coming from a person who sometimes falls into fits of boring-ness, making myself think of ways to wear my own clothes is interesting. Most of my clothes follow one sort of silhouette or color scheme (I didn't plan that. Just happened), so coming up with outfits using my own clothes for a piece that's a little more unusual is helpful! I agree, though. It's annoying when a blogger seems to always have a new outfit. Personally, I wear my favorite pieces several time a week until they literally die. But maybe it's just me!! :)


    ps. Putting Me Together is actually hosting a 'one piece many ways' link up on September 3!! I'm going to try to join, you should too, just for the heck of it! :D

  11. I say 1 shirt = 829,937,720,263 outfits. booyah. ha. jk! I've seen posts like that and honestly, never click on them. does that tell you what i think about them. lol

  12. Hahaha the title alone made me laugh but then the post made me laugh even harder! I love it! And I have never thought of that before but it's so true :)

  13. you are so funny! I really like your pants!

  14. I totally agree! And I love the pictures!

  15. I actually really like those type of posts. Only because a lot of times it will give me a new idea on how to wear a particular piece. And some pieces are tricky to match up with more than a few items in your closet. Well, maybe that's just me! Love the superman shirt!

    Style of One's Own

  16. Haha this post made me laugh. Wait...I can wear my blouse more than one way? Mind. Blown. However, sometimes they give me new idea of how to wear something I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

  17. Haha! So true! I would never buy 7 items for only 4 outfits.

  18. Too funny! Loving the graphic tee. :-)


  19. LMAO so true! I'm almost certain the designer realized people would match their outfits with other clothing. That's kind of the whole idea with fashion. You make it yours. You own it.

    BTW, I laughed when I saw the Superman shirt. I just happened to be going through my wardrobe the other day and realized I have 15 articles of clothing that contain a Superman logo. I think I may be addicted. Or a perpetual comic book lovin' kid. Probably both.

  20. Mixing clothing with everything you can think of has always been a no-brainer to me too, so I was never more shocked when I went shopping with a group of ladies I'd never shopped with before and several of them would pick a top or pants they liked, and then find everything else needed to complete the outfit.... shoes, jewelry, sweater, etc. so that they'd know what to wear with their new purchases! After chatting with them about it (after shutting my jaw hanging open in disbelief) I realized that was literally how they shopped for clothes: an outfit at a time, and when they wore those pieces again it was always with the same outfit. WEEEIRD.
    All that to say, I think (originally at least) the remixing posts were revolutionary for some! I think I still like them because like others have stated above, they do sometimes still give me new ideas :) Oh and you are looking pretty cute next to your stop sign ;)

  21. Those shoes are so adorable, I just love the color red!!!


  22. I like those kinds of posts. I really like where they pick like 10 items and wear them a different way for a month straight. I'm bad at mixing it up, so it always gives me ideas.

  23. LMAO!! Thx for making me laugh. I really enjoyed your post. And I like your kind of view. Yes wear them, wear them all. I love your outfit. The red shoes are cool. I shall be your newest follower. Have a lovely holiday weekend.

  24. Gorgeous!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx