12 September 2013

Skills I Lack

Riding a Unicycle.


Speaking most languages in the world.




Parallel parking.

Driving a stick shift.

Watercolor painting.

Swallowing swords.

Driving a motorcycle.

Using a jackhammer.


Preventing my face from showing what I really think.



Starting an IV.

 Piloting an airplane.

Swimming 110 miles in a row.

Taking off my nail polish in a civilized manner.

Baking pies from scratch.

Playing polo.

Playing tennis.

Playing volleyball.

Playing any sport involving a ball.

Burning cds.

Sticking out my tongue far enough to touch my nose.

Changing struts on a car.

Using Photoshop.

Doing the splits.

Playing the violin.

There. I feel highly unaccomplished right now. And now that you are all feeling so good about yourselves for being able to do things that I can't currently do--what skills don't you have? {insert evil grin}


  1. I can't parallel park to save my life. It's not unusual for me to give up and have my passenger do it for me.

  2. Ha! I don't even know how you thought of all these things?!? But, I feel just as unaccomplished as the only things on your list I CAN do is drive a stick shift car and parallel park, but those were necessities. And I think I might still be able to knit. I wish I could bake pies from scratch! And I most certainly can't let my face not show what I'm thinking. Boo hoo...

  3. Hahaa, I can't do all those things...except for knitting. I think I can do that moderately well, perhaps :P If we ever meet I will attempt to teach you.

    I don't usually think of things I can't do. Hmmmm I can't breathe underwater or grow a tail or fly?

  4. My husband can ride a unicycle. We have a short one like in your pictures and tall one. I get a kick out of it every time. And I knit. It's so easy to learn! You should add it on a bucket list! :)

    PS. Noticed you live in Mi.?! Me too.

    Three Sisters and Us

  5. I can't play sports without ducking when the ball comes my way. Childhood reflex.

  6. Speaking any foreign languages
    Sports (all)
    Pool playing

  7. I cannot sing...well I can but no one wants to hear it.

    I can't play baseball, but I think it is a silly sport anyhow.

    I can't read or program PHP and I can't fix my imac to recognize my printer.

    Those are just a few of the many many things I can't do.

    You should try to bake a pie...they are easy : )


  8. I can bake pies from scratch and start an IV...that's about all I've got on you in that list :)

  9. Do you want to learn any of these skills?

    It is possible with time and practice!

    Which skill would you want to learn right away?

  10. Really Rachel *shaking my head in disbelief* None of the above? Now, you go and practice practice practice Girl, do you hear me?! Nah seriously, I can't do most of those things either. Hey what do you say? Shall we practice together? Starting with the airplane? I am first. OK?

    have a nice day sweetie.

  11. Well... if it makes you feel any better I can't do any of those things either!

  12. i agree with so many of those! I like this idea for a post! I want to do one like it!

  13. AHAHAHA!!! Love this! I am SO jealous that you have just gotten to TRY to ride a unicycle! I wanna try it!!!!!!

  14. I suck at parallel parking and opening cans. And balancing. And walking. And breathing--especially in the fall and spring, I sneeze more than I breathe.
    Our Fairy Tale

  15. Out of everything on this list, I can only do two things: drive a manual and do the splits- and I haven't done either in at least three years. Don't feel bad!

  16. Haha I think we are all unaccomplished according to this list!

  17. using a jackhammer is seriously on the list? hahahahaha. ohhh that made me LOL when i read that.

  18. I cannot drive a stick shift either. Sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world with this problem.