06 September 2013

We Are Weird

 At the beach, just before it started raining.

Sometimes, I just look at our lives, and our history together, and think, man, we are really weird. Of course, I also think that most lives seem strange when looked at from the inside.


  • When we were first courting, Angel told me that he had decided he wouldn't love me until after we got married. And I was okay with that. (Though, to be honest, I didn't really believe him)
  • We got married on a Saturday afternoon. Saturday night, we opened all of our wedding presents. Sunday morning and for most of our first day of marriage, we wrote all of our thank you cards, and they were mailed out on Monday. If that isn't dedication to politeness (and a strange set of priorities), I don't know what is.
  • We rarely go to the beach, and when we do, only when it's storming. Once we got pulled over on the way home from the beach, and the policeman acted as if we must have been up to no good when he asked where we were coming from and Angel answered "The beach." Because there was a slight thunderstorm at the time... 
  • We really like going shoe shopping, together. I know that traditionally shoe shopping is fun for girls and torture for guys....but it just so happens that Angel really appreciates shoes and we like exploring all the shoe stores in the mall together in pursuit of the perfect pair of work shoes (for him) or winter boots (for me). Seriously, he instigates shoe shopping expeditions. My sister recently wrote to me, "I heard the phrase 'Shoe love is true love' and it reminded me of you and Angel." Appropriate.
  • We name our cats after medicines and come up with medical-sounding acronyms to serve as code words for use in everyday life. (Medical people have so many acronyms!!!)
  • There's the whole bear costume thing, of course. That's simply bizarre.
  • One time, I woke up, and the room was completely dark, I couldn't see what time it was, and I just shook Angel and asked him, "Did you set your alarm before you fell asleep?" He said, "No, I'm not even going to work today." "Umm, yes, you are, it's Wednesday!" "Are you sure?" he asked, slowly climbing out of bed and going to the kitchen to take a look at the calendar. "What? I have to work?!" It was merely 20 minutes till he had to be on his way, but he got ready and made it out the door on time. This is the result of a constantly changing work schedule and a wife who is abnormally alert even in the wee hours of the morning.
  • And the other day, we had to return a movie at the library, pay my car insurance, and go out to eat using a gift card someone gave me. Angel suggested that we bike to all three places. The distance wasn't far, MapQuest estimates nearly 7 miles round trip, but our home is separated from civilization by 55 mph country highways with no sidewalks, and we typically avoid those and stick to the dirt roads around our house when biking. But we braved the highways and set out on our adventure. I'm no athlete (can you tell by the striped dress and purple jeans I chose to wear for a bike outing?). We had no unfortunate run-ins with automobiles, and we even went to the dollar store and bought a few fireworks. You might be thinking that I'm highly recommending such an outing to you all as an inexpensive date.....but no. Six months worth of car insurance is no joke, people. This is no cheap date, rather, a very labor intensive way to accomplish an expensive errand!

Are there ever moments when you look at your life and think, "Man, this is weird!"?


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  1. Aww you two sound like such a sweet couple! And this made me laugh. All in all, this post made me smile :)
    I'm especially surprised by your dedication to thank-you-note writing...!

  2. I totally have those "we are the weirdest" moments all the time! Especially when we're just goofing around with our string of extreme inside jokes. It's like when I had BFFs in middle school--just a circle of kids cackling like crazy and the weirdest things. But it makes me love my husband even more, that we can totally be weird together and have no shame :) Love your list!!

    Amy | Club Narwhal

  3. Awww... These are cute! Nate and I totally have moments where we realize that what we're doing is honestly totally weird. I think we're all weird in our own ways. ;-)

  4. I love the medical names for your cats! I am terrible at coming up with pet names. You guys are so cute together! :)

  5. Loving the new blog look and the improvements you're making!! Believe me... my boyfriend and I are super weird... it's amazing that either one of us even want to be with the other sometimes lol but it works for us! :) I love y'all's bike excursion. I've recently fallen back in love with my bike and I think I've been on 3 bike rides this week with a possible 4th today, who knows! lol Y'all are fun! I have yet to sponsor a blog... I'm just not sure if I'm ready to invest in that way yet, but I'll keep your reasonable prices in mind (once I find a job of course! lol)

  6. hah. this was so cute. peppy and i have many moments where we wonder if crazy stuff that happens to us happens to other people. like....the time we went camping and two amputees fell out of their canoe and we had to help them back in. or.....the time a random chick on meth approached us with a bucket of junk and asked us if we knew about any hills in florida. or the time we got lost in a really seedy part of nashville at 2 am, and this strange car kept circling us. or how about the night that i dared peppy to run to our garbage can naked, and right as he got to the road, our 80 year old neighbor walked outside to take out his can.

  7. I think all the "weirdness" is what makes you guys fun and different! I love hearing all your funny stories and quirks that you two have.

    I don't think it's too weird that you guys like to shoe shop together. So do Isaiah and I (and he suggests it, too!).

  8. There's no one I would rather be weird with than my hubby! Theses are super cute!

  9. I think these little idiosyncrasies are funny. Everyone has a bit of weirdness in them. Otherwise they are dead boring.


  10. I totally think that sometimes, but I think of it as a good thing. Being weird is way better than being lame, right? I love that you share all of this on your blog. I really think it makes your readers have a good understanding of you who and Angel are.

  11. Hi Rachel. Of course not! I am the most serious person on earth. But you know that, don't you? OK, seriously, I think it most of the time. Hey I loved the story.
    Have a lovely day.

  12. This is SO FUNNY. You guys are weird, and that is one reason I love reading your blog! I really love your biking outfit.

    My husband hates shopping of any kind.

    We opened all our wedding presents the day of, also!! I couldn't wait :P

  13. I think everyone's "weirdness" is what makes him/her unique! My boyfriend loves shoe shopping with me as well. As long as it's for heels. ;)

    Style of One's Own

  14. Hahahaha this is fabulous! Weirdness is the best though. Whenever my best friend and I do stuff together i think "man this is weird." Like all the time!

  15. Around here, we talk about the "good weird" people as opposed to the "weird weird" people. We're, of course, the good weird, and I can tell you are too!
    Tarnished Royalty

  16. Every couple has their own delightful quirks. Yours sound like fun.
    I feel your sister on the the shoe love thing . . . Neither Chris nor I really looove shoe shopping, but he's the only person I've ever met who takes longer to pick out a pair than I do, so I guess that's a match ;]
    Love your going-to-the-beach in storms quirk. I've only been to the beach ONCE in a storm, and that's only because my father-in-law refused to leave, believing it would clear up, as those flash storms often do in Florida, but that day it didn't. My favorite, though, is swimming in a pool or in a lake during a rainstorm. The sound of raindrops on water with you underneath, holding your breath, looking up through the blur to the dancing ringlet patterns above? There's nothing quite like it.

  17. Weird is good...who wants to be normal?
    Debbie :)

  18. hahahaha! this post made me smile.

    wowzers, number 2 is impressive--i hope i can do that... knowing me, it might be a few months before the thank-you's are mailed. :D


  19. You guys are the best kind of weird. Btw, totally stealing that phrase "true love is shoe love." That just became my new motto ;)

  20. Aww, you sound like such a lovely couple! :) Good on you for cycling too, will have been a fun way to spend the day together :)

    Away From The Blue

  21. You guys are awesome! I am SO impressed that you got your thank you notes done and out two days after your wedding. I am getting married in March and would love some of the dedication to rub off on me! :)

  22. Hi Rachel!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leading me to yours. I had a blast reading bits & pieces of your life.....hope to see you again when my new post comes up tomorrow!


  23. Ditto on the wedding thank yous, except I wrote them out (Mike didn't help because he went to work on the following Monday) and got them mailed. We decided to take our honeymoon a week after we got married so that Michael could finish up some work projects and I could get our house organized.

  24. I completely understand the need to send thank you cards right away. You're so right, it's not weird, it's polite! My husband loves to go shopping with me too.

  25. I love that you guys go to the beach when there's a storm! Storms are fantastic.

    What are the names of your cats? I'm so curious...

  26. Wow! I always love the scenes from your weekend with bike, but these are especially amazing! What a gorgeous spot!I hope that you are having a great time – can’t wait to hear about your adventures!