05 September 2013

Welcome Home*, Lizzy!

 The angle of this picture really makes me look like the abnormally short sibling. Or maybe that's true...

*For lack of a better term, Home in this context means the address on your college tuition statement.

After all the times I've been to Chicago, I finally made it to the Bean in Millenium Park. We had a day trip to Chicago on Labor Day to pick up my sister and bring her back to Michigan after her summer adventure of living in Israel (In case you're not up to date, my younger sister, Lizzy, spent the last three months working as a nanny in Israel). We planned to meet her and my aunt at the Bean at 12:00 pm. To me, it felt a little bit like a blind date--well, at least the part about meeting at a set time in a public park and making plans to go out for lunch afterwards. Obviously, I knew I would recognize my aunt  and cousins and my tallest little sister, so that part wasn't like a blind date.

We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and there was much hugging and exchanging of gifts and stories. Us siblings are often separated, but we feel right at home when we get back together.

This Chicago day trip went significantly better than our last road trip to Chicago. Isaac, Lizzy, Angel, and I have some history of experiencing car trouble when we're all together, so we were most excited to successfully survive a trip with all car parts intact.

It must be admitted that spending a couple months living in Israel should be among the most exciting travel adventures possible, so I asked Lizzy to let you guys in on a couple of the highlights from her trip:

 At the Sea of Galilee

1. What was the most exciting experience you had?

 I’d have to say that the new baby was the most exciting, but that’s a given, what would be more exciting than a new born baby? Taking a beginner's Hebrew class was also very exciting, as well at getting to and from class on my own. Seeing the sites that I'd read about in the Bible! Sometimes I just had to stop and breathe and try to take in where I was and just how amazing it was to be there. AND! Catching a baby porcupine that at first I thought was a hedgehog. 

 2. What was the scariest experience? 

There was a “bomb scare” on the train I was taking home from Hebrew class. There are guards who walk up and down the trains looking for suspicious things. On that night, they found something and started yelling at all of us to get off the train. So we got off and walked. I was only about a 15 minute walk away from the bus stop I was trying to get to . But that made things feel very real. My friends who I met in Israel all had their stories of forgetting bags on the public transportation only to recover them after they had been shot up by bomb squad robots. 

3. Most culturally shocking? 

Probably when a European guy kissed me on the cheek when saying goodbye. haha! 

4. What will you miss the most? 

I’m going to miss my kids! The family I was staying with and nannying for was awesome. I’m going to miss the food and wearing middle eastern/hippy style clothes and feeling normal.

5. What were you looking forward to when returning to America? 

My siblings!! Yay Rachel and Angel and Isaac! I missed these guys too much. I’m also looking forward to seeing my buddies at my Bible study group. I miss you guys! I am not looking forward to going to college again...haha.
Jadr said...

What a great experience! I don't think I'd have the patience to nanny though. Looks like Lizzy had a great time!

Being Reese 2 said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love how adventurous your family is!

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I lived in the Chicago area most of my life. I only moved to San Francisco 2 years ago. You gotta love the bean! :) Your sister's trip sounds amazing, except for that bomb scare--eek! I want to more traveling and exploring other cultures.

Moonofsilver said...

wow. I started off reading this thinking "i wonder what it was like" and then you had her tell us! AMAZING. I would love to go there. You hear so many scary things about that part of the country.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I freaking love Chicago, I need to plan a weekend there sometime soon.

Erica said...

Yay for a guest! Loved hearing about Isreal, I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to stand right there where biblical history happening, and then the whole bomb thing?!
Glad you're all happily reunited :D

Unknown said...

What a cool experience for her! I wanted to go see the bean SO bad when we were in chicago for such a short time, but it got dark and I didn't even know what it was called to find it.

Lenya said...

What a great experience for your sister. Thx for letting her tell us all about it. Cool idea.
Have a nice day.

Susannah said...

Wow, three months in Israel?!?? What an exciting adventure!

Helene in Between said...

Wow what an awesome experience!! I've never been to the bean but I would love to go!

Inge Jane said...

What an amazing experience! She's a lucky girl. Thanks for sharing!

Angi said...

That is so ridiculously cool that your sister got to spend the summer in Israel! It's on my top 5 list of places I want to visit. We have friends who live there, and our pastors have gone a couple times over the last few years as well so I'm pretty sure we'll get the chance one of these times - it just takes a lot of money to get there, haha.

Cate @ Wild Ruffle said...

My husband is from Chicago, so we go several times a year. We finally made it to the bean just this year!

The Lady Okie said...

Loving the bean pictures! That's where I got engaged :) Sounds like an awesome time in Israel! Bomb scare wouldn't be fun, though. Glad everyone was safe!

NewlyLoved said...

very cool pictures!
xo Jessica

Katie said...

yeah chicago - that's by me! glad you had a good trip!

Suzanne said...

Wow what an exciting and educational trip for your sister. Living and working for families is how you truly get to know the country.


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

These pictures are so pretty! I'm glad to hear your sister is home and that you can now spend some time together :)



Southern (California) Belle

Leia said...

Sound like she had a really great experience in Israel. That is awesome. Yay for sibling reunions!