17 October 2013

Did You Learn Anything?

 Back in college days, when I occasionally got bored while studying philosophy.

Sometimes, when I think about how much time I spend reading and writing blogs, I think blogging should be a little more educational. I know that some blogs devote a lot of time to creating educational content in the form of crafting or technological tutorials, but my own blog is sadly lacking in that regard.

I have neither the patience, nor the inclination, nor, really,  the knowledge to invent recipes and tutorials. However, today, I hope you will leave here having learned something new. Here are the educational tidbits I have to share with you.

  • If you're ever reading pinyin, currently the most commonly used romanization of Mandarin Chinese, Q is pronounced the way English-speakers would pronounce CH. Crazy, I know, but believe me. Now say: Qing Dao, Qin Dynasty, Qi Pao, and Qi. Previously, that would have been totally confusing, but isn't it easy to say Ching, Chin, and Chi? Yes, there are tones to be grappled with, but if you get the basic sounds right, you're nearly there. 
  • And here's a whole post on how to properly pronounce Beijing.
  • Orangutans are originally native to Malaysia and Indonesia, and their name sounds very much like orang hutan, which translates to something like forest person. I've found that fact very interesting every since seeing orangutans at the zoo in Malaysia and realizing that their name pretty much identifies them as the people of the forest....
  • It is possible to make tacos without using packets of "taco seasoning" on your meat. In fact, I recommend that you don't use such packets.
  • Anna Leonowens of The King and I fame was a real person.
  • Michigan boasts two cities that repeatedly end up on most crime-ridden and most deadly cities in America: Flint and Detroit. I've traveled to both more times than I could count.
  • Michigan is also home to Bronner's--probably the world's largest Christmas supply store which sells Christmas themed products all but 4 days out of the whole year. That makes you more inclined to visit, doesn't it?
  • Kool-Aid hair dye can be really, really permanent on blondes especially. Some people still insist that it's not, but I say don't do it unless you know you can live with colored hair until you get it cut off or colored darker. I've seen a lot of Kool-aid regret cases.
  • IVs, when they're in you, don't actually have a metal needle sticking inside your vein the whole time. I just learned this from Angel last week. I never knew! I always imagined you had to keep your arm perfect still and straight when you had an IV or the metal needle would poke through your vein and cause a big mess of things.
Now, what do you have to teach me today? We all have our areas of expertise, and they're all different! (I'm clearly no expert in nursing. For that matter, I'm also no expert on HTML, engineering of any type, quilting, the German language, and a variety of other subjects).

So, tell me something I don't know!
Blond Duck said...

I order from Bronners all the time!!!!! :)

Lauren @ Love is the Point said...

I enjoyed this Rachel! Particularly the one about the taco seasoning. I bought such a packet once in my life. It's still in our cabinet because I keep forgetting to use it! Haha. And I now must visit this Christmas wonderland of which you speak! It sounds phenomenal, and I'm very interested to know what these four days are, when they aren't peddling their Christmasy wares!

Michelle said...

We used to live in Michigan and Bonners is the best thing everrrr. I used to visit it all year round! I loved it :)

Suzanne said...

That was fun. Thank heavens I say Beijing correctly.

Here are some Canadian facts I bet you didn't know.

We do not say, "ruff" instead of roof. We say roof.
We do not say "eh" at the end of every sentence. Although it can be used more often by farmers and people in the Maritimes.
We have a love hate relationship with our universal health care system that is slightly different in each province. We love that we have it, but wish that it was better organized, offered a larger variety of drugs (not every drug is covered) and wasn't so completely overwhelmed.
Not everyone in Canada speaks French. In fact probably 75% of Canadians can only mutter Bonjour.
We don't have winter 12 months of the year.

Did I teach you anything new?


Lenya said...

Oh well the good old Rene Descartes. Yep I did learn something. Cogito ergo sum.....I think, therefor I am. Remember? Well it also means no thinking no existing. Right? That's why I blog, because I am afraid of the none existing thingy. Even when I am not thinking there is online proof that I do exist. See ;-)
hugs sweetie

Bekah Loves Blog said...

Anna Leonowens of The King and I fame was a real person.

Yes! But sadly her real story wasn't nearly as romantic. It's still pretty cool!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I think this would be really awesome if you turned it into a monthly or bi-weekly series, where you share around 5 informational facts. You could create a button for it and if it gets popular, you could eventually turn it into a link-up where other bloggers have at least one day a month where their blogs are providing educational information for others! Just an idea... lol Thanks for sharing! :)

Hillary Fay said...

Did you know that..... can substitute greek yogurt for sour cream or mayo!
...If you don't have buttermilk you can add vinegar to regular milk to sour it?
...That when gas prices fall, scrap prices fall?
...That if you use Baking soda when baking chocolate cookies, if you add in brown sugar then you will have puffier cookies? The baking soda needs something to react to (the brown sugar), or your cookies fall flat!

Hillary Fay said...

OR that you can use cauliflower as a base to make alfredo sauce instead of heavy cream or cream cheese, and it's DELICIOUS!

Angi said...

I love all your facts and I had no idea about the "Q"! That makes it so much easier to say those words (which I still probably pronounce incorrectly but at least I won't be saying Q's like K's...)!

Tina Bradley said...

I see you've visited Michigan a few times... We live in NW Ohio, so we journey that way from time to time. Have you ever visited Ann Arbor, Michigan? It's a sweet little town! Saline is, too. It's a few miles outside of Ann Arbor--very small--and totally adorable! Hugs, T.

Michelle said...

I've always wanted to go to Bronner's! Someday. It's not that far from me, after all.

I agree with you on the taco seasoning. Best not to ever use those packets.

Unknown said...

We make our own taco seasoning. Just add some cumin, paprika chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder and onion powder to the meat and it's just as good as the packets. It's cheaper and has less sodium. No MSG either. I don't think I would like taco meat with nothing on it, but I've heard that some people do that.

Here's my fact-- did you know that there is a place in Arkansas where you can mine for diamonds and other gemstones? Crater of Diamonds State Park - It is the only public diamond mine in the world. It looks pretty neat. We are planning a trip there one day. It would be a great adventure for you and Angel.

Moonofsilver said...

Something you don't know? I know 15 different ways to spell the work "quadriceps" and none of them are the right one. :P

Rachel said...

Yes! I have no recipe or anything but I just start dumping spices that I like in--and I actually add onions to the ground beef when I make ground beef tacos, mostly because Angel is in love with onions.
And that public diamond mind sounds so cool! I've definitely never heard of it but I think that's just the kind of place we would love I was exploring their website a bit...

Elizabeth said...

Oh man, good thing I've never used Kool-Aid to dye my hair!

Savvyworkinggal said...

Penelope Trunk has said you should learn something in every post you write. If you aren't learning neither are your readers. I interpret that to mean don't write the same old thing everyone else is writing. Try to come up with something new.

Unknown said...

This is greatness! I love random facts! My Dad is the King of random facts...and long winded answers, haha. Thanks for teaching me something new.

Anonymous said...

I did know about IVs being a catheter, not the actual needle. I learned that firsthand when I had an IV for weeks during pregnancy. :/

I would never recommend Kool-Aid to color hair with. Depending on how porous someone's hair is, it could turn permanent and be a nightmare to get out!

Nicole said...

Are you studying Chinese?!?! My husband and I actually met while we were in China working at a summer camp for orphans there. We went on to make many many trips back and it is definitely one of our favorite places in the world.

Just stopping by your blog today via your sponsorship on 'Hope Engaged'. Happy Tuesday, friend!