07 November 2013

Angelisms, Part 4

As Requested. This edition is brought to you by Pictures Angel has Uploaded to Facebook, with Angel's original accompanying captions. Any editor's comments or further explanation will be in bold.

 Narcan being cat like.

(Told ya he loves his cats!) 
 Where did you get that sleeveless shirt? - Rachel says! Don't ever wear that shirt ever again! Rachel said. . I love how she is so honest and dislikes what she dislikes.

 Isaac and I at the holy wall.

(Honestly I'm not entirely sure how sacred this particular wall is.)
 Yes I did pick up the rock and no I did not play with it.

 Does this look like the kind of face that would use caution?

 This bear is posing for his prom pictures.

My flip flop.

 I point out the obvious a lot.

 Lunch.... This is what happens when Rachel is not around to tell me not to eat it.

 Morphine and I at a disclosed place because of rules.

(He meant "undisclosed," and that's because this is our house and the rules state that no cats are allowed in the house.)
Yum tuna!!

(He's referring to the cactus fruit, called tuna in Spanish. I guess the head is not the focal point of the picture)

 I have her in between my fingers.


Okay, in looking at old pictures on his facebook, I came across one, which paired with the caption halfway made me cover my face at the inappropriateness, and halfway made me crack up. I felt too awkward about putting the photo on the blog, so I won't, but I'll let you know it was part of the album from our honeymoon trip and it was a run of the mill kissing photo. Yes, kissing photos are generally frowned upon, but I just want you to know it wasn't horribly scandalous or anything. And then he captioned it:

And we did a lot of this on our honeymoon: "Making Out"

The quotation marks, the capitalization, the reference to our honeymoon...? Questionable, Angel, very questionable.

I love my husband, in case you couldn't tell.
Erica said...

Ah Rachel these are just too funny - especially the one that you didn't post... awkward!

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha "does this look like a face that would use caution?" No, it does not.

Moonofsilver said...

Oh dear. Angel's captions are beyond funny. And that kissing picture! TMI! :P hahahaha. Although, I'm glad you had a great honeymoon ^_^ and that Angel seemed to enjoy himself. I bet you are fun to kiss! (uh, I don't want to know...)

Anyway, Angel seems so silly! I bet him and Mr. Adventure would get along fabulously. Er, dangerously. We would have to baby sit them if they were ever together.

Suzanne said...

Ha ha! I love the bear posing for the prom photos. Very proper.


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

That flip flop pic cracks me up. Hehe!

My husband never uploads photos. I always do it, and tag him in them lol

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

You two are perfect for each other. It looks like you have a blast together. Your antics remind me of some of the stuff my hubby and I do. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ah, you need to write a book - i can imagine finding all these images on a coffee table book at urban outfitters or somewhere similar. perfect conversation pieces and memories. the bear posing for prom is competing with rachel between the fingers for best photograph.

Noor Unnahar said...

LOLOL I might need to do it because I always post the lame pictures with lamest descrips x

Anonymous said...

Lol. I am all about the rock picture!

Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

Angi said...

I just LOL'ed my way through this entire thing. I'm glad you explained "tuna" because...yeah.

Unknown said...

This cracked me up! And yeah, I'd totally eat pie for lunch too if no one told me not to.

Lenya said...

Lol, great photos. Why do have the cats to stay outside?

Susannah said...

Haha. He is too funny.

Inge Jane said...

Haha these are funny, thanks for sharing!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i totally think i would get along with angel. his personality seems to be my kind of goofy!

Kristin said...

The cat in a "disclosed" location really made me crack up. Sounds like something a husband would do.
I should look through Scott's old FB photos. He doesn't use it anymore.

Deidre said...

IC likes to post silly pictures of himself on facebook too - mostly with landmarks.

Janise said...

Angels' captions are funny!!! Thank you for sharing :)


Rach said...

These are great! The honeymoon one cracked me up. I'm a little afraid to go back and read some of the captions of photos my husband has put on Facebook, haha!

Marli said...

HAHAHA! these are hilarious! loved your comments thrown in there too. ;p


Anonymous said...

cool photos!

Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

LOL, I love what he eats for lunch when you aren't around. Typical man food.

Jessi said...

Hahaha he's too funny. I love that all these photos are super random. My Hubby makes me laugh all the time too :) It's the best!

Joanna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog:) What a great selection of scenes of everyday life. The bear has gotta be a classic image:)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

wow that first pic is one of the cutest cats ever!



Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Ah, I just love you two ^^ Haha! My boyfriend doesn't actively use his Facebook - and maybe that's for the best! - but it looks like you have a lot of funny moments over the Timeline of your husband ^^ xo

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

This photo roundup is so cute! I need to go through my older pictures and reminisce myself :)



Southern (California) Belle