06 November 2013

Announcing a Life-Changing Project (Not)

 See, I could do a project "Get Tan." But tanning is almost impossible for me. This is the most recent time I was tan: Summer 2008, after spending an entire summer working outdoors on roofs and siding projects. Besides, being tan isn't even healthy for you, so I've just learned to accept the fact that I'll always look especially pale next to Angel.

There comes a point in many a blogger's life when she thinks, "Self, I ought to take on some sort of grand life project and then blog about it. That would be interesting."

However, it's only interesting if you discover the exact grand life project that would be appropriate, worthwhile, and interesting to blog about. I periodically toss grand projects around my mind. See what I've come up with so far and rejected:

1. Blog about completely changing our lifestyle and moving to another country. Much as I'd like to...I'm the kind of old fuddy-duddy who doesn't move without a job and visa. So...we must all be patient as far as this project is concerned.

2. "Extreme Makeover." No good, I stubbornly like the way I look.

3. Project Exercise. I can exercise a little regularly, and I see the good of it, but the whole taking measurements, getting bigger muscles, and spending hours on fitness just really isn't my cup of tea. And I'm especially not interested in writing about exercise!

4. Wear _____ (Dresses, cowboy boots, lipstick, etc.) Every Day for a Year. I've actually suggested to Angel that I start wearing only dresses/skirts. He hates the idea, so I'm not going to go with that one. And I think variety is a good thing, so I don't see the point or value in limiting what I wear.

5. Go on a Diet!!! Sounds like torture. body seems to do pretty well on my semi-healthy diet which includes fried foods and butter, but also a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and water and made-from-scratch dinners.

6. Fundraiser Project. It's just me. I'd rather give myself than ask other people to give unless it's something really desperate. And I don't like talking about my own giving, either. Awkward.

7. Getting rid of all of our stuff. In all honesty, there are some kitchen appliances that come in really handy....and I'm fairly attached to my clothes...and guests complain when you have no chairs for them...

8. Complete Home Remodel. Well, we'd need a house first. And then we'd need the kind of personalities that don't say, "Oh well, who cares if it's ugly. If it ain't broke don't fix it."

9. Major Car Repairs. I delegate those to my Angel. And I have the slight feeling that lug nuts and struts would make for semi-boring blog material. Though, there are always those exciting adventures when you have to take extreme measures because the wheel is "seized" and won't come off. (I don't participate in these adventures, but I listen to the tales and I imagine that they are exciting)

10. Take a Vow of Silence. Again, torture. And wouldn't it be kind of cheating to blog when you can't talk?

11. Blog Everyday. Too easy. If you guys haven't guessed yet, I'm a writing fiend. I only don't blog everyday because I love the email complaints I get from my mom when I skip a day.

12. Make a Craft Everyday. Now THAT would be a blast. But Angel would say it's too expensive (it is!) and I'm avoiding buying any unnecessary stuff due to hopes of project #1 someday.

13. Project Get a Husband. This would be hilarious. And probably so me if I were myself at my current age (a couple years out of college) and single. However, I've already got one, and society generally frowns on polyandry. So does Angel.

14. Learn and Introduce My Readers to a New Word Everyday. People start to think you're a nerd or something when you use words like polyandry and other much more obscure terms on a daily basis. Of course I wouldn't want to give people the wrong impression that I'm nerdy.

15. Themed Photo Series. Everybody loves a themed photo series! Two problems: 1) I'm not a photographer and 2) I already have two themed photo projects: "Bear With Me" and Anniversary Photos. At some point, you have to say "ENOUGH!!"


So, no. No real-life projects to be blogged about unless I happen to stumble across the perfect one. I'm already rejected these 15 candidates, feel free to use them if you're in the mood to do someone out of the normal for  a bit.

Have any other bizarre projects to suggest? I think we've determined that I'm not that much of a project type of girl, but I'd sure like to see what you guys can come up with.
Mica said...

hehe, I thought you still might announce a project right at the end there!

Away From The Blue

Moonofsilver said...

I want a project of more "Angelisms" please! :D

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I could almost get away with wearing only dresses or skirts, except I also wear leggings. And I have to wear black pants at work. Lame!

Karly Kim said...

You definitely do not need to diet!

Allie @ Everyday Adventures said...

Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only anti-diet girl! My diet of peanut butter sandwiches + ice cream suits me just fine. :) But in all seriousness, when you tell people you've never been on a diet, they seem to be like, really offended by that, which I don't get. I don't believe in deprivation!

Lenya said...

I agree with Karly Kim you do not need to diet!

Suzanne said...

Too late on the nerdy! LOL

If you went on a diet you'd disappear.

Fun post.


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I sort of dd the move to a new city without a job. However, that was five years ago and wasn't that big of an adventure or really that interesting. I was going to do a project where I only wear dresses for one month. Now, it is fall/winter and I'm definitely going to wait until it is warmer. Also, no diets for me.

Two projects that I've stuck with are: Project 365 and 101 in 1001. I'm on my second time doing both of them.

Angi said...

I vote more Angelism also. A weekly installment, perhaps?

I'm not big on "projects" on the blog either. Mostly because I can never stick with something long enough for it to be worthwhile.

The Domestic Fringe said...

I totally get this post too. I'm always searching for my niche, what my blog is "supposed" to be. Maybe I'll be a diy? Nope, I'm not that good at it. Fashion? Ditto...I get your frustration.

I think if what you're doing is working for you, just keep doing it. Keep up the random writings of Rachel. If course, if you wanted to become a better photographer, you could take a picture a day challenge, even if you only take the photos with your phone.

Sorry, I guess I'm no help.

Oh, and thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, The Domestic Fringe.

Karla said...

I LOVE the craft everyday thing! Like that Julia Child movie! That would be expensive, but totally awesome. I agree!

Susannah said...

Haha. I love hearing about all the ideas you've rejected! I hope you come up with one you don't reject soon. :-)

Inge Jane said...

Oh yeah the craft everyday thing would be great if you had the money and time to do it! And I guess craft every month isn't really that BIG of a project. Oh well, you are doing great without any projects!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is a hilarious post. I think it's great that you could write a new blog post everyday. Since my blog is a fashion blog, I would not be able to keep up with outfit posts everyday since on the weekends, it's not uncommon for me to not get out of my leggings and a t-shirt.
Exploring My Style

Setarra said...

I'm an undercover nerd who is working on expressing myself better via writing (I'm more a show-er than a writer) so I love learning new words. I'm actually subscribed to Webster's Word of The Day haha. So thanks for throwing out 'polyandry' haha! I definitely opened a new web page and googled it :)

Anonymous said...

oh lord, this is hilarious -- i was laughing the whole way through. you forgot about cook something new every day, try a new lip color every day, and.. what else.. take a picture of your kid

ahh! so much better to be spontaneous and random :)

abigail louise said...

this is so awesome. you are DARLING

Erica said...

I think your bear photos are pretty much a project ;) :D

Natalia Lynn said...

#1 - do it!! I live in France and it's the best experience ever! I'd do it over again too, just earlier if I had the chance! :)

Katie said...

i'm with you on just about all of these! i dont' think i'd commit to doing something every day for a month like what I wore or making something - knowing it wouldn't happen!

Unknown said...

Love this post!! I have thought of similar projects but like you, have discarded all my ideas. I do think trying to find a husband while you have one is something that, 1. would totally get attention, and 2. Not make you popular with the husband you already have!! Lol! Thanks for the laugh. So glad to find you via the SITS Sharefest, I will now be a regular reader!