21 November 2013

Pranks and Other Mischief

This book has recently been seen all over my house. At any given moment, at least one of my siblings is likely to be found hiding in a corner, giggling over the very thought of the hijinks to be found within its pages. Even my brother, who never reads by choice, was found reading it:

In reality, we don't need a Guide to Mischief in our house. It seems to happen all on its own. In honor of revived interest in this long-treasured volume, I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane when it comes to moments of mischief we've acheived in our several decades of life:


*Note: Angel banned me from telling you most work-related pranks, but to give you some kind of idea, his manager signed his birthday card this year with: "Please no pranks today Angel." and when I met some of his coworkers, the first thing they asked me was "How do you live with him?" and the second thing they did was tell me that they were very proud of themselves for scaring him one time by tricking him into going into a dark closet and jumping out at him.

-- Taping a black sock to the wall and tricking me into thinking it was a bat. (see video and story here).
--Greeting me at the airport wearing a baseball cap and a shirt I'd never seen before because he knew I wouldn't be able to recognize him from a distance in that disguise.
-- Tricking me into thinking that a tomato stem on the floor was a spider (many of his pranks rely on my short-sightedness).
--Answering the phone: "This is Thor, God of Thunder, how may I assist you?"
-- Answering the phone in either a really high-pitched or a really low-pitched voice.
--Wrapping up random stuff we already had and giving it to me for my birthday (evil husband award).
--Turning off all the lights in the house when I go to the bathroom at night and hiding under the table, jumping out and grabbing my legs when I walk out.
--Taped his brothers' favorite toys to the ceiling.
--Taped the Korean drama my mom was in the middle of watching to her bedroom ceiling (post here).
--Wrote "Not Working" on pieces of paper and taped them to doors and the time card machine at work.
--Wearing the Bear Costume randomly.


--Wrote fake letters from a secret admirer and sent them to my sister (tutorial here).
--TP-ed friends' cars (twice)
--Chinese fire drills (twice)
--Pretended that I can't speak English in public situations.
--Pushed all of the floor buttons on an elevator in a 7 story building as I was leaving (sorry).
--Helped coordinate dumping several buckets of water on a youth pastor while he was praying.
--Told my Dad 6 hours into a roadtrip that we forgot his suitcase at home. (I was just lying).
--Wrote this blog post last April Fool's Day.
--Coordinated several surprise birthday parties.
--Hid my favorite food so that Angel won't eat it.
--Hid Angel's iPod.
--Played hide and seek in the dark inside a locked building on my college campus.
--Sent anonymous letters to our cousins and signed them "Stud Muffin and Apple Cakes"
--Played a card game with a group of friends (Munchkins, for those who know the game), until I abruptly announced that I had to leave as soon as my turn was over, played the most evil card in the whole game on a cute guy, causing severe damage to his chances of winning, and left immediately claiming that my curfew was calling so that I didn't have to face consequences. (I think you know who the cute guy was.)

This is a mischief-friendly home, though I don't support any type of pranking that is cruel or hurts or damages people or property. Mischief should be lighthearted and should not torture anyone involved...and in case you're worried, the worst of those pranks took place way back in high school. We're a little better behaved now. The Rachel of today would say that Chinese Fire Drills are way too dangerous and that pushing elevator buttons is probably evil. Unless the people in the elevator were my friends, then I would still do it. To show my love and affection for them.

What mischief have you created in a lifetime? Tell me a story. Make it good.
Unknown said...

You two are such a fun couple, this bat thing would have terrified me!

Trish said...

In college I had quite a reputation for making awesome prank phone calls. My favorites were always when an answering machine picked up and I would read off the backs of product packaging, but in the sexiest voice I could muster, so my victim got the best message EVER. I went to a pretty small school and the next day I'd always hear people talking about in the cafeteria. I'd laugh all through lunch.

two birds said...

my son is already asking what our plans are for april fool's day!! i might need to buy this book!

Moonofsilver said...

Oh gosh! so darn fun!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

my dad used to be the prankster at work. he and his buddies would wreck havoc on his supervisor. one day the turned his desk drawer upside down, but filled it with marbles first. when he opened the drawer, the marbles went flying everywhere.

i don't play many tricks, but i can keep a straight face through anything, so i've been known to tell some tall tales just to see if anyone will fall for it.

Caitlin said...

You two must laugh all day long :) What a fun relationship. While I'm sure the receiver of the prank is not always happy, these all sound too fun NOT to try them!

Unknown said...

I love this so much. I'm doing the wraping old gifts thing fo my baby boy this christmas. Not as a cruel joke, just cause we cant affort to buy new things for a baby (dont worry, girls will get presents). I think Thor was my favorite, or the fact that your mom was watching a Korean drama. I like Chinese dramas--they're heavy, but good. One time I offered my parched sister a nice tall glass of salt water. SHE WAS NOT HAPPY!! (I was 7, and had seen it done between other siblings, but I think she was more angry to be outsmarted by a little sister 8 years her junior). I HEART YOUR BLOG. (is my admiration getting creepy yet? I hope so)

Angi said...

These are all brilliant. I've always been terrible at pranking, but my sister and one of her friends growing up LOVED to play jokes on me. Their favorite was to get a cup of water at church and dump everything they could find into it - black pepper, salt, dirt, crumbled up goldfish crackers, etc...and then they'd put a napkin over the top of the cup and poke a straw through it and write "drink me" on the cup. They'd hand it to me snickering as though I was actually going to drink it but since I was 3 years older than they were, I never once fell for it. ;)

Suzanne said...

My Dad was great at this but took it too far one day.

My Mom was out and we were all probably under 10 years old. Maybe 10, 7 and 5. My Dad made up a notes and set one at the front door so my Mom would see it when she came in. Then he set out other notes throughout the house until they directed my Mom upstairs to the closet in her bedroom where we were all hiding. I can remember being so excited and trying not to laugh the whole time while we waited for her to get there.

It turned out not to be a good idea however. My Mom was pregnant at the time and she thought we had all been kidnapped and when we jumped out at her at the end she just started crying.

Dad got a big lecture after that and we learned that not all surprises are good. Especially when a woman is hormonal.


Robyn B said...

bahahaha! love these! gave me some great ideas too ;)

Unknown said...

OMG, I totally love this!! And that book needs to find a home in my library, stat! The sock as bat prank might be my very favorite!

Lenya said...

hahaha!!! you are hilarious!!! Love your stories Rachel.

Rachel said...

That "I hope so" line is my favorite ever. :P

Anonymous said...

I totally want to try some of these on my husband! :) He's goofy and likes a good prank every now and again…

In high school, some friends of mine and I pretended we were British at a coffee shop once and could only speak French another time. I don't know, I guess we were bored/wanted attention?

Deidre said...

Aw, a family that pranks together stays together, eh? I'm not that into pranks (eep! Can we still be friends).

Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

Oh wow! I need to remember this - I would LOVE to see Tyler's face if I wrapped a bunch of presents from things that we already have. hahaha You guys seriously have some good pranks going! And that bat video... lol

My freshman year of college, the dorms had a study hall in each tower on the top floor. Really, the study hall was just empty dorm rooms with tables and chairs. Two rooms were still connected and shared a bathroom - so one time my friend and I staged that someone using the study room next to ours was taking a shower, and then we staged that he walked in in on them. It was very theatrical with screams and everything. Our friends fell for it for quite a long time, so it was pretty funny! haha

Areeba said...

Oh my, hahaha! You two are perfect together!
Me & my best friend wrapped empty boxes for our school's mean girl's birthday party! I want to imagine her face when she would see that empty box and yeah we never wrote our names on it haha!

Anonymous said...

can i come hang out if i promise to commit acts of mischief? this sounds like so much fun- never a boring day. esp. not when you're dumping buckets of water on praying men.. oh lord :)

Rachel said...

If you promise! And yeah, that dumping water on my youth pastor made so much sense because when he is praying his eyes are closed so it's a good moment for surprise...I alternate between being very proud of myself and very horrified at myself for that.

Vicki said...

I was giggling as I read through the lists of different pranks...some of those are pure genius, haha! It's been awhile since I played any pranks, haha...and I'm currently drawing a blank about any of the more elaborate ones! :P

decked out in ruffles

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha you guys are too much! One April Fools, my boyfriend was visiting, and I went outside to "take out the trash". I swiped his keys and drove his car around the block - He thought it was stolen! Oops. :)

Being Reese 2 said...

"This is Thor, God of Thunder, how may I assist you?" lol you guys are HILARIOUS! I swear you need your own reality show. That is one show I would actually watch.

I seriously need to go buy that book though...

Unknown said...

I need to get my husband that book. He's totally mischievous like Angel is. Sometimes it can be so fun, and other times, when I'm grumpy it can be so stinking annoying. It's always funny later though.

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Our house is totally a prank house. My boys constantly play pranks on each other and on me, but rarely on my husband because he gets mad. Any time you leave the table, you can count on your food disappearing, your glass being moved, or something being put on your chair. For April Fool's day, I tied everyone's shoelaces together, tied my son's bowling ball to his backpack, and switched the bags inside the cereal boxes. My son swiped my phone and changed all my ringtones to quack. That's just normal life at our house. I think it's fun that way.

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious! My hubby does a few things like he says "Dee's Deli! This is Dee!" when he answers the phone and he says it in this funny southern accent. He did it a few times to wrong numbers or bill collectors that were calling our house phone and I was cracking up laughing. I'm not sure if he always did it if I could take a joke. I guess if I were used to it, it could be a different story.