29 November 2013


For a blog entitled "The Random Writings," I don't write random posts often. I think it's the rule follower in me. I like thesis sentences and conclusions. But once in a while, random is fun. For example:

- I discovered recently that it's possible to use a butter knife to pry/scrape off bits of hardened melted plastic that just happen to be on the hot plate of your iron. (I have a complicated relationship with fusible interfacing.) Warning: Scratches to your iron may occur. But at that point I didn't care.

--We're getting a partial new roof thanks to the most severe windstorm we've experienced since Angel and I moved here! Woke up to a yard full of scattered shingles, that was an adventure.

-I can tell that I'm a cosmetologist when I see the word "highlight" and think blond instead of exciting event. And when I have a hard time saying "wash" my hair instead of "shampoo" my hair.

- Angel is the crazy cat man as usual. Sometimes he wakes up in the night to go and check on his cats. They're feisty tomcats that hunt their own dinner, Honey, not newborn babies.

- My Mom keeps asking, "Do you have (blank)?" when trying to make something in my kitchen, and then I say, "Mom! Why do you always phrase it "Do you have...?" It's almost as if you don't think I have anything! I have a real grown-up kitchen! I have stuff!"
And then she said, "Do you have a paring knife and cornstarch?"
And I say,  "No...but I have a steak knife and flour! Those are good substitutes!"
So maybe it would be more accurate if I claimed that I had a grown up kitchen where creative substitution is encouraged.

- We're awesome at Dance Dance Revolution. Seriously, more than once, people have stopped at the arcade and stood there watching us for a couple dances because they're entertained by our steps. And we regularly create new high scores on the machine. Actually, we're not all that great at it. I usually play on the "easy" level and get an "A" and Angel usually plays on the "expert" level and fails miserably. My theory is that there aren't a whole lot of people who attend our local arcade who have actually figured out how to play Dance Dance Revolution, so we're quite skillful by comparison.

-I bet you didn't know that it's nearly impossible to find good scrubs for a man who doesn't wear L or XL. I always go to the uniform store with Angel, and I pick out which cute scrubs I would wear if I were forced to wear scrubs...but man, it takes forever for him to find anything that will work, sometimes he has to resort to special ordering pieces. One time, when we were checking out, the cashier said, "You know this is a woman's top, right?" Yes, we did. But it really wasn't obvious, it was more unisex, so he could get away with it. When you're limited to a very specific color, with a sufficient number of pockets, in one particular size--it's tough to find scrubs for a guy. And, the cuter women's scrubs get, the harder it is for him to find scrubs that look sufficiently manly.

-American Thanksgiving was yesterday. I bet you didn't know that! I know you're probably crushed that I didn't let you know in time to actually have the turkey dinner. I was too busy eating and playing games yesterday to blog, but I feel sadly responsible for your lack of information. Next year I'll commit to being more prepared and letting you know in advance that Thanksgiving will be happening on the fourth Thursday of November. This year, I'm most thankful for this big life change.

What do you think? Do I pull off "random," or not so much?
Noor Unnahar said...

I am so very jealous of your fur balls (aka cats) . I want myself one , too!

Kaitlyn Hoffman said...

We also had wind storm damage. Not to our house though. Just trees. Sorry to hear about your roof!


Moonofsilver said...

I think you are totally random. But its more like I don't know what your topic will be about. Will it be abut bears? your sister's trip? school? your husband? clothing? or something awesome that I've never thought about but your brain has?

Lily EBVS said...

Cats! Cats cats cats cats caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats. (They are very cute; that is all.)
Fifth Freedom Fashion

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

dance dance revolution is one game i just could never do. i had a boyfriend who would play it into all hours of the night, shaking his house in the process. me? my mind can't work that fast. people probably stopped and watched me the one time i played it in public, but that was probably because they were laughing at me.

Mica said...

That was a lovely random post! :)

Whenever we get silly and try dance dance revolution, people always stop to watch. it's funny to watch people doing it, if they are really good or even really bad it's entertaining! :)

Sorry to see your roof though, hope it is easily fixed!

Away From The Blue

Areeba said...

I love random posts. Oh I thought that only ladies are big fan of cats, Angel proved me wrong!

Imogen said...

Now that's random but random is what we love about it

Inge Jane said...

You are very good at random =) Oh, and that really stinks about the roof =(

Unknown said...

Randomness is a wonderful thing. :) Your cats are adorable. And I'm thankful for all the pumpkin pie I ate on Thursday.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Wonderful randomness!

Unknown said...

That's funny about highlight and shampoo, I'm sure every profession gets used to it's own jargon.

Unknown said...

I love this. It flowed perfectly for me because my mind is perfectly random. I'm a cat lady myself. You know it is always great to be in a small place where you are the best at something, in your case, Dance Dance Revolution. Then you go to College and realise that everyone there was just as awesome as you if not awesomer at stuff. So enjoy your claim to fame, bask in it I say. Good luck on your new adventure. (I wish comments had spell check, I can't spell prob because I couldnt read till I was almost 10, and how's that for a random comment to a random post???) I heart your blog.

Adrienne said...

I was laughing at the conversation with your mom about having a "real kitchen". Oh ye of little faith! ;)

Maria said...

Nice randomness:) I am glad that you had a good time on Thanksgiving with no time to write! We will take the reminder next year!

Carylee said...

Haha! YES! You certainly pull off random! I am quite disappointed though that there wasn't a video to accompany the Dance Dance Revolution bit! ;)

Cassandra Too said...

This is totally random but I really enjoyed reading it! :D

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Kristin said...

I've stuck to random lists lately because my head hurts from introducing and concluding so many things (teaching) on a regular basis.
I admire bloggers like you who TRULY write.
Oh, the cats. I think it's adorable how much Angel loves them :)
My MIL bought me a paring knife on her first visit to Alaska lol.

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

Great post dear! Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

In cosmetology school, we were told the first day: you wash a car, you shampoo hair/ you pluck a chicken, tweeze eyebrows! I've always remembered that! :)

LeiShell said...

Love random posts! My mom does that to my kitchen too. I tell her if she can't find it she's more than welcome to contribute to my kitchen supplies;)

LeiShell said...

Love random posts! My mom does that to my kitchen too. I tell her if she can't find it she's more than welcome to contribute to my kitchen supplies;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like nice moments :)

Mrs C said...

You did random really well, Rachel :) Speaking of kitchen, my kitchen is better equip than my moms.. She doesn't even have a proper trash can! I kept telling her "Mom, get a trash can.. better still let me buy you one!" She kept refusing saying that it takes space and she'll forget the trash is there and forget to take it out.. so she stick of plastic bags that she replace 2 or 3 times a day!


Anonymous said...

It's true. This is probably the most random that I've ever seen your posts. :) Thanks for sharing this one too on Countdown in Style. :)

April Grant said...

Definitely random, Rachel. I'm new here, so I can't judge your old posts, but I definitely look forward to reading more of your "random" posts! Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style! Don't forget to come back on Friday to see if you were featured!


Erica said...

Random accomplished! :D Your mom in your kitchen sounds like my mom in mine... though my mum is always substituting stuff so she just shrugs and says I'm definitely her daughter.
I also really like dance revolution but have only played a couple times so I'm not too great at all :)

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