15 December 2013

Announcing: The Random Blog Awards

In honor of, oh, I don't know, Christmas or the end  of 2013, I decided to dole out some awards to a few bloggers who have made this year of blogging merry and bright for me. These awards are totally made up and carry no monetary value, whatsoever, unfortunately, but I hope they do bring you a smile!

Best Unicorn goes to Deanna, because she took a unicorn to the gas station, a place where even our bear has never ventured:

Angel's 2nd Favorite Blog award is for Carolynn. Because you know he has to say mine is his #1 favorite, it's his job.

Best Shoe Collection is for Suzanne. The reasoning behind this is obvious if you look at the photo below. You don't happen to wear a size 7, do you?

Best Emails goes to Angi. For real.

Favorite Brand-Newlyweds is for Erica and Malcolm. In this case, brand-new means they haven't been married a year yet. And her posts about their adventures exploring where they live aren't just fluff like "Ooh, isn't this a pretty picture!" There's real thought involved. Revolutionary!

Cutest Husband Award goes to this lady.

Best Desserts is for Kristin. (I spelled your name right, look!) I don't even like desserts all that much, but hers seem to prioritize taste over excruciatingly long preparation periods, and that I like. I also like sugar cookies.

Prettiest Hair goes to Elizabeth. I mean, I love my own short, curly, brunette look, but going in the completely opposite direction...the girl's got some really gorgeous long hair!

Only Other Wife I Know Who Took Anniversary Photos With Her Husband Wearing Their Wedding Clothes...that mouthful of a title goes to Veronica. Seriously, I'm impressed at anyone who manages to do it. It's no easy ordeal. Although...I could have made it easier on myself had I chosen either a summer wedding date or a long-sleeved wedding dress...

Blogger Who Makes Me Laugh the Most goes to Rachel.

Okay, fine. Funny Bloggers Who Are not Me: Michelle and Misty definitely have to be on that list. I'm sure there are other. The problem is that I laugh a lot.

I Wish She Blogged More Often goes to Anna. I mean, if she can make ice cream look like a potato, what else could she do?

Best at Getting Involved in the Blogging Community is for Susannah. Seriously, I don't know how you do it--the whole community aspect is the hardest part for this semi-introverted writer over here!

Best Blog Name: Obligatory Newlywed Blog. It's genius, isn't it?

Big Blogger Who I Actually Read: Aunie. I don't know about you, but I rarely read 'famous' blogs. For the most part I find it hard to feel any inclination to consistently read blogs written by bloggers who never acknowledge that you exist. But this is one lady who I think does make her readers feel like they know her!

I'm sure I could keep coming up with more, but this is supposed to be a blog post, not a book. If I missed you, please don't feel bad--you're name could be on the list for the sequel. If you were to hand out blog awards of randomness, who would you be mentioning?
Moonofsilver said...

wow, Angel likes my blog? I'm totally flattered! ^_^ I'm going to check out a few others on this list :P

Heather @ From Here to There said...

This is a magnificent idea!! You should make this a yearly thing! :)

Unknown said...

What a fantastic round up of randomness! Love the shoe collection! I want every pair and the shelving :).

Kristin said...

I love this post! And not just because I won, of course :) This is a neat idea.
And, I DO try to prioritize taste over everything else. Those sugar cookies were actually the most complicated thing I've made in a year or so.

Michelle said...


I love this post!! I also cracked up when you mentioned yourself as funniest blogger. It's good when you crack yourself up. That's definitely something I understand ;)

Obligatory Newlywed Blog really is a genius blog name.

Inge Jane said...

What a cute idea! Those ice cream potatoes are mind-blowing!!!

Corinne said...

This is a great idea! I was going to do a 'my top blogs' of 2013 (actually, I already have it drafted) but I actually might steal this idea, as it is must more fun! You don't mind, do ya?

I'm going to come back and check some of these blogs out when I have more time, I am trying to reply to people's comments and I keep getting WAYYY distracted, haha!

Corinne x

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Susannah is great! Oh my gosh Obligatory Newlywed Blog! That is too funny!

Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

I'm seconding Erica and Malcolm! They are really the cutest - and I love reading about their adventures! And I see Susannah's comments on every blog I visit almost, that girl is good! Great idea, Rachel! You should definitely do this every year!

Erica said...

Do we get to make acceptance speeches? ;)
Thank you, Rachel, I look forward to check out your other awards!

Suzanne said...

I am so touched my shoes made it onto your blog! : ) They are thanking you…each and every one.

I loved all of your choices and now have added a few new ones to my blog reader.


Angi said...

Awww I love this!! Thanks for the award - I feel the same way about you!! :)

Susannah said...

Awww... Thanks so much for the award! It really means so much to me!!! If you'd ever like tips I'd be happy to fill you in. ;-)

Aunie said...

Rachel, I'm so humbled and honored. I've never considered myself a big blogger, but I'm incredibly flattered that you do. I try so hard to make it seem like I'm talking one-on-one to you and respond as often as I can anytime someone asks something or says something that's truly nice and supportive. I'm so glad you see it. This means a lot to me, and made me smile a big-jolly smile today. You are brightening my day. I appreciate you... thanks again!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i am so flattered!! :) and now i have some new blogs to check out when i feel like procrastinating something.

Tina Bradley said...

Yum! Sugar cookies! ... T.

Being Reese 2 said...

The unicorn? Awesomeness. Those shoes? Gotta have and Aunie, love her! Good choices!

Elizabeth said...

Awww thanks so much Rachel! <3 I love the idea of giving out awards like this. Also I need that shoe collection. Haha love that you awarded yourself!