06 June 2014

Two To-Do Lists

As we prepare to go, I find myself sketching out two totally different kinds of to-do lists that must be accomplished in the next (slightly less than) two months. The first kind is eminently practical, made up entirely of must-dos that have to be accomplished before leaving the country:

Before Getting on the Airplane:
-Get visas
-Buy air filtration masks
-Change address on everything...literally everything...
-Get bank accounts in order
-Renew cosmetology license
-Pack and store any extra-important mementos
-Get email addresses for all of my relatives 
-Make photocopies of all important documents and get them notarized
-Sell Angel's car.
-Get Rachel's college diploma (that awkward moment when your B.A. disappears...)
-Cancel cell phones, gas, electric.
-Make sure our suitcases are in good enough condition to make the trip and pack!
-Everything I've forgotten or don't yet know we have to do.

Last summer at the Drive-In Theater

That rather serious to-do list runs parallel in my master notebook alongside my "It would be really fun to do this one last time before we leave Michigan" to-do list.

Summer Bucket List:
- Go to the Drive-In Theater on $5 ticket day
- See a minor league baseball game on $5 ticket day (obviously that's our favorite day...)
- Eat at El Arriero (my favorite Mexican restaurant)
- Go to Hager Park
- Have a bonfire and make hobo pies
- Go to the beach
- Go swing dancing downtown
- Go for an extra-long bike adventure
- Pick strawberries and black raspberries
- Eat dinner on our picnic table in the backyard
- Go to the Riverbend Steam and Gas Engine Show
- Go to the 4th of July Parade

Like much of life, this season is for us one of balancing between the necessities, the stuff we have to get done no matter what, and the little extras, the fun stuff we'd like to enjoy while we still can!


  1. Sounds like you are pretty busy! Good luck getting ready for China, how exciting! I have never been swing dancing, do you do it often?

  2. i'm so familiar with this to-do list! haha.. are you guys shipping anything over or moving there with just luggage and suit cases?

  3. Just looking at your to-do list is putting my stomach in knots. Good luck with it all! Try to knock out one big thing a day. That's what I've been doing!

  4. I think both lists are equally important! Ok maybe not so much, but I hope you can do most of the things you want to do!

  5. a bonfire sounds like a good one to put on my list!

  6. hey, i wanna add your button to my sidebar but when I do, it's right aligned. Any clue how to fix that?

  7. Air filtration masks? Sounds way more grown up than $5 ticket nights!

  8. Good lists!! A bonfire sounds so fun! :)

  9. I must ask...what are hobo pies? Y'all have a busy couple months ahead but what an exciting adventure at the end of all the work.

  10. This is what my lists look like every time we move! It's fun to try to soak up everything you can before the move, but gotta get the serious stuff done too!

  11. That first list would intimidate me. We could gladly take that second list off your hand for you! :)

  12. Add to that list: go play dress up with Deanna and Joanna for Sprummer Fashion Week! It would not be the same without you! Bring the bear, too- as a last hoorah! :D

  13. Seriously your summer bucket list sounds AMAZING. Can I come hang out with you? And then you could do my hair for me, because I am being terribly indecisive =-(

  14. Good luck with your airplane list.

    And your summer bucket list! I love bonfires.

  15. Strawberry picking, bike riding, and drive-in movies... uuuuhm, I think I'm gonna have to add some of these to my summer to-do lists! I've been wanting to go ice-skating all summer, too...

    best of luck getting everything accomplished!! <3

  16. Hope with all to do on the first list, you two are still able to do lots of fun things on the second list too!! :)

  17. I am so behind on the times... where/why are you moving?? Whatever it is sounds like great fun! Good luck with your lists!!

  18. great lists, hoping you get everything on each list crossed off. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

  19. we need to find a drive-in near us; the closest one closed down and i want to take kayla because drive-ins were huge when i was a kid.

    Vodka and Soda

  20. Hahaha "everything I've forgotten..." I make the best lists ever, but always leave something off. I end up either remembering two seconds after closing the door or I forget it completely and end up wanting to punch myself in the face. I love your second list - much better. And YES what is a hobo pie? Should I google it?

  21. I love drive-in theaters. I wish there was still one where I live. Nice bucket list. Stopping by from SITS Sharefest!

  22. Good luck getting everything done! I think having a bucket list is a great idea - we've sometimes gotten so caught up in the logistical to-do, that the fun list falls to the side. Having a real list means you have to do it :)

  23. The two separate lists one practical and one fun, more sentimental is such a great idea. When we made our BIG move about 14 yrs ago I did something similar and to this day so happy I did. The more functional first list has such important points to remember. Even when we were moving to our house in our current city, I had to look for my masters diploma for hrs. Make sure to give that search a couple days lol. Have a very happy move! XO, Elif

  24. And to add to your serious to do list, buy the best VPN package you can get... At the moment I cannot even download my gmail emails without one.
    And beauty products without whitener in it. ;)

  25. I really love the 2nd to-do list. The 1st one looks really stressful but I'm sure with you listing everything down, things would go smoothly. I hope you manage to cover everything on your lists!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  26. Okay, pick strawberries and black raspberries should definitely happen. YUM.

  27. That summer bucket list sounds amazing. I hope you get to do everything on the list.

  28. I'm glad you're trying to find a balance between the practical and the fun. While I'm sure it's easy to get swallowed up in the practical side - it seems more urgent, more necessary - it's important to enjoy making memories in a place you're not going to see for quite awhile!

  29. so much to do, so little time, but i know you'll get it all done!