01 October 2014

My "To Eat" List


 Mooncakes and Sour Pork--a few foods we've tried recently. We're not fans of either, honestly, though they are rather picturesque.

I'm all for living as much like a local as possible when living abroad...and yet, with my limited kitchen tools and appliances and limited access to ingredients, I'll admit that I started making a list of the foods I want to eat as soon as I land in Malaysia for a visit. My mom has a fully-outfitted kitchen. Between our cooking skills and knowledge of the best restaurants in my hometown, just about any food I could dream up is a possibility when I get there.

With that said, here's our order for when we arrive:

Pulled BBQ pork sandwiches (I don't even normally eat these, but I've been craving them for months)

Puri with potato curry

Roti telur bawang


Chicken Butter Masala with Naan Bread

Kebab tandoori

Homemade mint chocolate cookies.


Popcorn again.

Tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa and everything on them.

Fresh fruit juice

A hamburger (Angel's pick, I don't need one)

Chicken curry and rice

Homemade Scones 

My Mom's brisket with gravy and mashed potatoes

Baked chicken.

PSA: I'm en-route to Malaysia right now and hope to spend the next week doing some excessive eating.
Kelly said...

I love the idea of having a "To Eat" list! Some of my best travel memories are of food and amazing meals. Have fun in Malaysia!

Angi said...

I seriously need to make a "to eat" list next time we're in Seattle because I didn't get a single ounce of my beloved Ivar's Fish and Chips last time we were there.

What is that top thing!? "Mooncakes" sounds like something that should taste delicious, but apparently it doesn't?

Bethany Carson said...

Have a great time in Malaysia!! Your list sure makes me hungry! Enjoy :)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Hope you have a great time and EAT ALL THE THINGS!

AwesomelyOZ said...

That's so exciting!! Have a wonderful and safe flight Rachel! Hopefully you get to devour all the good food you like and desire!! Take ton of pics and take care! -Iva

Suzanne said...

Have a great trip! : ) Nothing is better than family and comfort food. It is a huge hug for the heart.


Unknown said...

I don't even know what half of these things are but I want them all.

Inge Jane said...

Ooh well at least you don't have long to wait before you start checking things off your to-eat list! Have a great trip!

Jennifer Prod said...

brisket and popcorn? sounds like perfect comfort food to me :) and moon cakes? i've never heard of them, but you're right -- they do look appetizing!

Corlie said...

It sounds like a great list of food! I'm going home to South Africa for a few months soon and will definitely make a list like this :)

Anonymous said...

Come to Shangers and we will get a burger together-- my treat ;)
But seriously, why do moon cakes look so good but taste so bad?

Rach said...

Mooncakes ARE so pretty! But I'm with you - they aren't all that tasty. ;)

Unknown said...

Mooncakes are the WORST. Bleh. I remember trying them in Cambodia and that first bite you realize you hate it, but because someone gave it to you and is watching you, you have to finish it. Hopefully you guys will be able to find some yummy things to make with what you have.

Anonymous said...

I also make a to eat list whenever I go home to Hawaii. I love that I'm not the only one. Your list sounds delicious!