19 November 2014

Never Before Seen Photos of a Bear!

Bear at the Playground

Bear At the Playground

Bear Riding a Bike

I really love photo series. Maybe they're considered overdone or overpopular these days, but to me, they're just plain fun. Maybe my love for them explains why, in my day, I've started two different series: One a series of photos featuring a bear costume, and the other an annual tradition of dressing up in our wedding clothes for a snapshot!

For those who haven't been around that long, The Bear and photos of him started up when Angel bought a bear costume on eBay without telling me. He loved wearing it and it seemed to make sense to get the most use out of it that we could. The sad ending to this story is that his head was too big so we had to leave him behind in America. We did hear, however, that Angel's little brother wore the costume for a youth group Halloween party, so we're glad to know it's still getting used!

The anniversary tradition began when I convinced Angel to dress up with me in our wedding clothes on our 1st anniversary and go out to Logan's for dinner and pretend we just got married. We balanced the camera on the bookshelf in our dining room for a quick shot before we left for the restaurant, and each year since we've gotten dressed up again. The 2nd anniversary, my brother took a picture of us in our backyard, the 3rd year, my sister did, and this year, we were back to balancing the camera and utilizing the self-timer feature again (Look for the latest photo in the series, and the first one in China, in about two weeks!). This tradition has worked well for us so far--I love dressing up again, my wedding dress is very simple and portable, and Angel needs to keep his suit in case of rare fancy occasions, anyways!

Do you have any photo traditions that you've started in your family? What's the coolest photo series you've ever come across online? I'd love your suggestions for new ones to enjoy!


  1. What an adorable tradition, Rachel! Unfortunately, I can't fit in my wedding dress anymore. We are supposed to do pictures next June called trash the dress where my husband and I will do a photo shoot at the beach. I need to fit back in my dress by then. We waited until my daughter was old enough to decide if she would want to wear my dress before we did these pictures. She said she definitely wants her own new dress, so we are going for it. Love the bear costume! Your husband sounds like a fun guy :).

  2. What a fun way to get continued use out of your wedding outfits. Saying that you just got married can probably get you a free dessert at some restaurants too! :)

    Last year, my husband and I created a homemade advent calendar with 25 different holiday activities. One of the activities was to take a family photo in front of the Christmas tree. This ended up being the activity that we did on Christmas day when I had just received a new camera for a gift. Obviously, I wanted to use the new camera to take the picture, but I didn't know how to change the self timer off of 3 sec mode. So, we set the camera on the mantel and frantically ran towards the tree. Everyone looks frazzled, and it's the funniest picture I've ever seen. It is definitely going to be an annual photo tradition!

  3. I LOVE the bear and wedding photo series and I'm seriously so bummed you had to leave the costume behind. I would have loved to see people's reactions in China to that type of thing ;)

  4. Happy to see bear pictures again! I was wondering whether you had to leave that behind when you came to China--didn't see it on your packing list. Looking forward to the anniversary photo!

  5. i looooove this. i was totally cracking up looking at the bear series and what a fun idea with the wedding dress! i randomly put my dress on when my husband leaves the house and when he returns i'm like sitting at the kitchen table with it on like it's normal. love that you are capturing these moments! fun way to get good mileage out of your wedding clothes too!

  6. Lol, this is just plain cute!

    I've never actually seen anything like this. We have a photo tradition in our family that involves us taking at least one 'foot shot' any time we travel somewhere new. We have the collection hanging on a wall in our home. When people come over they love to guess where the photos were taken with the amazing scenery in the background.


  7. Hah, was wondering when The Bear might make an appearance again ;) Photo traditions: a photo of my son at 1pm every Tuesday (he was born at 1pm on a Tuesday). A weekly photo of my daughter (not at 4am, however!)....PS. Loved your guest post today ;)

  8. Oh, I always love a new photo of a bear sighting! I think it's so fun you guys have these traditions:)

  9. I just love the bear photos! I think it's awesome that y'all still wear your wedding clothes. Such a fun tradition!

  10. Oh man... I was hoping for some bear sightings in China...I'll take a sibling sighting I guess ;)

  11. You guys are the coolest :)

    We don't really have a photo tradition; although, my youngest daughter carries this stuffed animal she named "Slush" EVERYWHERE (Slush is a wolf). He is pretty much in all of our pictures. He's been to Texas, California and Hawaii. I have to wash him constantly, cause he gets pretty dirty.

  12. Haha these photos are so funny!! I love them!!!

  13. This is such a cool tradition. I wish I'd done something like that over the years.

    I am missing the bear shots already. The one riding the bike is classic.


  14. Haha what a fun idea! Great pictures!