13 February 2015

10 Unusual Date Ideas

While I might find myself responding to the very suggestion of "romance" with nervous, awkward giggling, I am very rarely against holidays. I have no problem at all with Valentine's Day, and in honor of it, I bring to you a list of 10 of my best all-purpose date plans:

1. Go for a walk at a local cemetery and read the stones.

2. Drive around in fancy neighborhoods and select the features you'd choose for your imaginary mansions ("I'll have the white pillars on the front porch, the red brick facade, and a hot tub in the backyard, but I'll skip the 3-car garage. Boring!")

3. Walk/bike/drive down a street you've never been to before, just to see what's there.

4. Find an acupressure path (lumpy rocks stuck in cement) and challenge each other to a barefoot race (Guaranteed romance factor: Angel proposed to me minutes after a race on the acupressure path at the local park).

5. Work together to pull a prank (or multiple pranks) on beloved relatives or friends (i.e. write anonymous letters and drive out of your way to mail from an odd post office, booby-trap a car with glitter, move their stuff around). Some of the most interesting pranks are best achieved through teamwork.

6. Go to an arcade. Do this regularly, but never spend all the tickets you win, and eventually blow all of your tickets on over 10 lbs. worth of  candy. You'll feel like the very least, candy -obsessed millionaires.

7. Go to the beach during a bad storm to watch the waves. Dress warm! If you happen to get pulled over for a cracked light cover on the way home, expect that the policeman will find your story of an outing to the beach slightly unbelievable, given the current weather conditions.

8. Find old childhood photos and albums and spend some time listening to and telling stories of the pre-marriage days and laughing at old haircuts (boy, I'm glad we didn't know each other in high school...).

9. Do a science experiment you've always wanted to try. Putting mentos in coke, constructing parachutes and dropping eggs off the balcony (my favorite), growing plants from seed, dissecting organs from the butcher shop (my worst nightmare), whatever sounds like fun to you.

10. Play hide and seek in the dark. This is terrifying. Put away everything precious or breakable first. My strategy is to just hide and never ever ever leave my hiding place until the lights come back on.
Suzanne said...

Hide and seek in the dark sounds hilarious and dangerous! LOL


Julia said...

These may be the best date ideas ever. Except hide and seek in the dark sounds mildly terrifying. ;)

chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

yes to pulling a prank...just YES! said...

These are great ideas! We love going to arcades! There is one in Indonesia we go to all the time lol
Melanie @

Jen Lud said...

These. Are. Awesome. I totally love the cemetery idea - I'm kinda macabre! We have some good ones in my area, too. I think one of my favorite dates was going to one of those "sample" houses that they open to the public at build sites of new housing developments. It was late at night and they left it open with all the lights blazing so we went in. We were the only two people in the place and it was so, so bizzare.....but fun!

nelle monaco said...

great ideas! i really love #8- such a cute idea. thank you so much for sharing, rachel!

Elizabeth said...

Great ideas! Hide and seek in the dark is terrifying. The kids I babysit always want to play it - they call it 'Spook'.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

Such fun ideas. And clearly, none of these are from personal experience ;)

Tayler Morrell said...

funny story about husband and i went to an arcade and bought rhys a bouncy's now his favorite toy!

V. Nino said...

This is such a fun post :). I would especially enjoy #1. When I once visited New Orleans, I did not want to leave the mausoleums. I always appreciate the reminder that this life is temporary.

Anonymous said...

Fiancé has been trying to get me to do a cemetery walk for a while. Too spooky for me!

Bethany Carson said...

1. and 5. sound like things I'd have to do...I might never get married if I have to do #4 to get a proposal though! My feet are a bit too sensitive!