04 February 2015

Angelisms, part 8

Angel asked me to take this picture, and then told me: "I'm going to post this on Facebook and write a caption saying that this says something random like no swimming on Tuesdays and no smoking and no dancing."
I replied, "But a lot of your Facebook friends know Chinese. They will know you're just lying."
Angel, "So?"
He did it. No one called him out on it.


Scene: We were reminiscing about Morphine (Our former cat who now lives with our uncle)

Angel: "When we move to Malaysia, can I get another cat?"
Rachel: "Probably not, because we'll be renting an apartment. Landlords don't usually let you have cats."
Angel: "Can I get a hamster, then?"
Rachel: "No, they are smelly. You can have a fish if you want."
Angel: "No, fish are boring."
Rachel: "OK, you can have a turtle instead."
Angel: "YES! I will have a turtle and I will start a blog about all of his turtle adventures!"
Well that just escalated...


Scene: Just hanging out on the couch.

Angel: "You should give me your blog password so that if you die I can write a blog post to tell your followers what happened to you."
Rachel: "Um, okay. But you should wait for a while after I die before you post anything, you know, wait a few months until you're not so sad anymore."
Angel: "And I'm going to put a picture of you in that blog post to prove it."
Rachel: "Wait, you're going to put a picture of me DEAD on the blog?"
Angel: "Yeah, why not?"
Rachel: "No."


Scene: "God is With Us" by Casting Crowns starts playing on the computer as we're getting ready for work in the morning.

Angel: "Aww, this was our wedding song!"
Rachel: "What? It was? No. I don't remember this. When?"
Angel: "It was when you walked down the aisle, because I can remember the beginning of the song very clearly, and after that it all goes blank."
Rachel: "Why did we choose this song? It seems so random."
Angel: "I don't think there was a reason, we just wanted to be done with picking out songs."


Scene: We're waiting for the bus, and Angel has been thinking very hard.

Angel: "You know, I noticed that women never seem to want to put balloons under their shirt and joke around like they are pregnant so they have a big belly. I feel like that's something guys would do, but not girls, because girls take that kind of stuff very seriously. I mean, would you ever put a balloon under your shirt and pretend to be pregnant?"
Rachel: "Nope."
Angel: "See?"


Scene: In my parents' home in Malaysia, where the littlest ones have strewn toys all over the living room.

Angel: "When you have kids, is have a messy house?"
Everyone else: *laughs*


I'm calling for a vote, who agrees with me that it's probably in everyone's best interests to NOT give Angel the password to this blog? If I disappear forever, just assume either the worst or the best, according to your pessimistic or optimistic personalities, respectively.


  1. Angel is hilarious.

    For my ancient livejournal, I did have a contingency plan in case I died. A little morbid, perhaps. Maybe I should write down my login details somewhere safe, just in case.

    Wow, this is a weird discussion...

  2. I died laughing at the idea of Angel putting a picture of you...uh dead on this blog.

    Angel cracks me up,

  3. You are moving to Malaysia? No, I don't want to see a corpse, thanks. :)

    1. No firm plans for that at the moment, but it is where we're hoping to settle down eventually...and we're hoping for sooner rather than later. :)

    2. Well, I hope he gets to have a cat one day! Our 4 cats bring me a lot of happiness!

  4. hahaha...that is hilarious! I kinda think he should get the password, LOL.

  5. LOL! Definitely don't let him loose with the password; even in death, you'd want to be remembered in your best light, darling, I'm sure (LOL!) ;) Loved ALL of these! Would love to see his turtle adventure blog! (Laughed my head off at the 'messy house' comment! He should come to our house!)......and, last but not least, "Ooh, you're moving to Malaysia?!" Excitement!

  6. I just have one request: If there is an Angel turtle blog in the future, please share a link. All of these conversations are hilarious!

  7. Well, I for one now expect to be reading about turtle adventures in the near future. :P

  8. Many of the things my husband says confounds me as well. Gotta love them.

  9. Oh man, I loved this edition. Except I laughed out loud at my desk. Oops.

    "We were reminiscing about Morphine" definitely caught me by surprise.

    Get the turtle so we can have a blog full of Angel-isms.

    I've actually thought about if Sean would post to the blog if I died. So other people do think about it. The pic may be a bit much. Seal the password somewhere that he won't find it until he's over his grief enough to clean up your stuff.

    Oh, and the last one...he's in for a surprise when kids come ;)

  10. ok I totally just laughed at the the dead blog post picture. That is so hilariously creepy.

    Angie from reasons to dress

  11. Loved this post! Creepy but thoroughly entertaining!

  12. Husbands always say the most random things!! :)

  13. I would totally read his turtle blog should he choose to start one. It sounds entertaining and adorable! :)

  14. Lmao!! I'd say give him the password - I'm sure he'll use better judgement. Just place a clause in the will that he can't put photos of your dead body. :) Have a great one Rachel! -Iva

  15. Haha that's funny no one called him out lol
    Melanie @

  16. These are too funny, and you guys are too cute for words.

    If children are in your future, I can't wait to hear all about Angel's realizations :) ::evil snicker::

    I vote for NOT giving him your password. Providing us with photos of his deceased bride is of him. Haha.

  17. Oh dear--don't give him the password!!

    "We just wanted to be done with picking out songs..." OMG. Angel. Although I can see hitting that point in wedding planning--it's a long process!

  18. Hahaha so funny that he wants your blog password. I have a feeling he wouldn't wait to misuse your password until after you're gone, I'm thinking there might be a few pranks before that ever happened. ;)

    Too funny that no one called him out on the sign caption. Did anyone fall for it though?

  19. I actually laughed out loud about Angel wanting to put a picture of you dead on the blog to prove you're dead. And tell him I would totally read his turtle adventures blog.

  20. Sorry Rach, I'm with Angel on this one. He's got a point. And a hilarious sense of humor. And if he wrote a guest post randomly sometime.....I would totally read it HAHA! He sounds like he balances you out so well. Thanks for sharing these hilarious little stories!

  21. As always, I love your Angelisms! And, it's totally true about clean houses, even if you only have one kid and he is only 7 months old!

  22. Hmm, that's a tricky one with the password! Malcolm once asked how to access my blog in case something happens to me, which is a rather sombre thought!

  23. angelus's are the best - i love how entertained you keep each other :) i'm always telling jon i want a dry-erase board in the house where i can record all his best one-liners and quotes. i also think he needs a secret utube channel for his stand-up/improv that only i know about. anyway! tangent! angel's got some good friends for not calling him out on Facebook, and the balloon pregnant thing - so funny... so true <3

  24. Ahhhahah these were probably the best ones yet.

  25. Ahhhahah these were probably the best ones yet.

  26. Hilarious! I've actually had that same thought about the blog password. I mean seriously I think people would want to know I was dead.... But then again seeing a picture of my dead body would be quite shocking. Then again... I feel like you being gone from the blog for months and Angel saying you were dead would be proof enough. Maybe just a picture of him at the funeral would do it?

  27. I would LOVE to read that turtle blog!
    Angel is so entertaining! It must be awesome to laugh so much :)

  28. I may have giggled out loud at the password one. That's a very random thing to come up with!