16 March 2015

Your Perfect Day

Over the past few years, my family has begun experimenting with random days when one person writes a schedule of everything they want to do during the day, presents it to the family, and the family then tries their best to fulfill the schedule.

I'm not going to lie, I have a slight feeling that this tradition may have begun because of my family's overly strong fascination with crossing things off of a list.

These special days are not bequeathed on others as a reward for good behavior, or anything like that--rather, they are declared by the person who wants a day for themselves, and the rest of the family tries their best to accomplish the events of the day.

Before we even arrived in Malaysia, Angel decided that he wanted such a day for himself, and sent a detailed schedule to my family via Skype.

The day we chose to enact "Angel Day" wasn't perhaps the best one--some of his chosen activities were impossible because the mall and most major businesses were closed for Chinese New Year. We did manage to accomplish several of the things on his schedule, including:

 Eat breakfast at Angel's favorite Indian restaurant

Walk on the acupressure path, which Angel has been inordinately fond of, ever since we got engaged there.

And take a family photo. Note: I am wearing a tiara because Angel wrote down on his schedule for the day that I was supposed to wear a tiara at all times except when swimming.

The day after Angel's day, we woke bright and early to find that Sarah had declared a day of her own. Hers we were able to follow a little closer to the actual schedule:

We even ate decorated sugar cookies for lunch! However, the bike rental shop was closed, as was the frozen yogurt shop, so we had to settle for vanilla cones from McDonald's instead. The "book" we were reading was The School for Good and Evil, which I mentioned in my post about all the books I read in Malaysia.

There aren't a whole lot of rules behind a "Day"--for your own sake, don't declare one on a school day, because we all know that schoolwork reigns as prince regent, if not king, in our house. Also, you're more likely to get your wishes if they're free or fairly inexpensive. Other than that, day-declarers are quite free to be very creative in planning their ideal schedule.

What activities would make your list for a day full of fun?
Farrah said...

That's such an awesome idea! :D I'm gonna have to implement this for my parents when I get back to CA to visit my family! :] My full day of fun would involve a whole lot of food (both cooking and eating it :D ), hehehe.

Emily @ Ember Grey said...

This is SUCH a cool idea! How fun! The type-A list person in me especially loves this ;) My favorite part is that he insisted you wear a tiara... SO sweet :)

leelee said...

What a fun family tradition. Love how you HAD to wear a tiara all day. There's nothing wrong with that.

Kim said...

What a fun idea! I love it! I definitely want to implement this in my family when my kids are older. My day full of fun would definitely include lots of sushi and shopping.

Julia said...

What a cool idea!! LOL at wearing a tiara all day, love it! Love that one of Sarah's requests was to watch Ella Enchanted, that is a great movie!

Unknown said...

This is so cool! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Bekah Loves Blog said...

This is the most fun thing ever! I think it's so cute that he included your fashion choices in his ideal day. Please share his full requested schedule!

Unknown said...

What a fun idea!! I love that it's not a reward for good behavior, but just something special that the whole family can get in on. Sounds like an awesome way to seek adventure and celebrate the everyday things in life. :)

Rachel said...

I found his list from looking at his Skype chat:

Angel Day:

1. Wake up between 7-7:30.

2. Bible time (Jonah?) 8-8:30

3 Go to SAB for breakfast at 8:50-9:45

4. After SAB we go to the park and walk on the rocks from 10-10:30am

5. We have a group picture at the park.

6. Go to the bakery to get a mint chocolate cake because I like that and so does Sarah.

7. We go home and we exercise at the pool and have pool time. 11:20-12:45pm.

8. Go to the mall to shop and have bubble tea and a doughnut. 1:15-3pm

9. 3:30-4:30pm Play cards, listen to sad songs on Youtube.

10. Have Dinner. Quesadillas. Sit around the table and tell stories after Dinner. (Also, eat our dessert) 5pm- 6:00.

11. Watch a movie (???????)6:00-8pm or go to the park for stretching/exercise equipment.

12. Fireworks!8-8:30.

* Rachel must wear her tiara all day, except for when swimming.

Suzanne said...

What a fun idea! My husband and I were "trying" to do something like this. We were to pick an activity that one of us wanted to do and then fulfill it every 2 weeks. My husband's first one was go to a shooting range and mine was rock climbing. Needless to say, we are both still waiting...


Kate said...

This is so fun!

Bethany Carson said...

Sounds like a fabulous idea!

Here would be my list:
1. Eat ice cream and cake with scrumptious chocolate frosting for breakfast.
2. Go to the tennis court and play tennis.
3. Continue to the "big" city and buy lifejackets.
4. While there, try iceskating for the first time.
5. For lunch, stop at the international buffet.
6. Come back home and get our canoe and try it out on the Iowa River. Do a lot of photography while canoeing.
7. Rest.
8. Go to a Johnson Strings' concert and jam afterwards with other musicians.
9. Finish the evening off with volleyball with friends.
10. Have a brief Bible study with family.
11. Go to sleep.

Maybe I should try that sometime, but could I fit it all into one day? Something to think about at least!

Kari said...

This is such a cool tradition! Love the idea!

Southern Lady said...

This is such an interesting tradition! It would be easy for me to plan a day in my home State of GA, walking certain parks and eating at a pizza place, but being UN-familiar with OH, I'd have to think more how I would want a day spent here.

Alexandria said...

I would have to say that this is an awesome idea. Unfortunately, I'd probably only enjoy the day I plan as seeing my husbands chosen day would have up watching every marvel movie and eating Moe's and pizza! I'll give this a try with him and let you know how it goes!

kiara catanzaro said...

I would love a day with family and friends. But other activities that I want on my list are working out outside (hiking, swimming, running, etc.) I would also love to treat myself to a massage or something! :)

Bianca Lively said...

oh wow!! I absolutely love this! This is a great idea and I'm totally stealing for when my daughter is old enough to decided and talk. :)

Angi said...

What a fun idea!!!! I'm totally stealing this to do with my kids someday...haha.

chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

what a fun family and fun idea!! i figured the tiara had something to do with angel's list so i'm glad you mentioned it-ha!

my list would definitely center around eating, happy hour, exploring a new part of nature and perhaps game night!

Unknown said...

Im loving all of these things! what a special way to make someone feel loved + I love that you had to wear a tiara all day :)

Winter White said...

This is such a fantastic idea! It such a great way to share a day with someone and let them know you support their interests. I think if I had a day of my own I'd first want to head to a bookstore for an hour then go to breakfast or brunch, head to get a massage and then a movie and a dinner out :)

Unknown said...

i LOVE this! I might have to steal this idea! Great post :)

Jade's an Open Book said...

This was such a cute idea! I also love your pics :) My perfectly fun day would be going to the beach surfing, going to see a movie, and shopping at the mall.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Quite similar to the 'yes days' we engage in in our home: the littles get one day each, occasionally, during which I'm supposed to say 'yes' to all suggestions.......(they're well behaved children, so things are usually never too outlandish or too difficult to achieve).....they're always so, so happy when we've had one of the 'yes' days! I'm thinking it's about time I instate a 'Helen Day' around here....

Jo said...

Love this... and love that Angel had you wear a tiara all day.

Kay R. said...

I think thats an awesome tradition!! I would totally be down to walk on the acupressure path too.

Keit said...

Hahaha, well this is just a brilliant idea!!! Can't believe I never thought of that :D I'll be pitching this to my friends, hope they don't get too lazy to do it! :D I love your posts, they always make my brain work, which is good, cause my brain is somewhat dusty from all this internet :D
My perfect day would be:
1. Wake up early
2. Boyfriend preparing me breakfast and coffee!
3. Go ice skating
4. Do some thrfiting
5. Go to a pretty cafe for coffee or beer and do movie reviews (I love talking about movies!)
6. Home, playing some video games
7. Boyfriend preparing dinner and a massage!
8. Read a book
Basically if every day someone would prepare my food it would be my perfect day!!!

Unknown said...

Haha, love this idea! What a great way to encourage everyone in the family to be mindful of others as well! Loved the "Rachel must wear tiara all day except when swimming." Haha!

What would the 'Rachel day' include?

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

What a neat idea! Love the listen to sad songs on Youtube and "Baby Sarah Day"! I think this would be a way to make someone, especially young children, feel really special.

Journeys of The Zoo said...

Love this. Totally going to do it.

Besos Sarah.
Journeys of The Zoo

Crystal Green said...

This is an amazing idea. I would be so afraid to find out what my kids would want to do on their special day. :) I'm sure that this is building loads of family memories.

Miss Nutralicious said...

This is awesome! My day would go like this (it would be a warm summer day):
1. Wake up early and go running.
2. Eat breakfast in the backyard and read a newspaper or book.
3. Go bike riding and canoeing.
4. Go canoeing.
5. Have a picnic at a park.
6. Go for a family walk.
7. Grill dinner in the backyard.
8. Eat ice cream and watch a movie.
9. Fall asleep early due to exhaustion.

Robin said...

This sounds like it could be so fun! But just thinking of it causes me stress. My kids are now 16-24. While they are great kids who get along very well, I'm just not sure we could handle a full day when they were expected to be completely selfless at the drop of a hat.

In an imaginary world where the planets align and we could all get along long enough to pull it off, it sounds awesome!

I love the two days you shared. I especially love that one of the things to make his day was for you to wear a tiara for the whole day!

Happy sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kimberley said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I have absolutely no idea what I would want to do. Frozen Yogurt would definitely be on the list. I'd love to go visit the Eat Street Markets in my city but besides that I haven't a clue.

sharon rowe said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness Link Party :)