02 July 2015

Glimpses of Our Adventures in Siem Reap, Cambodia

When you're just so happy to have arrived...

 Highly Photogenic Monkey

When you eat breakfast right next to the pool, it's hard to escape the allure...

 Grinning, at Angkor Wat

 That ladder was just asking to be climbed.

 Tuk tuks are Sarah's favorite way to travel in Cambodia.

 Anna and I know exactly how pools ought to be enjoyed.

 We saw a snake. We were enraptured, apparently.

 Rebekah declared, "This is my favorite rock of all the rocks!" (in Bayon)

 Face to Face

 Another wildlife spotting!

 Dad, are you really going to take a picture of me in front of all the preserved meat?

This picture is a pretty accurate depiction of the kind of person Rebekah is.

 So is this one.

 That guy.


I was very distressed because I was surrounded by exactly 101 Dalmations. Why? Why me? Why 101?

I'll be back with explanations and further tales of adventure after the weekend. We went on vacation one week after moving to a new country--as you can imagine, we don't quite feel caught up on everything yet. And yes, I will most definitely answer the most important question of all: "What's with the t-shirts?"


  1. That last picture, haha! Why you? Why 101? The world may never know. You're too precious. Yeah, it sounds like going on a trip somewhere after moving somewhere else would frazzle your mind a little bit. Hope you get on track soon! <3

    And I also love that picture of the silk! Haha, I was so drawn to that. It's so raw and pure.

  2. Oh man, it looks so lovely and fun!

  3. LOL! The best holiday pictures and captions ever!

  4. Can't wait for all these explanations!! :) Looks like you guys are having a ton of adventures already. :)

  5. This looks like such a blast!!! : )


  6. I was in Siem Reap last summer! Loved exploring all the wats and I liked it so much better than Phnom Penh.

  7. WOW! What an incredible journey. I loved that monkey. LOL

  8. OMG your photos from Cambodia are so amazing!!! I love that monkey <3 so adorable! Did you buy any silk?! It looks so pretty :) . Thanks for sharing!

    Danielle Greco

  9. That monkey sure knew how to strike a pose... hah! Please say more about Cambodia-- it's on my list to travel to in the next couple years!

  10. Holy smokes...that monkey totally needs me to hug him! lol. Awesome post. I've never dreamed of visiting Cambodia but it looks like a striking place! Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Oh what an amazing set of photos Rachel! You look like you having an amazing time! Rebekah sounds great fun!x

  12. Wow. Beautiful photos! Looks like you all had an amazing trip.

  13. You take the best pictures and have the warmest family - it completely translates through your shots! I play this computer game called Civilization and Angor Wat is one of the world wonders you can build in the game to gain culture points with your character. I would love to see some of these places in person!! How awesome!

    Had a number of good giggles and truly enjoyed checking out your vacation pics. Can't wait to hear all the details later!! Have an awesome weekend :)

  14. I dislike vacation photos, always put me to sleep. Only a handul of people can make vacation photos that actually capture the atmosphere and spirit of the trip,as well as the quirky character of the people involved, and you are one of those people who's vacation photos I freaking love! The snake, omg, was it really that interesting? :D
    And that guy, totally model material right there!

  15. These photos are great! (especially the photogenic monkey). It looks like you had a fabulous trip!

  16. Love Sarah's hat in that picture of you three going for a ride! #merica :)

  17. Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of you and Angel at Angkor Wat.

  18. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos!!! I was smiling through the whole post- looking forward to hearing more details on all of them! :)

  19. Love the photos!! That pic of the monkey is gorgeous!