17 July 2015

Six Sisters: Dialogue of a Photoshoot

Six Sisters Family Photo

Scene: We're watching a Korean drama, in which a major plot point is a crush that one character has had on another character for a crazy long time, like ten years.

Rebekah: "I think I could have a crush for three years, max!"
Rachel: "Three years?" [I was incredulous. Three years sounds like a really long time to me.]
Rebekah: "I said MAX."
Anna: "Three years???" [She was also incredulous.]
Rebekah: "I SAID MAX!!!"
[Mom walks into the room and overhears Rebekah's final response.]
Mom: "What's going on?"
Rachel: "Rebekah said she could have a crush on Max for three years!"
Mom: "Who's Max?"

And that is how rumors get started, folks.


Two out of the six will be leaving soon, so we decided, one fine Saturday afternoon, to dress up and do our hair and convince our only brother to come outside and take photos of us together.

The dialogue that ensued was too funny to keep to ourselves.

"Why are you taking so many pictures of Anna?"

"It's not my fault she's more photogenic than the rest of you."

"Everybody look tough."

"Sarah, why are you smiling? Is that really the toughest you can look?"

"You now how everyone always wants to use cute props in their photos? That's why everyone wants their picture taken with Anna."

"And because she's leaving."

"That too."

"Lizzy, try not to look like you're angry at the clouds."

"Ahh! A car is coming! Scatter!"

"Quick, take my picture, my makeup is melting."

"Sarah, try not to look like you're being burned at the stake."

"Tilt your head down...turn your face to the, that's too much...move back towards your left...your left! LEFT! Didn't your parents ever teach you your right and left?!"

"Sarah! Look at the camera!"

"Okay, in this picture, everybody laugh" *Fake laughter*

"Sarah, don't run away! The car is on the other side of the road, it won't come near us! You're safe!"

"Try to look natural."

"Open your eyes more. NO! I didn't say raise your eyebrows. Lower your eyebrows, and open your eyes more."

"I don't know what you mean! How do I 'lower my eyebrows'? That's impossible, this is just the way my eyebrows are!"

"No, trust me. Your eyebrows do not look normal. Lower them!

"This is as open as my eyes get."

"Look more relaxed."

"How can I be relaxed when you're pointing a camera at me?"

"Try to smile like you're actually happy."

"Think about funny things....think about Angel. Yeah, think about Angel, that will make you laugh! Now laugh!"

"How's my hair?"

"Isaac! Take my photo by the flowers!"

"Isaac! Take my photo by this pile of rocks!"

"Isaac! Take my photo in the middle of the street!"

"Could everyone please just look at the camera at the same time?"

"Don't blink!"

"Try not to look like you're scared of the dog in the distance."

"Why does everyone keep staring at us? We're so normal!"

Basically, in case you're imagining that the typical family photoshoot involves everyone looking all gorgeous together and magically knowing how to pose nicely and looking at the camera and not really saying much of're mistaken.

In our family, the conversation never really stops. Once, when I was in high school, Lizzy turned on a tape recorder, and captured two hours of non-ending conversation between a bunch of siblings who were supposedly hard at work on school in our mother's absence.

We haven't changed much.

There's always opinions. There's always jokes. Apparently, there's a photographer who likes to use random analogies when he's commanding us to "try not to look like..." something or other.

Also, it's official now, I'm shorter than all of my younger siblings other than Sarah. Stay tuned for the next 8 years to see who will win: Sarah vs. Rachel.

Question 1: How long do you think you could sustain a crush, max?

Question 2: Have you ever experienced the strange phenomenon of eyebrows that refuse to look normal?
Bethany Carson said...

Love the photos! You all look beautiful, and it sounds/looks like a lot of fun!

Farrah said...

hahaha, those conversations--I love documenting quotes/conversations because they bring back memories of super fun times. :]!

I have no idea how long I could sustain a crush. I think it'd depend on whether or not there was any chance whatsoever of reciprocation! :P I've liked someone on/off for several years before though?

Inge Jane said...

Haha it's pretty awesome that you girls were able to get together and do this little photo shoot, and even better that you had so much fun doing it!

Inge Jane said...

Haha it's pretty awesome that you girls were able to get together and do this little photo shoot, and even better that you had so much fun doing it!

Unknown said...

These photos are adorable, and the dialogue is hilarious! It sounds like me and my sister.

Julie said...

You have such a sweet family. It's great to see that you all can have such an enjoyable time together!

Laura Hughes said...


I love the photo you used for the cover most, but I love the 6 of you just goofing off, taking photos and relishing in being sisters :) this is wonderful

Laura @Cook, Wine and Thinker!

Kelly said...

Great photos and beautiful sisters. I come from a family with 7 daughters so the conversations sounded a lot like the ones coming from my family years ago before everyone married off and scattered. These will be wonderful memories.

chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

haha absolutely laughed at "try not to look angry at the clouds!" this is such a cute photoshoot, i'm so glad you were able to do it!

i think my longest crush lasted 1.3 school years...because i remember getting nervous to see him after summer break!

Elizabeth said...

Love the one where you're all holding hands in the road!!!

Tayler Morrell said...

I love the conversations.

Becki S said...

This was hilarious. Love the conversations. A great Friday afternoon read =)

Daisy @ Simplicity Relished said...

Oh my gosh, you all are the absolute cutest! Also appreciating the resemblance and funny conversations here.

SimplyWright said...

This is so fun! It makes me want to have a bunch more babies so they can have fun convos like this one day! Great pics and thank you for sharing!

AwesomelyOZ said...

That's so wonderful! When does Anna leave for college? You two look almost identical Lol :) What a lovely photo shoot, glad you were able to do it you will cherish those photos forever! Have a great weekend Rachel & Co! -Iva

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! It's always awesome to have sisters together. I have 2!

Unknown said...

So cool! I love all the pictures, and the dialogue is just too funny. It's nice you guys all have a great relationship. You will be so happy you have all these pictures.

Jen Lud said...

Haha this post had me cracking up :) What a crazy, wild, fun experience to be in a home with so many siblings. I myself have only one sister and a very small (3 people) extended family to boot, but I always enjoyed heading over to my girlfriend's house for dinner when I was younger - she had five sisters and a brother. It was always so.....alive. Everyone talking. Dinner was a huge vat of noodles and some Aldi sweet rolls for dessert. I loved it. I often wonder if I missed my calling to have a house full of kids. I think you and your sisters are gorgeous - I can totally see each individual personality shining through!! Lovely!

EllyBrown said...

Beautiful family!

Monica said...

This photo shoot is adorable and the quotes are hilarious! It seems like you ladies have lots of great quality conversations :P and lots of fun!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The pictures are so beautiful, and I love the commentary that goes with them! As for a crush, I could probably have a crush on someone for a long time, like years, but only if no one better came along :)

Unknown said...

So fun :) :) I am an only child and sibling relationships are so interesting to me. I love that you included so much of your hilarious dialogue. The pictures look great, how special to have THAT many sisters!

Ali Hval said...

How cute is this entire post?! And I love that you remembered all these quotes from them... it's always nice to be able to keep those memorable tidbits alongside with the photos. Wouldn't it be rad if there was a way to include scents and sounds alongside those, too? You'd just have a journey back into the past.

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet and I love how it reflects everyone's individuality! And how did I not realize that you had so many sisters?

The Lady Okie said...

You and your sisters are so cute together :) This sounded similar to what my family sounds like when we take pictures! I'm glad you all were able to get some good ones!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

so sweet and I love the convos...hilarious and so something that would happen in my family

Unknown said...

I really like your sister's dark red dress!