04 August 2015

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Does it annoy anyone else that when you search for hairstyle ideas for curly hair, the vast majority of hairstyle photos that pop up are hairstyles for straight hair that has been curled?

Curled hair =/= Curly hair

Now that we have that straight, I thought I'd show you a couple of the styles I've done on my sister and cousin this summer. We live in a tropical climate, so the vast majority of these styles are of the "up" variety, because walking around covered in a thick blanket of hair is generally not comfortable. Most of these hairstyles can be done on straight hair as well, but I've found that most photos of hairstyles show styles done on straight hair or curled hair, so I wanted to provide a resource of hairstyles that look great while allowing the hair to keep its natural texture.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

These two have very different hair types. Shannon has distinct, fairly tight coils, and her hair is very fine as well as thin. She has a lot of natural body, but her hair itself is not very bulky. She has long layers in her hair to help it lay better.

Anna has looser curls, and very coarse, very thick hair. She has dramatic layers to help remove some of the bulk of her hair, and wears bangs as well, which she straightens everyday. All of these hairstyles are no-heat hairstyles, except for Anna's straightened bangs.

Grown-up Topsy Tail
Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyle

No special tool required, flipping ponytails is pretty easy! This is a great all-day, no product style for their texture of hair because their hair doesn't slip and fall out of ponytails the way that straight hair does.

Braided Updo

Braided Updo on Curly Hair

It's three braids at the nape of the next, twisted into a balanced, chignon-esque shape and pinned into place. Again, no product. Hairspray would help tame the frizz that is endemic to curly hair, but this family doesn't own hairspray.

Classic Chignon

A little bit of teasing for extra volume in the crown. Sides are rolled and pinned, all hair is gathered into a low ponytail, then rolled upwards, shaped and pinned to keep secure. Again, her hair has enough texture to hold this style without hairspray, which is pretty cool!

Side {Fishtail} Braid

I gathered the hair loosely to give her just a little more volume on the top and sides. With her hair texture, that's often the best strategy if you don't want the hair slicked flat on the scalp. I would not recommend teasing fine, tightly curled hair like this, unless you want to spend a long time with a pick and gobs of conditioner trying to get the snarls out later.

Rockin' Ponytail

Inverse braid on each side, ends wound around the base of a high ponytail. If you're working with hair that can safely be teased, you can create a poof in the front.

Inverted Side Braid to Bun

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Exactly what the title says. She's got the perfect texture and length of hair for this--it's about a 5 minute hairstyle that can be done on wet or dry hair. From the smoothness that you can see in these photos, you can tell that I did this early in the morning while her hair was still wet.


So those are just a few styles to consider! Not all updos require blowdried, roundbrushed hair that's been set in hot rollers--and you're not limited to ponytails, either! Sometimes a couple of braids and pins are all you need to make your curls look gorgeous!

P.S. Styling hair is not hard. Remembering to take pictures of hairstyles that you've done...really hard. This post could have been three times longer if I were as good with a camera as I am at saying, "Hey, wanna let me do your hair?"
Ali Hval said...

Beautiful hair styles! I especially like that last one--and these all seem like styles I could do, even with non-curly hair... I'm always looking for new styles that are quickly done but look nice.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I love the Chignon and the inverted side braid. I can do other peoples hair really well but doing my own is a lot harder for me.

Unknown said...

love all of them! great post!

Brianna Wachter said...

Love this post! I have curly mid-to-long hair and am always so fustrated by the lack of updos for us curly girls! Looking forward to trying out something new. High messy buns have been a life saver for me during summer months.

Aishwarya Shenolikar said...

I have crazy curly hair and it becomes impossible to not tie them up. All these hairstyles are so lovely!

Kay R. said...

Aww there are some really cute hairstyles here!! My bestie keeps her curly hair short for the reason that she doesnt know what to do with it when its long. Ill share this with her.

Joy Lynn said...

Very cute! And fun doing hair with sisters ;)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love these looks! Especially the inverted side bun braid - so pretty :)

Cristina @ I Say Nomato said...

Thanks for sharing these! I've got insane curly hair that I've only just tamed using the Curly Girl method (no frizz!), and now I'm looking for hairstyles that aren't 'Get this out of my face!' ponytails. I love that inverted braid to a bun! So cute.

Inge Jane said...

These are all so fantastic! And I am totally with you about the "curled" hair search results. They are so not the same!

DIY Just Cuz said...

As a curly girl I'm always frustrated when googling "curly hair" because as you said, styled curls are NOT the same thing!! I love the looks you showed off! If only I was at all talented in doing my own hair!! :)

Nina Olsson: Nina's Notebook said...

After seeing this I really wish that my curly hair was longer than it is at the moment! But I'll probably still attempt my own version of one of these styles for a festival up-do. Loved it :)

Susannah said...

These are such pretty hair styles!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful! It makes me kind of wish I had curly hair. There are a couple of these that I might try with my straight hair too!

Moonofsilver said...


AwesomelyOZ said...

That's so wonderful :) I am learning to love my natural hair and let it be since I was raised in an environment where straight hair was the "ideal" - My hair has moderately tight coils and once it's fully dried it's a bit of a pain to manage. It's a learning curve but I am learning that most updos don't require much time at all, styling, or maintenance and I love that because it decreases my weekly stress all week. I wish I could find a simpler way to use flexi-rods but it's too time consuming. Lol :) Love all the styles Rachel! Do my hair please?! Take Care -Iva

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty! My hair is super straight, and I get jealous of all the curls ;) Stopping by from Mommy Monday. I'm tweeting this!

Brita Long said...

I have thick hair that's wavy when long and curly when short. If I were better at doing my own hair, I would love to try some of these! If you're ever in Atlanta, want to stop buy and do my hair? ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for these ideas! Very useful! My younger sister has long curly hair, and we have an issue every morning how to style it in a proper and beautiful manner. We`ve tried all the hairstyles from here . So, thank you for the new ideas!

Mueeid Soomro said...

The latest hairstyles have survived through the years and all of the fashion crazes and trends that have come and gone. These looks have many different variations, like the bob cut.

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