03 October 2015

A Nearly Severed Thumb

Isaac was innocently chopping chicken in preparation for cooking dinner when he missed and chopped the tip of his thumb nearly all the way off.

Those of us inside the house heard him calling from this outdoor kitchen, in a calm voice, "Mom...Mom..."

Mom went to see why he was calling her and was dismayed by the carnage, which was in direct opposition to his calm tone of voice. It wasn't her first medical emergency (nor her first medical emergency with Isaac, for that matter), and as quickly as she could, she had Isaac and the entirety of his thumb in the car and on the road to the hospital.

Which left me with a blood-spattered kitchen to take care of.

I am not known for my strength of stomach in cases involving blood or medical procedures of any kind, which is probably why, quite unfairly, I must say, I have always considered this event in our lives nearly as traumatic for me as it was for Isaac and his mutilated thumb.

He was a boy scout! I thought people like that were supposed to be well-versed in knife safety!

I have no idea how a thumb managed to spurt blood all over nearly every surface in an outdoor kitchen, but this thumb did. There was blood on the half-chopped chicken, blood on the counter, blood on the floor, blood on the walls, blood in the sink, and blood on the clean dishes that were in the drying rack. It looked like a veritable crime scene from a murder mystery tv show.

And I had to clean it all up.

It was a big task for someone who's always been a few steps to the left of sensible concerning matters of the human body and its medical needs. After the kitchen was properly cleaned, the kids had to be fed some other form of dinner. Mom and Dad and Isaac didn't return until nearly bedtime--Isaac with a stitched up and bandaged thumb. He still has the tip of his thumb, a little scarred and lumpy, but it's there. It was quick thinking for Mom who got him to the hospital so fast--but I've always liked to mention my role in clean-up duty for this little disaster.

I'm not saying that my excessive squeamishness or the fact that I make a big deal out of cleaning up a blood-spattered kitchen while my only brother is on the way to the ER are admirable traits--in fact, I think they're quite the opposite. But that's just the kind of sister I am.
Tayler Morrell said...

My sister cut off part of the tip of her pinkie when she was like 6 trying to use scissors to cute a popsicle stick in half making some nativity ornaments. You can still see the scar today.

Farrah said...

Ohh goodness. A nearly-severed-thumb definitely would not be the ideal situation to be in if you're squeamish about it, but good on you for cleaning it up, and your mom for acting quickly!

Ali Hval said...

Oh geez! That sounds like quite the scene, and honestly I'm perplexed to hear that a thumb could cause quite the mess in your kitchen. Good for you for pushing through it and cleaning everything up and for your mom being so quick to act. I cant say I've ever had to clean anyone else's blood up (thank goodness!).

Unknown said...

You forgot the part where Mom was trying to figure out if i had cut through a bone by mashing her finger into the top of my severed thumb.
Or was that intentionally left out since it is quite gross? If so sorry.
I am also fairly certain it was more traumatic for you. I don't recall being all that affected by that experience. Although the end of my thumb still feels kind of numb so I suppose I was affected in some way.

Beth said...

Good job! When my kids have something gross happen, like a bathroom accident or getting sick, I am usually the one to clean it up. My husband is a lot more squeamish. Sorry about your brother's thumb.

Natalie said...

Ewww! I know that dealing with blood and barf and all that is a necessity of life, but it's just so gross! I'm glad your brother didn't have any long term issues!

Anonymous said...

Scary! Good job on the cleaning duty.

Shann Eva said...

Oh my gosh. Blood is one of the worst things to me. Not sure I could have done the clean up. Great job to you, and your mom for the quick thinking.

Angela said...

Oh man. I don't know if I could do that! I guess you do what you have to do. :)

Here I scribble said...

Oh no!!! It is my biggest fear when in kitchen..
— DT | Here I Scribble

Bethany Carson said...

Oooh, that does sound terrible (for you, your mom, and your brother). Very funny to read Isaac's comment on the event here. Glad he survived--and glad you did as well. Cleaning up the kitchen certainly must not have been fun!