24 October 2015

One Woman's Love

It's a Sunday--a busy day in real life, which probably explains why it's usually not such a busy day in the blog realm. I thought today I ought to share once more a story I've already told on this blog a few years ago--to this day it's my favorite story about my Aunty. Words can't really describe the immense impact she's made on my life and my values--but let me tell you about the way she loves, because it's crazy. Crazy love.
Kristi Martilla said...

Ok silly question... But where does the aunties and uncle thing come I , maybe you have already shared this but I am so confused!! How is a random man an uncle! Please explain if you have time or point me to the right blog post that explains it!!! Thanks!!!

Michelle said...

I have the same questions as Kristi! Is Auntie and Uncle a cultural thing? I'm so curious. I've loved this series, by the way. So interesting.