22 November 2015

Once Upon a Time Birthday Party

Sarah requested a Once Upon a Time-themed party for her birthday and I was happy to oblige.

The theme of this party could also be called, "How far will Rachel go to avoid printing stuff." You'll understand when you see the decor, which was all hand-sketched because printing stuff is really annoying. Our party budget generally goes all for the food, and for this party, we spent the equivalent of $1 on poster-sized sheets of paper for our decorations.

Entering Storybrooke Sign

Neverland Map Once Upon a Time

Storybrooke Clock Tower

Once Upon a Time Party Decor

Once Upon a Time Emma's Car

Dark One Dagger Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Magic Mirror

We hung scarves around the walls on various objects and covered up bookshelves in striped blankets, going for an "otherworldly" feel--anything to make the house not seem like the normal house we do schoolwork in every day. It ended up as a sort-of mashup of Granny's Diner, Agrabah, the Enchanted Forest, Storybrooke, and Regina's Castle.

It was perfect.

We all decided to dress up for the occasion.

Evil Queen Once Upon a Time
 The Evil Queen felt like an odd choice for MaryGrace, who is the definition of sweetness and kindness, but I had fun doing her ultra-dramatic Evil Queen eyes.

 Predictable as ever, I was Captain Hook. I follow the whole, "If you can't be yourself, always be a pirate" rule for life. I remained true to character and wore my hook the whole night, which meant I needed help making my sandwich and I almost dropped my cake on the ground, but all was well.

Also, I do know that Hook's hook is on his left hand. However, since I'm left-handed and I assume that Hook is right-handed, I figured switching arms would create the most authentic Hook experience.

Robin Hood Once Upon a Time

Robin Hood isn't usually allowed to play with her crossbow and arrows so she enjoyed the opportunity this evening.

Once Upon a Time Party

The birthday girl was Belle, and Mom was Ruby. Dad was deemed "Prince Charming" and we also had an Emma and a Mulan show up at the party. Angel opted out of dressing up, so we decided he was Jiminy Cricket.

Our food matched the theme as well:

Lasagna was the obvious choice for a main course, but most of us really, really don't like lasagna, so we decided to have pulled pork sandwiches since they're the epitome of American diner food and they are very "exotic" here.

We didn't forget the whipped cream or the cinnamon!

 Yep, watermelon hearts, too.

We had even more ideas for food, like cookies in the shape of Hook's missing hand, and Apple Crisp because of Regina's fondness for apples, but those would have required an oven, and Mom and Dad's oven died a week before the party.

We played two Once Upon a Time games--the first was one I'd created with Powerpoint slides showing various obscure or not-so-obscure items from the show, and teams had to race to tell me what the item was and what it's significance was as well.

The second game was Taboo--except with characters from the television show instead of normal words.

And now the birthday girl is one year older. Next year, double digits!


  1. How cute! I used to love Once Upon a Time. I haven't watched in a while, but it is super cute as a party theme!

  2. Looks so fun! I love your Captain Hook outfit! That claw!!! ;) Happy birthday Sarah!!

  3. Very cute! We got really into OUAT, but we got a little tired of it when the snow queens showed up and all the characters suddenly forgot they were friends. Haha, like why are they all so darn dramatic? The show is great for a themed birthday, though - clearly!

  4. What a fun party! Dress up parties are the best : )


  5. I really enjoyed the first season of Once Upon A Time but then I lost interest. The party is super cute though! I love the sketch of the library!

  6. This is so awesome!! I'm a huge OUAT fan and so I love every bit of this :)

  7. This is so, so cute! I just started Once Upon a Time! (haha and I love the "how far will Rachel go to avoid printing..." subtheme)

  8. wonderful. This year for my grandbabies 4th birthday -- I talked my daughter into letting me do a treasure hunt. The kids loved it and the treasure was the birthday cake.

  9. This is a great theme. I love how you all dressed up! And your handmade signs are great too. Looks like a great birthday party!

  10. Oh my goodness! This is perfect! Can you come plan all my parties for me? I think I've asked you that before...

  11. what a fun party! Love how everyone's characters related to them :)

    stop by and chat with me ♥

  12. I love how everyone got into their roles and went all out for the birthday party!

  13. This has to be the cutest thing ever! I used to watch Once Upon a Time religiously, I need to catch up. You did such a fantastic job with this party.

  14. I love this!! Once Upon a Time is my favorite show. My favorite part of this is Regina's heart watermelon. That's awesome!

  15. That's such a cute party theme! I love Once Upon A Time! :] I like the themed foods too! :]

  16. This is such a genius party idea. Everyone can be their favorite storybook and Storybrook character. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  17. What a fabulous party! You did a great job tying in the show to the party. I love Once Upon a Time, so much so that I even wrote 2 Advent devotions from it last year.

  18. This is great!! I love all the costumes! Looks like she had a great time!

  19. How great is this?! Loved all of the creative ways you brought storybrooke to life! Great job!

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  23. This looks like such a wonderful, fun party! I like how you did the decorations, and your costume is pretty awesome!

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