03 November 2015

Tales from October

Well, because of my whole 31 Days thing, the blog spent the entirety of October buried deeply in the past, while I was living life very much in the present. Never fear, on the off chance that you missed out on anything, I shall now present to you highlights from our October in bullet point format.

-We chaperoned a sleepover party, at which I was hailed the grand champion of hula hooping after hula hooping for 15 minutes without dropping the hoop, outlasting 6 competitors in a row. It's good to know that even if I'm old enough to be a chaperon, I can still be cool because I've got hula-hooping skills.

-Dave and Beka from Sunshine to the Square Inch dropped by to stay with us for a few days during their SouthEast Asia travels. I don't meet a lot of bloggers on this side of the world, so that was rather remarkable. We took them hiking at a national park.

-On the hike, we saw an unprecedented number of monitor lizards (4 ft or 5 ft long!), but not a single monkey, even though our destination was Monkey Beach.

-We took my sisters to Lost World of Tambun waterpark for an early Christmas present (because December and November are busy, ya'll!).

-At the waterpark, Rebekah and this raccoon shared a Pocahontas/Meeko moment. I had no idea that happened outside of movies.

-During the two hour drive home from the waterpark, we had a "Who can name that song first" competition with Disney and Taylor Swift cds and I totally lost.

-Angel posted a photo of me on Facebook captioned, "My First Wife" and slight chaos ensued.

-Normal teaching and meetings and work and housecleaning.

- The hole in our ceiling got bigger. Which is a good thing, because that means eventually it will be fixed. At least that's what I'm choosing to believe that it means.

- We went to the Taiping Night Safari, which is basically a zoo that has opening hours between 8 and 11 pm. Someone had given my family free tickets that were expiring soon, so we wanted to use them up. I'd never been to a zoo in the dark before--it felt quite a bit like you were in the actual jungle at night. This is a zoo that I've been to in the daytime in the past, and last time I went, there were non-zoo monkeys, just the normal monkeys that are everywhere here, invading one of the bathrooms, so it already felt jungle-esque in the daytime, the darkness and lack of flashlights just made it a little more intense. They let us pet the giraffes, that was unexpected.

What adventures did you have in October?


  1. LOL the raccoon! Also, I'm so jealous you and Beka got to hang out! Isn't she just the best?

  2. How neat to meet a fellow blogger! Meet-ups are always so fun! That beach looks awesome.

    That is a wonderful moment with Rebecca and the raccoon. Angel's post about you being his first wife is kind of funny. My grandparents occasionally refer to each other as"my first wife" or "my first husband." They've been married something like 66 or 67 years now.

    I've been enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having here. Ah, it's November 3rd, and I was outside in shirtsleeves today! That is remarkable in Iowa, as you probably know from having lived in the Midwest--2 years ago it was snowing here in October!

  3. Petting giraffes! That is cool!

    We have so many urban raccoons in Toronto they are almost as bad as the squirrels.


  4. I love that you're choosing to beleive help is on the way for that hole in the ceiling - I hope so!!

    PS: My husband calls me his first wife too - what a goof.

  5. Sounds like a good month - how cool that you got to do a little blogger meet up too! I hope you get that hole fixed soon, it looks pretty bad!

  6. The hole in the ceiling would creep me out! You have a better attitude than I would ;) Angel cracks me up. I love that he refers to you as his first wife.

  7. I would be terrified of that raccoon so close! :) And I'm really hoping your hole gets fixed soon!

  8. What an adventurous month, you had! Love the Meeko/Pocahontas moment - super cute!

  9. I love water parks! Glad you gave us an update.

  10. Ahahahah, I laughed at the ceiling hole. "It's getting bigger... so it'll be fixed soon... perhaps." I feel like I'd have the same attitude as you toward that. Very blasé.

  11. I'm glad the hole in your ceiling is in the storage room. That would be bad if it were in the living room or guest room. Why don't they fix it?

    A monkey in the bathroom??? I don't think that sounds fun. They can be cute and all but sometimes they are vicious little creatures.

    Thanks again for hosting us! We loved meeting you, Angel and your siblings!

  12. Seems like your October was great! Ouch... That ceiling ♥♥

  13. What a fun month! I love all the fun adventures you guys had with all sorts of wildlife and beautiful places. Here's hoping November has some fun adventures too! :)

  14. Wow! You have been busy! Lots of wildlife and adventures. Sounds like my kind of month. And Angel posting that picture cracked me up!

  15. I just read your about me and super excited to read the rest of your blog!


  16. Wow 15 minutes of hula hooping is impressive!! Looks like you had some fun adventures this month!!

  17. I love that you met up with another blogger! I think it's so crazy how much we learn about each other through our blogs - and yet most of us will never actually meet one another, ever in our lifetime. LOVE that you hosted a fellow blogger in your home! That's awesome!

    I am also a huge fan of Angel's shenanegans. I laughed out loud, which is hard to do at 7AM on a Saturday morning after 4 hours of sleep before my tea kicks in.....

    My October was a ton of fall-related activities. The Autumn Drive, Halloween activities for both my kids at both their respective schools, getting costumes ready (I pulled it off!), planning a fall classroom party for my big girl, helping set up a giant fall party at my church, singing in the choir, and joining the Food Shed co-op Board of Directors :) It was a busy month, but lots of fun adventures :)

  18. Cory and I play that game all the time. I always lose. He is like a walking book of knowledge when it comes to music. I've said it before but Angel cracks me up! Where does he come up with that stuff?

  19. Hey rachel! I love october, it's my favorite month. In october I: threw a halloween party (my first party I hosted by myself ever!) I had a spooky night with my boyfriend once a week where we did halloweeny things, did a DIY craft and actually completed it haha, and grew my blog a little bit!