06 February 2016

The Random Blog Awards, Part II

A little over two years ago, I published a grand post honoring bloggers in a number of categories with Random Blog Awards. These blog awards are completely random, contain no monetary value and no real bragging rights, either. I am the sole judge of these awards. After over two years, and because a good percentage of the bloggers I named are no longer blogging (*sob*) I figured it's time to have a second round of awards:

Best Houseguest: Beka. Granted, she's the only blogger who's ever stayed in my house, so perhaps I haven't given the rest of you much of a chance, but still, she clearly wins this category.

Funny Bloggers that are Not Me: Michelle earns this award for the second time! Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! Also, Jenny. She's the kind of person who reads her own blog because she thinks it's hilarious, and that's exactly the same way I am, so obviously I appreciate that.

Most Traveled Blogger: Chelsea. I mean, 7 continents last year. It would be pretty hard to beat that, so there's really no contest here.

Makes Biking for Exercise Actually Sound Exciting: Ali. I'm sure that's what she wants to be famous for. Search her blog for "Northern Lights" if you're wondering what in the world I'm talking about.

Best Closets Full of Vintage Clothes: I have a not-so-secret love for vintage clothing and retro styles, in spite of a wardrobe full of green and purple skinny jeans. Suzanne and Jessica both have enviable vintage collections, if I were the envying sort. I'm not, but I am mighty glad that all those gorgeous dresses exist out there somewhere!

Blogger Who I Wish Blogged More Often: Miss Nutralicious. Sorry, it's just that I'm fond of funny random stories.

Best Command of the English Language: Amanda. Automatically. I think editors are cool people.

Most Memorable Blog Name: For The Love of Tuna. I don't even like tuna. Actually, I'll refuse to eat it. And yet somehow I'm drawn to this uniquely-named blog.

LoveBlog with Belle Brita


  1. This is so fun! I love finding out what blogs other people read. Oh dear, I might have to spend copious amounts of time on the internet now haha. Jessica and Suzanne's vintage blogs look wonderful! I love vintage clothes, and earlier this morning, was thinking about how after my baby is born, I should make sure some of my postpartum outfits are vintage-y. :)

  2. For the Love of Tuna!? Now that's a eye to check out some of your picks:)

  3. Bahaha! I accept obviously. And yes Michelle is so funny! Love her blog. (I first just wrote love her, but it felt creepy so I added blog.)

  4. I AM SO HONORED. AGAIN. Thank you :) I loved this idea two years ago and I still think it's fantastic.

  5. These are hysterical! Now I need to check out some of these blogs.

    Also, I'm all about some colorful skinny jeans. Mine are red, hot pink, and floral patterns.

  6. Spent the day reading Jenny's blog. Loved it!

  7. haha I love this and Im going to check them out!

  8. Thanks for including me! : ) What a nice surprise today! I'm checking out a few of those other blogs now.


  9. Thanks Rachel!! I must admit, I deserve that award for sure. Haha!
    Now I'm cruising through these other blogs - Amanda is a great story teller!

  10. Eeeek! Sorry I just got to this, I finally have wifi and can read through blogs again! I was in North Carolina. I am so absolutely honored to be on this. Haha, and I actually DO have a tag for Northern Lights... this makes me happy that you've enjoyed such stories. I have to write another soon! :) You are the sweetest, Rachel! So glad to have met you. <3

  11. I love the list! I agree that Miss Nutralicoius should blog more. She is hilarious and I'll have to check out the other blogs you shared about.


    You are wrong about one thing, these awards DO come with bragging rights. Trust me, I have been bragging to my husband about winning the "Blogger who I wish blogged more award" all week. In fact, I've been spending so much of my time bragging about my award, that I have neglected to blog. Again. At least I am a consistent procrastinator. Thanks for making my week! :)

  13. ohhhh my goodness i just saw this YES!!!!! all that time and money totally paid off to make it in your blog awards :) yaaahooooooo!

  14. Thanks for the mention! Are you sure there's no trophy involved? I was told there might be a trophy...

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