18 February 2016

Things to Do on Leap Day

It's not all that often we get an extra day in the year, so it stands to reason we ought to do something, anything, to make it memorable. May this year's Leap Day be just one of the reasons why your 2016 is epic.

1. Take a jumping/leaping picture. Notoriously difficult and silly-looking and yet we all attempt it once in a while. Might as well try it on this year's extra day. Alternatively--stage a long jump/high jump competition and take photos.

2. Wear your favorite clothes.* 2016 gives us an entire extra day so it's not like we can complain there's not enough time to do the laundry.

3. Find someone whose birthday is on Feb. 29th and wish them a Happy Birthday! I don't personally know anyone, but it just seems like if you only get a birthday once in four years you ought to get an excessive number of birthday wishes, including wishes from strangers, when it actually happens, doesn't it?

4. Discover why we actually have Leap Year, if you don't already know. If you do already know, explain it to a kid who doesn't yet know about it.

5. Write down some goals you want to accomplish before the next Leap Day comes around. Four years ought to be enough time to get some big stuff done.

6. Go to an indoor trampoline park (like this one) and leap as high as you can!

7. Do something, anything, that you always claim you don't have time for! Read a book, sew a skirt, write a letter to your grandma, have your friends over to play a board game. Today, you have extra time. Use it wisely.

*Is "wear your favorite clothes" my suggestion for every holiday/celebration as well as life in general? Yes, yes it is. How astute of you to notice! At least I'm consistent.

How will you celebrate Leap Day?


  1. Ha ha! You and I are kind of the same for the "wear your favourite clothes" ; P.

    No ideas what we will do. Since it falls on a Monday probably work. Boring I know.


  2. I like the indoor trampoline park idea. I'll have to see if there's one nearby. If not, I'll try to take a jumping picture. I'm really no good at timing those though.

  3. This is such a fun post, and these are all great ideas! I already know that I'll be attending a Bible study that night, but now I really want to do something else extra-epic on that day. Obviously, the movie "Leap Year" would be quite appropriate to watch, but it's somewhere at my parents' house, and I don't think they know where it is. Hmmm...I really like your idea of letter-writing, I should do that! I love writing letters, but I never get around to it.

  4. What fun ideas! My husband's birthday is on the 29th, so he's quite excited :) I'm sure there will be some jumping and leaping involved...or sorrow....however he decides to take another year. :)

  5. I hadn't thought about this at all. I like the idea of setting goals you wanna achieve before the next leap year!

  6. I hadn't thought about this at all. I like the idea of setting goals you wanna achieve before the next leap year!

  7. I never though to do something out of the ordinary on Leap Year, but it makes total sense since it comes only every 4 years! Cute ideas!

  8. Loving this list! I might have to do something fun to celebrate this day!

  9. I have never celebrated leap day before i didnt even know people celebrated this i learnt something new

  10. I've never thought to celebrate Leap Day. I can't wait to do it this year.

  11. ha! love thinking about taking a 'leaping photo' though admittedly i'm horrible at them and my husband is the one that can get some serious air. now to start planning what to do...

  12. haha, I need to do this--it sounds like so much fun! :P I'll be at the hospital that day, but a jumping picture in my favorite clothes should be do-able!

    I don't think I know anyone who was born on Leap Day, but one of my cousins was born on the 28th? (Close enough...)

  13. This is so fun! I have a friend who's birthday is February 29th and I plan on making it a big deal. Also, I have another friend who's pregnant and due on February 29th. I'm really hoping the baby comes on it's due date because that would be so cool! I absolutely plan on doing some self-care activities that I never have time for!