28 April 2016

5-Minute Face Painting

Yesterday was one of those kind-of-crazy days. My parents were away, and I was helping out at my family's home. We were in the midst of a giant decluttering project, trying to clean out part of the apartment since we have a sister arriving on a visit from America in a couple days. In the midst of this project, my sisters kept stumbling upon craft supplies and games they'd forgotten they even had. At one point, Mom and Dad called in a quick assignment for me, I had to email them a document ASAP. I finished that task quickly and was about to tackle the next item on the list when a little tiger-faced boy wandered into the computer room.

It felt like I'd been out of the action only 5 minutes. But maybe it was 10, because by the time I had finished sending the document, I found that the 5 kids I'd left had been transformed into 3 tigers and 2 butterflies. MaryGrace had found an old face painting kit and had decided that 'now' was better that the promise of future fun later, and colored faces at such great speed that by the time I knew what was happening--it was done. (Beware, babysitters, this is what can happen in 5 minutes. Good thing MaryGrace herself is already a pretty responsible babysitter...)

They were so cute. Of course I had to run from my camera, and we had to take a break from work. We spent most of the break making funny faces in the mirror--there was something about having her face painting like a tiger which meant that Sarah couldn't resist from growling at all times. Our butterflies had some pretty fierce growls, too, which I'm not entirely sure is in character for butterflies.

In the end, the face paint had to come off eventually, and our happy little Josh sobbed when MaryGrace washed his face because he loved his stripes a little too much. Poor baby tiger. They're already asking, when can we do it again?

I was meeting a student shortly after this, so I didn't want to get my face all colorful, but maybe next time I'll join in, though I don't think tiger or butterfly is quite my favorite animal is a jellyfish, which is not really conducive to face painting. I think I'd probably go for more of a masquerade mask-style design or more abstract fairy-esque patterns....

If you decided to let go of normal, busy, working life for an hour and paint your face, what would you paint it?
Suzanne said...

Ha ha! What fun! I'd be a pug : ) of course.


Mom on the Move said...

So fun! My kids love face painting! There are so many fun easy ways to do it too! I love your butterflies!

Ali Hval said...

Oh, I'm sure that butterflies can growl. If butterflies can have scary faces on their wings to scare off predators, then why not develop some growling over thousands of years, too? Honestly... it is inevitable. This is too cute though. I would have never guessed that would have gone down in 5 minutes. I've never watched kids before since I'm kind of scared WHAT could go down... but this is an adorable surprise. As long as there wasn't paint anywhere but faces (I sound like such a mom!)

Ali Hval said...

Oh, and I'd totally paint my face a crab. I'm not sure how it would work but crabs are swell.

Charlene Maugeri said...

So cute!!! Love all the fun pics you got. Those kids look like they're in heaven!