05 April 2016

Angelisms, Part 12

Scene: Taking the little girls out to Disney on Ice, and we're in the car, telling them the rules.

Angel: "...And...the most important rule of all....NO falling in True Love."
*cue crazy laughter from the littles in the backseat.*
Angel: "No True Love's Kiss" either."
*more crazy laughter*

{This has become a new everyday rule, after Angel started it, they are constantly reminding each other "No True Love!"}


Scene: We're at Mom and Dad's house. Angel's in the kitchen, making a smoothie, Mom and I are talking in the living room, and we're expecting a friend to drop by any moment.

Suddenly, we hear Angel shouting cheerily from the kitchen: "Oh, Hi, {Friend's Name}! Good to see you! How's it going?"

We look at each other in confusion--we did not hear either the doorbell or the squeaky front door open. My Angel-senses tell me he's playing a joke. Mom's Angel-senses don't have quite as much experience as mine do, so she heads over to the kitchen to see if our friend has, in fact, arrived.

All she finds is Angel, in the kitchen, all by himself, with a really big grin on his face.


Scene: Mom calls our house to chat with me. Angel answers the phone, and says I'm not home, I'm at Mom's home with the rest of my sisters. He then walks into the office, sees me, and hands me the phone.

Angel: "I just told mom you were downstairs, so she's probably going to call back in a few minutes."
*A few minutes later, the phone rings, I answer, and it's mom.*
Mom: "WHY did he do that????"

Editor's note: Angel says it was an accident, he really thought I was at my parent's house. I have no idea why he would have thought that. Mom still thinks he did it on purpose. What do you think?


Scene: Angel returns home after swimming with the kids.

Angel: "For some reason, they were acting like they were all scared of me."
Rachel: "Were you pretending to be a shark?"
Angel: "Hey, I was just being normal!"

("Normal" on Angel-mode is pretending to be a shark and scaring the kids.)


Scene:  Blog post brainstorming.

Rachel: "I need an idea for a blog post that just plain fun--happy, silly. I don't want to write serious stuff all the time."
Angel: "How about: What it's like being married to a fat husband."
Rachel: "....Well...uh...what?"
Angel: "No one blogs about their husband being fat. Maybe not fat, but I am overweight. Okay, you can title it: What it's like being married to an overweight husband."


Scene: Chatting before bed

Angel: "Is it okay if I go to the Chinese herbal medicine store and ask if they have any medicine that can make me more handsome?"
Rachel: "Well, why do you want to be more handsome, for me, or for your students?"
Angel: "For my students. Because if I was more handsome, then even more people would want to take my classes!"

{Angel teaches adults, mostly expatriate businesspeople or their spouses. Apparently, they talk openly about how they prefer different teachers due to their attractive looks or great voice, so his theory is, the better-looking the teacher, the more students will take their class.}

Have you ever chosen a class based on the attractiveness of the teacher?


  1. Haha these are all great, but I think the second to last one about the blog topic is my favorite. Also, on the phone call one, I personally think that Angel did it intentionally. I don't really know him, but I think that him doing it intentionally would be consistent with other things you've written about him on the blog ;)

  2. The second to last one is great, hahah!

  3. LOL "write about what it's like to marry a fat husband." I feel like I would thoroughly enjoy being around your hubs. He has a great sense of humor!

  4. oh my gosh, the last one is hilarious!actually, all of them are, he sounds super funny. he totally did the phone one on purpose!

  5. I love the last one. He's probably on to something!

  6. These are all great! I have a friend here in Memphis who Angel really reminds me of. He's a jokester too. :)

  7. Haha I always love reading these! I love the first one about "no true love!"

  8. Wow. This is my first time reading part of this series. I'm glad you both have a sense of humor. At least your husband answers the phone if your mom calls. If I can't get to my phone, he just lets it go.

  9. These are my absolute favorite posts! Thanks for the smile today!

  10. This is such a cute series idea and you're lucky you have a funny husband haha! I love that later one about having a fat husband lol. I think he may be on to something! How many of our S.O.'s have put on weight after marriage whether bc of the honeymoon phase or kids? Making it into a parody could be pretty relatable and hysterical lol.

  11. HAHAHA!!! I love the "No True Love!" so much! And acting like a shark!? Classic! haha You guys are so much fun!

  12. These are all funny! Husbands are the best, and they keep you on your toes!! Haha!

  13. hahah that first one is so funny about 'no true love' or the kiss! hope he found that herbal medicine - only for enrollment purposes of course

  14. I love these!! I want to meet Angel someday. I could use the entertainment.

  15. I have never chosen a class based on the attractiveness of a teacher. That has nothing to do with learning and wouldn't cross my mind

  16. haha these are great! Such great entertainment!

  17. Sounds like you have an endless source of amusement in your household!

  18. I've never taken a class because the teacher was cute- I actually avoided those classes because I felt like there was extra pressure to "impress" the instructor! Haha! I love that he didn't know you were home- I believe him!

  19. Ha ha! The old crush on the teacher syndrome. Especially when they are foreign.


  20. Oh my gosh! These are amazing! hahahahaha!

  21. I haven't but I'd definitely choose your husbands class if he's that funny and entertaining with his students :)