10 May 2016

After Too Long--She's Home!

Anna's back. After 9 months away. Freshman year completed. Only 3 more years of school to go. Only 3. That's what we keep telling ourselves.

For the summer, we're focusing on adventure. Anna wants to experience our hometown, to create memories to hold tight to during the dark days of winter that will come all too soon. We have a purpose and a mission and a list of things to accomplish--a list that we are tackling as fast as humanly possible. We've already seen Captain America at the movie theater, gone to the beach, walked along the seashore, met a lot of old friends at church, eaten roti canai, and gone swimming, so we're off to a good start!

So, what does it look like when your kindred spirit returns after being gone for so long?

Well, there's a lot of reading. Because she brought a ton of books that I've never read before back in her suitcases. So far I've read 5 of them. My favorite thus far is "When You Reach Me." by Rebecca Stead.

Also, she comes here and starts saying I'm way too skinny and asking Mom how come I'm so skinny and who is going to make me eat more food. Which I come back to with "What? Have you seen yourself lately?" And then it all turns into a "No, you're just skin and bones" "No, YOU need to eat more" fight until in order to prove our case, we both step on the scale and find that we both weigh exactly the same. To the pound. And then Anna's still not convinced so the measuring tape comes out and we measure both waists and they come out to exactly the same number of inches. Exactly. Which just goes to show the power of genetics and also proves that Anna has no leg to stand on when it comes to accusing me of being ridiculously thin. Also, she's obviously an inch taller than me which still makes me think that my argument that I'm not the skinniest one triumphs. Math, you know. The things that go on between sisters....

There's also been lots of housecleaning and organizing because as soon as we heard that Anna was coming back we pretty much just figured that all of the organizing could wait until she got here. She's still the only one who knows how to find anything and everything in Mom and Dad's house.

And we all know who Anna's first favorite is--Mommy. So Anna's visit home will definitely involve lots of time spent with her Mom...probably watching Korean dramas.

This summer is very different from last summer, when the whole family was reunited. We miss the other two siblings, but we're really happy that we can at least have Anna for a little while!

What do you do when you get together with your family after a long time apart?


  1. What an awesome reunion! I find it hilarious that you two weigh the same and have the same waist circumference! Haha!
    Whenever I get together with my family after a long time apart, food, board games, and talking are typically some of the main things that happen. I'm convinced that my mom's love language is food (dessert), and we all love talking and playing board games for hours. In fact, even though my husband and I live just 2 1/2 hours away from them, whenever we go up to visit, the first evening of our stay we usually stay up until the middle of the night talking and playing games!

  2. Seeing each other again after such a long time is always something wonderful! Tears are probably involved and a lot of talking to catch up on everything! What a sweet reunion!

  3. HA! I find it hilarious that you guys are the exact same weight and waist measurement! That sounds like an argument my sisters and I might have. Except that we're all pretty different heights (there's an 8 inch gap between my shortest and tallest sister) so I don't think we've ever all weighed the same. Though we do all wear the same brand and size of jeans (though I wear the regular, one sister wears the extra long version, and one sister wears the petite version). Anyway, I love stories about your sisters because they remind me of mine. :) So glad she's home!! :)

  4. So nice that you have one of your sisters back.

    Too funny about the weight thing.


  5. So fun she is home for a good visit! in the pics Anna seems pretty tall for her age, guess good family genes:)
    My family pretty much lives in the local area, so I have never had the experience of my siblings or parents being far away for an extended period of time.
    Hope you make lots of great memories together with her:)

  6. oooh have a fun summer together! I love your green bangs! Korean dramas, huh?

  7. How cute are you two!? Nice to see some sibling love. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am so happy for you! I miss my sister she lives in another state and we just don't get together because we both have kids. Its just too expensive for us and hectic. Enjoy our time together.

  9. So fun that's she's home! You two will have a blast together! My sister just got home from college for the summer and we have big plans! Mostly baking and talking!!

  10. I'm so happy that your sister is home! Enjoy this time with her! I've been living far away from my family for the last few years and it's always so exciting when we finally can be together. Since I usually take a red eye, my brother and I have a tradition of going to our favorite diner straight from the plane. After I recover from jet lag there is lots of catching up, going to our favorite places, and movies on the couch.

  11. I'm so glad she's back! Sounds like you all have an awesome summer in store! <3

  12. What a sweet homecoming. Glad she's home - for now!