03 May 2016

Refrigerator Mysteries

Have you ever found something in your fridge that didn't belong there?

Like, say, a box of Camembert cheese?

Only three people live in this house. All three of those people were questioned and denied that they had anything to do with acquiring said package of cheese. I don't think I've ever even tasted Camembert cheese in my life, let alone purchased it, so it was a very, very strange thing to end up in our fridge.

This might have turned into an unsolved mystery...but my friend called one afternoon and said, "Hey, sorry, but I think I left a box of cheese in your fridge last week."

Truth prevailed. Lesson learned: If no one who lives in your house claims to have purchased the item in the refrigerator, start asking people who don't live there, because you never know when someone might stash a snack in your fridge.


This tale reminds me of a very different refrigerator mystery.

The year is 2004. My family is visiting my uncle's family. Both families were smaller then as compared to now, but still rather large, so picture 10 children and 4 adults occupying the same farmhouse and eating at the same dining table. A lot of food is being consumed. My aunt gets out a cut of venison from the freezer and sticks it on a plate in the refrigerator in the garage for it to thaw.

The time to start cooking dinner comes around. She opens the fridge, and the plate where she put the meat is there, but there is no sign of the meat and its freezer wrappings. She checks the freezer to see if somehow she actually forgot to get the hunk of meat out in the first place, but no, the meat that was formerly in the freezer is no longer there. It ought to be in the fridge.

All family members are questioned. Did someone move the meat? Did someone cook the meat? Did someone eat the meat? No. No. No, thank goodness. It was raw, anyways. A thorough search of the house and yard was performed in a last-ditch effort to find our dinner.

We never found out what happened to that large venison roast. It's turned into a family legend--an unsolved mystery. Our two theories, neither of them particularly plausible, are:

1) A barn cat wandered into the garage, found the fridge door left open or else opened the fridge, found the meat, dragged it out of the fridge, and somehow disposed of both the roast and its wrappings so well that no trace of it was ever seen again on the farm.

2) A random person walked off the road, into the garage, opened the fridge, found a thawing venison roast, and decided to take it home with them, but left the plate, because that would be stealing.

We really have no idea what happened to that meat all those years ago. I hate to even tentatively accuse potentially innocent barn cats or random strangers, but those are our best solutions. Do you have any theories to propose about what happened to the venison??

Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him, huh? Have you ever had an unsolved refrigerator mystery-either where food appeared (like the cheese) or disappeared (like the meat)? Tell me about it.
Bethany Carson said...

Ha! These are both great stores! I wonder what actually did happen to the roast! We find strange things in our refrigerator and cabinets sometimes, but it's generally because someone wasn't thinking and put, say, the shortening in the fridge. I've even almost put milk in the cabinets!

Ali Hval said...

Oh my gosh, the meat disappearance is so mysterious! I wonder how it could have disappeared?! Maybe an animal got it, but honestly who knows. I haven't had any mysterious food appearances or disappearances, but I do know lots of things that I've had disappear over the years, like chapsticks, single socks, and earring posts. I was cleaning my room today and found a few chapsticks, actually. :)

AnneMarie said...

Haha these are so funny! The roast disappearance is incredibly strange and intriguing. You should totally write a story based off of that :P I haven't experienced any weird mysteries like these, though there was one time that a can of olives appeared in my parents' freezer while I was still living at home. Most of my family members determined that I had put it in there while unloading groceries and daydreaming about Jacob, but who knows what really happened? ;)

Suzanne said...

Ha ha! That venison story is weird and freaky as in Twilight Zone freaky.

Years back I was working as a cook on a remote hunting lodge in the north of Scotland. There was no electricity and a staff of about 7 of us that kept the place running for the invited guests and owners.

Since it was a hunting lodge, and a very old one at that, there were hunting dogs. Several of them, Golden Retrievers that were still learning their manners.

As there was no electricity we had a "cold room" which also happened to be the breakfast room. (The lodge was massive, there were even rooms for shining shoes or washing glasses, no joke. Have you seen Downton Abbey? Like that but on a much smaller scale and I didn't have to wear a uniform. It was the late 1980's after all and not the late 1800's.)

Anyhow, we had taken out a large piece of meat, I think it was beef or ham and it was set in the cold room until dinner.

When we went to fetch the roast it was gone. Someone had made off with it. Not too far though. Mulich, one of the dogs had jumped onto the table and eaten half of it, looking rather pleased with himself too. We still don't know how the dog managed to get into the cold room.

There was no meat on the menu that evening.


Moonofsilver said...

what crazy fridge stories!!! the only thing that happens over here is my husband can never find anything in the fridge...and all I have to do is walk over and hand it to him. lol

Charlene Maugeri said...

That is so funny. It's very peculiar that a large cut of raw meat would just go missing. And even weirder that the plate was left behind. I kind of love stories like this. Especially when your family can laugh at it for years.

Jenny Evans said...

Phillip and I were recently cleaning out the basement and found a Celine Dion CD down there that both of us violently denied ever purchasing. I know that I didn't buy it, though, so...