19 June 2016

And Now, Let's Talk about Tiny Pizzas

Sometimes I get the distinct impression that this blog is in a competition with itself for the "Most Random" award. If so, I win.

Today, we're going to talk about tiny pizzas.

We were browsing the Japanese snack shop at the mall while waiting for our parents when my sisters stumbled across the section of tiny food-making kits. I had never seen these before, but they had gotten a couple kits for Christmas a couple years ago and had fond memories of making them. They'd never tried the pizza kit before and were so excited that I just had to buy it for them. It helped that it was on sale, 30% off. Nothing like a sale if you're trying to convince me to do something...but I do already have a fondness for miniatures (ever seen my dollhouse?), so it wasn't too much of a hard sell.

 Have you ever seen one of these kits or tried them?

The instructions were 100% in Japanese, which made me glad I've been brushing up on my college Japanese skills in preparation for our trip. Obviously, there's photos too, so if you're good at figuring out photos, or don't really care about instructions anyways, no Japanese skills are needed. I like following instructions and making sure I'm opening the right package, so being able to read "pizza" and "cheese" and "toppings", as well as how much water they needed and how many seconds the different items needed to be microwaved for, was helpful. Also, gave my baby sister extra amusement as I slowly stumbled over reading the Japanese words aloud....

The box was filled with these packages of powder--when added to water, they would become the various components of our meal--each component did a pretty good job of smelling like the real thing!

The outside of the plastic packet could be cut apart to make the plates and napkins for the meal.

First we made the tiny hashbrowns:

They were made in a mold which had little faces--which you can just barely see. Maybe the faces would have shown up better if these had been fried to a crispy golden brown, like authentic hashbrowns, haha!

We mixed each component of the meal seperately, followed the instructions carefully, and came up with this: two pizzas, a drink, 4 hashbrowns, and a lump of cheese on the cheeseboard.

It was kind of a surreal experience, as prior to that day, I didn't know about buying kits to make tiny food with. Sarah wanted to make an unboxing/process video for this activity, so we did. (She seems so professional, I can't help but think that she's watched a good few unboxing videos in her day!). Watch the end of the video to see our reactions to actually eating what we made. Guess which one was more edible--the pizza or the hashbrowns?


  1. These are really tiny but so adorably cute!

  2. Tiny pizza kits? I have never heard of it. I think it would be good little bites to feed little mouths (kids) also!!

  3. Ha! This is like space food.

    I'd be worried when everything comes out of a sealed packet .


  4. This looks so fun and a little bit ridiculous. Which is kind of the best kind of fun!

  5. The title of this post made me think of lunchables, so I was quite surprised to see that this tiny food kit was definitely NOT a lunchable-type item! I'm glad that the pizza tasted good; I have plenty of misgivings about hashbrowns that aren't actually deep fried, so it makes sense that your sister liked the pizza more than the hashbrowns. I thought it was really neat when the drink fizzed up-was it carbonated somehow?

  6. These tiny food kits are cracking me up! Sarah is so stinking cute! She should be a TV cooking star when she grows up! :) Watching the powders turn into "food" (or at least food-like substances) was really interesting! The tiny pizza is so cute! And I'm glad it turned out to be pretty tasty as well. I'd totally try that!

  7. What the heck?? This is hilarious. I am impressed that the powder really turned into food! And also impressed by your Japanese skills.

  8. OMG this is so cool! I'd definitely love to try this out at least once. My only problem would be that I'd end up eating too much of it.


  9. This is hilarious. Tiny powder pizzas? Reminds me of Back to the Future

  10. Oh my gosh! Those are seriously the cutest!! Love it.

  11. hahaha, you would totally win for most random! :P I love the topics you cover though. :] Those tiny pizzas are adorable!

  12. Oh my goodness. How weird. And cool! And Sarah is so cute in the video. "And before you do this, do wash your hands. And don't use sink water."

  13. This is just so ASIA! How fun! Sarah is really cute in that video and I would imagine that for a kid tiny pizzas are amazing!!!