22 June 2016

Themed Party Ideas for Any Occasion!

Some people are very modest about their skills. Other people go around referring to themselves as "epic party planners." I'll let you guess which category I fall into.

Here are some of the themed events for all sorts of occasions that I've hosted over the past few years. I thought it might be helpful to create a directory that leads to all of my parties, in case anyone out there is ever searching for ideas that might work for their own event.

"Around the World" Graduation Party

My cousin's post-grad plans were to spend a year living abroad with my family in Southeast Asia, so when I hosted her graduation party, the around-the-world travel theme just seemed to fit best. We tore up an atlas to make map tablecloths, stuck paper airplanes on toothpicks in all the cupcakes, and got out all the traditional Malaysian decor I happened to own. The primary activity of the party was eating, but once all the food was served, I started offering henna tattoos.

Sadness-Themed Goodbye Party

This was a very large event, with well over 100 people in attendance, so we focused less on coordinated activities and more on simply making lots and lots of food. We kept the decor simple, sticking to blue sad faces everywhere. Other features of the party included a photobooth with props and notebooks where friends could write messages to the people who were leaving.

Once Upon a Time Party

My littlest sister's 9th birthday party was themed to fit one of her favorite tv shows. The decor and menu were strongly inspired by the show, guests were encouraged to dress up as a favorite character (I chose Hook!), and we played games involving Trivia from the show.

Alice In Wonderland UnBirthday Tea Party

Small birthday party for my sister's 14th birthday. We watched the classic "Alice in Wonderland" cartoon, and enjoyed lots and lots of chocolate and cheese fondue.

"Romance" Themed Date Night

That's right, an event that was actually a date night for 16 couples. We had candles, rose petals, flowers, chocolate, strawberries, instrumental music--anything that would help make a 4-course meal a little more romantic.

Olympics Birthday Party

Angel dreamed of a family athletic competition for his 31st birthday party, and we gave him one. Eight athletic events--winners were awarded prizes, and after all that exercise, we ate colorful cookies that were designed to represent the Olympic Rings.

Golden 50th Anniversary Party

The purpose of this party was to enact a complete and total anniversary surprise for my grandparents. A very fine multi-course meal was prepared as a group effort by the rest of the family, and the decor was all gold, all the time!


There you have it--anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, goodbyes, etc. I'll keep this post updated with future party posts.
Susannah said...

You really are an epic party planner! I must learn your skills. ;-)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

How fun! You guys seem to do a lot of fun events! Dave's family is really good at coming up with themed events. For my sister-in-laws birthday this year we went to a super fancy restaurant. However, we brought along her senior pictures and then we all got to pose like one of them and take pictures. It was hilarious! That's not a normal theme in Dave's family but they always like to do something fun.

Charlene Maugeri said...

You've thrown a lot of parties. These are all so fun!

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...
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Carolann Chambers said...

You definitely know how to throw a party. I especially love the birthday party you made for Angel. I've always wanted to throw a Harry Potter themed party!

Ali Hval said...

You kind of are the queen of parties... I bet they're so fun to go to, and I can't even begin to imagine all the effort and time you put into them! That unbirthday party looks like it was so lovely. :)