05 August 2016

AquariaKLCC Experience - Malaysia's Best Aquarium

This morning, me and the rest of the family went on an undersea adventure--in the middle of the largest city in Malaysia!

*Disclaimer: We received discounted tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions are entirely my own.

AquariaKLCC is located within a couple minutes' walking distance of the famed Petronas Towers. We arrived right at 10 a.m. when they opened the gates, excited for the underwater adventures to come! Aquariums always seem especially cool to me...more fascinating than zoos, even--perhaps it's because we get to see land animals all over the place. Here, I'll see monkeys in parking lots and monitor lizards crossing the street, but I hardly get a chance to get face-to-face with the animals that live in the ocean.

The very first exhibit you'll find when you walk into the aquarium is a tank full of piranhas! Just in case you needed a reason to vow never to go swimming in the Amazon. These are some fierce guys who I wouldn't want to mess with!

 The next big attraction is the pools where you are allowed to gently touch bamboo sharks, starfish, horseshoe crabs, and sea cucumbers. Confession: I was certainly more excited about 'petting' sharks than my little sisters were. And...we hung out here for what was probably an unreasonably long time due to my enthusiasm.

Then we wandered through the rest of the aquarium.
Warning: Gratuitous pictures of sea creatures ahead. Why? Because sea creatures are awesomely attractive. Better these photos than countless repeated photos of the same stylish outfit on a fashion blogger like me, I think.

Some of the aquariums and exhibits were shipwreck-themed, which I really enjoyed, as old shipwrecks have long fascinated me...something to do with my idealistic vision of surviving a shipwreck and living on a deserted island like Crusoe or the Swiss Family Robinson, no doubt.

AquariaKLCC has a glass tunnel where you get to stand on a travelator that moves slowly, allowing you to focus on the sea life all around you, without haven't to pay attention to moving your feet. I've been in other aquariums with the underwater tunnel feature before, but I was astonished by how long this tunnel experience was--it's a large tank, and they make great use of the space for the tunnel, as the tunnel curves around at the bottom of the tank.

No aquarium would be complete without jellyfish--at least, that's my opinion, because jellyfish are my #1 favorite animal. Thankfully, AquariaKLCC has a pretty neat jellyfish exhibit, complete with info about their lifecycle.

We took about 2 hours to enjoy the AquariaKLCC experience. They offer various add-on, reservations-required experiences, such as a cage-dive into the shark tank (are you brave enough? I asked Sarah and she said there's no way she would do it...I think it would be pretty cool), and a sleepover for kids called "Sleep with Sharks" (exactly the sort of thing I would have LOVED as a kid). The aquarium takes a firm stand on conservation and responsible fishing industry--we watched an informational video about why shark fin soup should be absolutely avoided--I think that's a very good message for them to be sending because  authentic shark's fin soup is still considered a delicacy by many in this part of the world. My mom wants me to mention that the gift shop is a particularly awesome gift shop, and lured us to stay, checking out the merchandise, for a surprisingly long time. In the end, we wandered out of the aquarium, after checking out a few final seahorses, frogs, and cockroaches. They just had to throw in some cockroaches...

I thought I'd go out on a rather terrifying note, with this eel.

How do you feel now?

When was the last time you've gotten to touch a shark or watch jellyfish jumping around?
Alexandra S said...

Love the photos! You really took some great ones, especially since it's hard with the lighting in aquariums sometimes.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

I'm right there with you—I LOVE aquariums! 80% of the pics from our cruise vacation last year are from the aquariums at Atlantis (and of course I loved the touch tank). We also live close to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, but it's pretty pricey so we rarely go (we totally jumped on a $10 evening special they had a few months ago).

Unknown said...

The photos are amazing! Love it!

Lauren C. said...

I just went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last weekend, and had a blast! Haha, looks like you did too (and with the ticket discount, all the better). :D

Adriana Renee said...

I LOVE aquariums! This looks like such an amazing one to visit!

Julie said...

What a great adventure. I've never touched a shark or a jellyfish. This makes me miss working with kids where we got to go on field trips like this all of the time.

Unknown said...

These photos are great! Looks like an awesome adventure!

Unknown said...

Nice photos! I love aquariums :)

Lauren Vavala said...

I love aquariums! I love that I have two kids 8 years apart so when the older one possibly losses interest, I can still drag the younger one along lol

Jennifer L. said...

This is awesome! What a fun adventure to have with family.

Bright on a Budget said...

Um, that eel is scary! But this looks awesome! I'm like you and prefer aquariums to zoos as well.