11 September 2016

My Favorite Youtube Videos

Watching Youtube videos has become a completely normal method of home entertainment. Who would have thought? I mean, didn't you used to have to drive to Blockbuster and pick up a tape if you wanted to have an evening in, watching something funny on the TV? Times have changed, and now we subscribe to favorite channels, look forward to new Youtube videos, and watch our favorites repeatedly. Here's what I'd watch if I wanted to spend a lazy hour enjoying my all-time favorite funny videos:

Bushes of Love - Bad Lip Reading
This song will randomly get stuck in my head for days at a time. It makes no sense and I'm not sure why I love it so much, I just do. It vaguely reminds me of the Jabberwocky poem and my also-nonsensical love for that.

Kid Snippets "Mean School Nurse"
This one appeals to my fear of medical personnel. They can be really, really evil.

The Absent-Minded Robber - Studio C
This robber reminds me so much of my mom that that's probably not the kind of thing I should record on a public blog. But that explains why I have very tender feelings toward this absent-minded robber.

Pirates of Central Park - Improv Everywhere
Pirates? Pranks of the sort that make everybody actually laugh and smile instead of feel embarrassed? That's exactly my kind of thing.

Straight No Chaser - 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas all year long with this not-so-classic carol.

Like a Good Boy - NigaHiga
First of all, I love the increasingly bizarre facial expressions Ryan has throughout this video. Plus, as a natural goody-two-shoes I just have a special place in my heart for a tough song that's all about being good, thoughtful, and obeying all the rules.

Two Feet Away - Seven In All
I'm not even embarrassed to admit how much I love my own song parodies. I'll find myself singing them randomly or giggling at the goofy scenes we included when I'm not even watching the video. Being able to laugh at yourself is a good thing.

Phantom of the Opera - Lindsay Stirling
An outlier, because this one is not actually funny. My brother sent it to me a long time ago, saying he thought I would appreciate the hair and the clothes, and...I love them. I also like the Phantom music, too.


What's your favorite Youtube video to watch again and again?
Bethany Carson said...

Thanks for sharing your favorites, Rachel! Love Studio C!

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched any of these!!! Honestly, when I need a good laugh, I head on over to Jenna Marbles. lol

AnneMarie said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to watch "Bushes of Love" with my husband, since he's a huge SW fan. Thanks for providing all of these! I embarrassingly haven't seen that much Studio C (some of my friends are obsessed, but I never think to watch it) so I liked watching that video! And the robber reminded me a lot of myself haha. I was absentminded to begin with, but since becoming a mom it's become something that I experience even more often. I love that Lindsey Stirling video! (though I think one of my top favorites of hers is the western-themed Roundhouse Rivals) When my husband and I watch youtube, we usually just stick with anything by Bored Shorts TV or Honest Trailers, but sometimes we'll randomly watch videos of people doing cool science experiments.

Angi said...

Haha, these are great!! I had seen a handful of them but there are some new ones in there that I've never seen or heard of (I LOVE Bad Lip Readings, Improv Everywhere, Straight No Chaser and Kid Snippets!).

SimplyWright said...

Oh gosh, these videos look so funny! I'm always looking for new things to watch! Thank you for sharing!!

Unknown said...

These videos are so funny! I love these videos you shared. Thanks so much for sharing.


Unknown said...

Hilarious !

Tayler Morrell said...

You should check out more Studio C...they are actually a BYU (Mormon) based comedy skit team! I loved seeing their shows in while in college before they got a TV deal with BYUTV. And, Lindsey Stirling is AMAZING. She's also Mormon and my husband met her once!

Melissa said...

Honestly, anything Bad Lip Reading is fine by me haha Did you see the Mitt Romney one from a few years ago?!

Suzanne said...

Hahahahaha! My favourite was Mean School Nurse.


Farrah said...

hahaha, I love Ryan's youtube videos!! He makes such wonderful facial expressions. :P (+ I love Lindsey Stirling! <3)

Laura Darling said...

Well, this post is going to keep me busy for an hour! :) I love funny youtube videos!

Amy @ Swag On, Momma! said...

Ha!!! Those were awesome. I feel like I know you now. It's so enlightening to see what people find funny! :) Have you seen the Bad Lip Reading from Hunger Games? "Hot foot fudge" or some line like that gets me every time! I used to watch, "King Burger" all the time and laugh and laugh! :)

The Lady Okie said...

This is literally the funniest video I've ever seen. I watch it so many times and can't stop laughing.

Robin said...

I sort of miss video stores. Half of the fun was walking around with your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse and chatting about movies for a while before finally picking one out. But Internet video has the advantage of not needing to wait for someone else to return a video that you wanted.