01 November 2016

A Sister's Intuition

I've been having wacky dreams recently. Among them: Presidential candidates offering $50,000 rewards to assassins to kill people they didn't like. Also, me being tasked with chaperoning a group of teens at an amusement park. More plausible, but really stressful.

And then, I dreamed that my sister Lizzy, the one who's getting married, got a large floral tattoo, stretching from her collarbone to a few inches below her shoulder. I was slightly shocked, and asked her what had made her think of getting the tattoo. She told me that she'd long planned on getting a full sleeve and figured that there was no time like the present for getting started.

I bit back any concerns about the combination of her career goal of being a teacher in Asia with the fact of a full sleeve of tattoos, and remained cautiously congratulatory. It's not everyday your sister gets a giant tattoo.

And then. I ran into Angel. And it just so happened...that he's gotten a giant floral tattoo, stretching from his collarbone to a few inches below his shoulder...and it matched Lizzy's exactly. My response to him was not nearly so cautious or congratulatory. I couldn't understand 1) why he got a huge tattoo without even mentioning it to me first, 2) why it was a tattoo of flowers? He's not the floral type. and 3) Why it matched Lizzy's? Couple tattoos are risky enough, as far as I'm concerned, BIL/SIL tattoos are a little further outside the box.


So, that's the dream. The interesting coincidence is--a few hours after I woke up from that dream, my sister Anna (not Lizzy!) texted me a photo of her with a pixie cut. Let's look at a comparison of the Anna I knew and the Anna of the pixie cut to emphasize that this is basically as dramatic a change in appearance as a shoulder tattoo.

The Anna I knew

The Anna of the Pixie Cut

Obviously, I had to call her on Skype to see the 360* of the cut, ask her why didn't she think of this when I was around to do it, and ask if it was a blond who did her eyebrows...they're looking a lot better in these pictures, but the original stylist must have been going for an "Amy Poehler" look (??? Stylist, what were you thinking?) instead of the "Lily Collins" look, which would have made a lot more sense on Anna.

And then, as Rebekah and MaryGrace and I crowded around the computer, I jokingly mentioned that her cut was now about the same length as Angel's, particularly as he was overdue for his regular cut at the moment.

Later, I noticed the interesting fact that my dream seemed almost intuitively related to an event I didn't yet know had occurred at the time--one of my sisters made a major cosmetic change, and somehow Angel was connected. This cracked me up. On the whole, I think most dreams have no connection with reality whatsoever, but I found this a pretty funny coincidence---just goes to show these kids are never far from big sister's mind.

Have you ever cut off 12"+ of hair at once? I haven't--even though I've had pixies before, my hair never actually gets long in between times, my max is around shoulder length or slightly longer.


  1. Anna looks great! I typically get my hair cut to shoulder length about once a year, then let it grow. This time, I am thinking about maintaining the short length for a while.

  2. That is a big change. She looks fabulous.

  3. Her new cut looks amazing! Great for showing off pretty earrings :) I had waist length hair a couple of years ago and am currently growing out a long bob, but I went via a mid-length cut. The hairdresser wouldn't let me go for a bob straight away, she said it would be too much of a shock, ha!

  4. Your sister's haircut is adorable! This summer I chopped my hair from shoulderblade length to what it is now...super short on the sides and back and longer on the top, faux-hawk-like. It was a huge change but I should have done it a long time ago because I LOVE it.

    I think I would be upset if Isaiah's first tattoo was done to match something my sister had...especially because thus far he's been pretty uninterested in tattoos, despite my having four of them!

  5. Wow, that haircut looks so cute on her! I've cut probably 10'' of my hair? But I keep it fairly long (truly, it's out of laziness not style, but it works! Hah!) so even a 10'' cut is dramatic, but not THAT dramatic.

    I hope she loves it! I think it looks super adorable :)

  6. That cut really flatters her! How brave to do it all at once. I guess the dream was an odd way to prepare you ;)

  7. She looks great with her pixie cut! I think her eyebrows look good in the photo, but I admit I don't even notice eyebrows unless it is a unibrow. (This might be why I blog about dogs, not fashion and beauty!)

  8. Wow! That cut looks so great on her! Her long hair was beautiful as well, but the pixie is so flattering on her. I think it's adorable that your dream matched reality in a strange way. At least it was a hairstyle instead of matching tattoos, haha!

  9. I love the pixie cut the best on her. I also did this a couple of years back. It looked amazing on me too. I had never in my life gotten so many compliments on my hair. I'm letting it grow out now but I sure do miss my pixie sometimes.

  10. I love this cut on your sister!

    I have cut over 12" off my hair. I've had pixie cuts. They look awful on me, but sometimes you just want a drastic change.


  11. Wow! She looks great! Not a lot of people can pull off the Pixie but she seriously is stunning :) I cut 12 inches off this past June.. and it really is so refreshing! xX

  12. My little sister had long, long hair and got a pixie cut when she was about 13 and it was a drastic change but SO CUTE! She's had a pixie ever since! Hope the crazy dreams stop!!

  13. I would be scared to death to get a pixie cut but it looks darling on your sister!

  14. Her haircut looks great! I chopped off my long hair and had a pixie for a while and it's such a fun change!

    Greta |

  15. That is such a crazy dream-intuition story! I haven't exactly experienced that, but there have been a few times when I've had a "prophetic" dream. Once, years ago, I had a dream that I was speaking with a particular girl from my school about her ex-boyfriend. It was super random, because I rarely spoke with this girl to begin with. Well, a few months after having this dream, I found myself walking in a shopping mall with this girl and she began talking about her ex-boyfriend. It was really weird.

  16. Oh my gosh! That's a lot of hair to get chopped off!! It looks really really cute though, and I am not always a fan of shorter hair on women.. I don't know why! It looks adorable though. Those ARE some wacky dreams... :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. Your sister's hair looks so cute! I'm currently in my 2nd pixie but like you my hair was never that long, Once from shoulder length and more recently from chin length.
    Those are crazy dreams! I don't remember mine that often but am pretty sure there was one recently that involved a mountain lion. (Not as completely random as it sounds because there have been a couple recent sightings in the area).

  18. It's crazy how dreams can predict something like that - even if it was the wrong sister and a haircut and not tattoo! And your first dream cracks me up!

  19. But did Angel get a matching pixie cut?? ;)

    Her looks so good! I would get a pixie too if I looked that good with one.

  20. Bahaha, I love crazy dreams that somehow end up being related to real life! Your sister's new pixie cut looks gorgeous--she also knows how to do a killer winged-tip eyeliner haha. I definitely see the resemblance between you two, especially in the first photo. I hope she loves rocking the cut--I remember doing a drastic cut as well (13 inches!) a couple years ago, and it was so liberating.

    Also, huge congrats to Angel on his half marathon! He's lucky to have your support at races. I think watching races are just as fun as running them--there's so much energy and excitement (and cool bears, apparently ;)).

    Always praying for you Angel--you're such a dynamic duo. You're both eclectically cool determined souls--and I always love reading your life insights!

    imperfect idealist

  21. I love her new haircut. That looks so great! It's crazy what chopping your hair off can do. It's almost like a fresh start. Super fun!