03 October 2016

Love (or Flirtation) is in the Air

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On this day, I never left the apartment complex. It was an unsually quiet Monday--absolutely lovely.

In the last week, my sister, Anna, received a box of chocolate-covered strawberries in the mail...they came from one of those mail-order food treat companies, but it is not known who the sender was. All possible suspects have been questioned and have denied sending the chocolates. I was actually one of the top suspects, as everybody knows I'm crazy about Anna and prone to be thoughtful...but the strawberries weren't from me. Angel suggested that it's a prank that my sister Lizzy's fiance perpetrated just to mess with everyone...but unless Lizzy is marrying Angel's twin...I doubt that that's the solution. It's suggested that the sender is someone within our own family, but sending someone chocolate strawberries would mean you'd have to both 1) be nice and 2) have excess money, which doesn't fit most of us. I guess the 3rd option is: 3) Be Angel, and constantly do random things for no reason just to mess with people's heads...but I'm actually pretty sure that, in spite of his odd blaming of Lizzy's fiance...he didn't do this one.

Which leaves us with an anonymous admirer/stalker. Both Lizzy and Anna ate the strawberries and said they were delicious, and they are still alive, so that's a good sign.

The only anonymous thing I've ever been sent in the mail was THIS, and after 6 years, that mystery has still not been solved (my mom blames one of my uncles, however). Strawberries would have been tastier. I don't know if we should hold out hope for the chocolate-covered strawberry mystery.


On another, more shocking note, my brother, while at work this past week, was passed a note from a customer which read, "If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber!" and had the lady's phone number on it. He is basically horrified at this development, and at the fact that the customer will be coming back to the shop to pick up her order. The rest of the family thinks it's the funniest thing we've ever heard. My brother basically has a "Grumpy Cat" personality when it comes to human beings...not really the type of person you'd think would receive vegetable-themed pick-up lines from strangers.

Also, I can't stop thinking about whether my brother is comparable to Larry-Boy because that's the only "cute cucumber" I can think of...

Have you ever had any random encounters with packages from secret admirers or received unwonted pick-up lines?


  1. LOL at the "cute-cumber" thing. In fairness, I strangely admire the lady for taking a chance and writing something like that. Better than never asking and never knowing what might have happened, right?

  2. Haha! These are great stories-I especially like how know your brother makes you think of Larry-Boy (one of the best superheroes ever).

    When I was a freshman in college, a bunch of my girlfriends and I all of a sudden received roses outside of our dorm rooms...we made a chart, questioned all of the guys in our friend group, and none of them claimed responsibility. None of the girls claimed responsibility, either. To this day, I have no idea what kind soul bestowed roses on us, but it was awesome! I haven't gotten unwanted pick up lines before, but when I was working my first restaurant job (I was 16) there were times when male customers would look over at me, come up and ask me how old I was. I was never able to figure out if it was from genuine curiosity (though I don't think I looked younger than my age) of if it was an excuse to talk with me. Who knows?

  3. Ha ha! Fun stories! Your brother is hilarious. I would have been scared to eat the strawberries.

    I used to work in an ice cream stand in the middle of a mall. One guy would come round very often and order from me. One day he left some flowers. I ran after him to give him his potted flowers and he turned red and said they were for me. Ha ha! Oops. Awkward. For years afterwards he left me flowers almost every week.

    I also used to drive a little convertible vintage car to work at the mall. One day I came out and there was a poem stuck on the windshield about my "beauty". I never did find out who wrote it or left it.

    Thanks for reminding me of these moments.


  4. I love these stories! There is never a dull moment in your family. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, but on Nick's deployment before our wedding, he sent flower to my office every other Monday. All of the girls in my office were getting super jealous and I remember thinking that I would easily trade my flowers to be able to come home to Nick! But it was fun to see all different flowers all of the time and I always loved his little cute notes. Because he works on a submarine with no internet he had to plan all of this out before he left for his deployment, and it made me so happy that he was thinking of me.

  5. I love your stories! Larry Boy is also what I thought of!

  6. I think you should go into your Sherlock character mode and figure it out! Although there's nothing like a good family mystery, so maybe you should encourage the air of intrigue around the whole thing. Aren't all the best pick up lines vegetable based...?! Luckily I think my RBF repels any pick up lines very successfully before they're even uttered :)

  7. Oh my goodness both of these stories are perfect! Though, my money is still on Angel for the strawberries. And the note you got in college.

  8. That vegetable pick up line is hilarious!! I will have to remember that one for Christopher. He loves cheesy pick up lines. Good luck figuring out who sent the strawberries!

  9. Ooh, I want someone to send me some secret strawberries! :) I'm pretty sure that I haven't had any secret admirer type mail since the ones I have been sent were so obviously from my husband. He's quite the romantic, but sneaky he is not! :D

  10. Ha! I wonder who did send those strawberries! Hope your brother survived seeing his favorite customer again.

    The only anonymous package I can remember receiving is a 1611 edition of the KJV Bible (which is pretty neat!). I strongly suspect it's from a pastor friend, but I don't know for sure. I may have mentioned, my sister received her first violin anonymously in the mail. We have no idea on that one!