03 January 2017

Christmas Memories and Awkward Moments

Our very own Snowman in Summer!

Making not one, but two coffee cakes for our Christmas breakfast and having them both turn out terrible, but in different ways because we used two different recipes. Our current theory is that the baking powder in the pantry has lost its effectiveness...because mom and I have made coffee cakes dozens of times and it's not like it's a hard recipe to make successfully.

Angel's face when he opened up his CK One cologne and his steam mop. I hope somebody someday looks at me the way he looks at that steam mop...

Sarah's face whenever she or anybody opened anything.

When Angel passed out stockings to the kids and said, "Oh, these are heavy, I think there must be orange juice in these stockings!" and all the kids were like, "What? Why would there be orange juice in a stocking?"....and then there were juice boxes of...wait for juice. In the stockings. And Mom was asking Angel, "How did you know about the orange juice?" He said he didn't know. He just said that the stockings were heavy and they only thing he could think of to explain the heaviness of the stockings was orange juice.

Building a lego Mini Cooper with Dad.

Switching presents--Rebekah was accidentally given a Harry Potter necklace that MaryGrace had picked out months ago. That was a "Oops, put that in the wrong package...." moment, and we quickly gave it to MaryGrace before her heart was broken. My parents gave me a beautiful beaded belt that I'd seen in a store and asked for--they went to great lengths to find the exact belt. They gave it to me, and it was lovely. And it didn't even come close to fitting me. That was something we hadn't planned on. Aren't elastic waist belts kind of one-size fits all? This belt, however, fit Rebekah perfectly, and she loved it, so I gave it to her rather than messing with altering the belt to fit. Sorry, Mom and Dad, next time I fall in love with something and you guys go on a quest to find it....I'll check to see whether it fits, first.

The big girls admiring the muscles on the Ken doll that Sarah received.

Rebekah's special Christmas present from only Angel, not Rachel. Not Rachel's idea. All Angel's idea. Can not get mad at Rachel. Watch the video to see what these shenanigans were all about.

Eating a Christmas ham--fun fact...I love ham, and haven't had a real ham in a couple years. It was glorious.

It was Sarah's first time buying Christmas presents--she went out with Dad to night market and bought three matching "My Little Pony"-type stuffed animals, choosing the correct pony based on pony personality matching to her sisters personalities. I helped her secretly wrap the ponies ahead of time and since she'd bought and was wrapping a pony for herself, I asked if I should write "To: Sarah,  From: Sarah" on the package. She said, no, I should write, "To: Sarah, From: Daddy" since Daddy drove her to market to buy the gifts. I was flabbergasted when the big girls opened up the packages and could name their ponies instantly. Apparently different ponies are recognizable and have names? Is this a new thing, or did I just somehow miss the My Little Ponies phenomenon completely? I knew Teletubbies had names but I didn't know My Little Ponies did...I thought their three matching ponies, all Sarah's vision and idea, were pretty cute.

Watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas while covered up in a blanket because it was rainy and surprisingly chilly.

And Mom's best gift was more of an anniversary gift--all 7 kids, one son-in-law, and one prospective son-in-law worked together to get Mom a 26th anniversary band to wear with her wedding ring set. This anniversary band just so happens to have 7 tiny stones for her 7 awesome kids. We were pretty proud of this surprise!

So, spill. Got any tales of recipes gone wrong, Christmas presents gifted to the wrong person, Christmas presents that simply didn't fit, or awesomely incredible gifts given or received that you can't help but brag about? I'm all ears!

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  1. This year we amazingly avoided mislabeling any gifts (although we *almost* did a few times, and had to unwrap and re-wrap them the night before when we realized what we'd done!)

  2. How fun! I love packing gifts the way Angel did, so the recipient doesn't know what's inside right away! Happy New Year, Rachel! Wishing you all the best! xxx

  3. A few years ago my two sisters and I all had snowmen boxes to open, along with other gifts. There were three boxes in a stack comprising the snowman. My oldest sister and I opened the head box and found it stuffed with goodies. My middle sister found nothing. We moved on to the stomach box. Presents for us; none for her. The last box was the same. Poor girl. She was just forgotten that time. But she's never let us forget it. She's 29 and was reminding us about it this year. ;) I so enjoy all your posts!

  4. What a sweet, sweet gift you all gave to your mom! The band looks exactly like my wedding band (small world!). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

    - Kaitlin

  5. What a sweet and fun time for your family! I love reading through funny and awkward moments; makes me feel relieved since I am not living a perfect life. Lol Happy New Year!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  6. I too hope someone looks at me the way Angel looks at the steam cleaner someday. I was chatting with friends over Christmas and one of them excitedly proclaimed that his new Brita filter was his favourite present...and then we realized that we've officially reached adulthood. The My Little Ponies are so sweet, I knew they had different names but I don't think I realized they had developed personalities!

  7. That gift tag is hilarious! I love it! I don't know if it's a "gone wrong" story, but I've yet to send my in-laws their presents. That's definitely a faux pas!

  8. Once, I made pancakes that were complete flops and tasted gross-and we figured that it was the baking powder (which was given to us from someone who had it sitting around in his pantry for a while). So sad!
    Angel's prank gift is hilarious. That is so totally what my husband would do. Actually, on Christmas Eve when I told him to wrap presents, he shunned the bags, wrapping paper, etc. and stayed up until 2 or 3 a.m. creating treasure hunts for every present! I made it known, the next morning, that I was taking care of the baby (and then asleep) when he was doing this, so when my relatives had to leave their cozy spots on the couch to hunt around the house for clues leading to more clues and ultimately their presents, I was not the one to be blamed ;)
    I think it's so cute that Sarah matched the MLP to each person's personality! I have been successful at nearly entirely avoiding the whole My Little Pony craze, although I have some friends (especially in college) who really like that show. My youngest sister-in-law, who is 6, is extremely obsessed, so she was singing the song, talking about the different ponies, etc. etc. when we were with them for Christmas.

  9. Wait, did I miss it?? In the video, what actually was the little paper at the end?? Or was it just a junky piece of paper and that was the prank? Ha. My awkward Christmas moment this year was when we arrived at my in-law's house the day before Christmas, and I chased after my toddler who walked into their office and my surprise Christmas present, which my husband sent to their house, was just sitting there, uncovered. My heart started pounding cause I knew what was in that box...I walked out and tried to act cool, and then the next day, I had to fake surprise, but my husband totally saw through me. So I had to admit the truth. Ha. It was still an incredible gift! (It's a chandelier for our dining room table which I had been drooling over for 6 months or so...he got it on sale!! I was blown away, and had to be silent about it for a whole day!!!)

    1. PS... your littlest sister has the cutest laugh ever!!!

  10. Wow. Awesome memories. Lovely gifts. The gifts mix up would have been such a surprise fun. Lol.

  11. Bahaha, I always love hearing about your family shenanigans! I loved your comment about Angel admiring the mop and I can't get over how he somehow decided heavy stockings mean orange juice.

    I also really admire your goals for the year. Ballroom dancing sounds like a dream, and I can't wait to see your hand lettering. As for tough love, I can totally resonate. I've been pretty harsh to my younger brother before--we operate on very different planes and have very different goals and lifestyles, so I can be overly-critical sometimes. I'm slowly learning to be more supportive and nurturing. It's totally okay if others aren't as high-strung as me haha--all the better, actually.

    Wishing you the very best this year, Rachel!

    imperfect idealist

  12. Wow! You guys had a day full of memories! That anniversary ring is so beautiful. And what a sweet, generous gift. Really enjoyed reading this post!

  13. oh the 7 stones in the ring for the 7 kids, so lovely! and yeah i missed the my little ponies thing as well, though i do remember teletubbies haha. sucks about the belt not fitting you! i'm not much of a cook, so no tales of things going wrong because i don't even try haha. one year i bought my mother in law a book thinking i'm sure she'd like this.. yeah not only did she like it, she'd read it and owned special edition signed copies. haha. oops!

  14. Your littlest sister was very cute and thoughtful with her gifts. Adorable! When I was very little my mum would take me to the village newsagent with my pocket money saved from the year and I'd buy each of my siblings a bag of pick & mix (we called them 1p and 2p sweets because that's how many pennies they cost) chosen carefully per recipient. My sisters were all quite sad when I graduated onto buying 'real' presents!

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas. I too am a big fan of ham.

    P.S. I misread the sentence about Angel's mop as a 'CK One cologne and steam mop' and I thought wow, how interesting of Calvin Klein to branch out into pleasant smelling household cleaning implements. Sadly, no...

  15. That's a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your mom!

  16. Ok Sarah's face is precious! Also, the whole switching gifts thing cracked me up! And, again, I'm going to have to watch that video after work. :) Sounds like you had a good Christmas. My best memory was taking my little cousins (11 and 14 year old girls) to the Georgia aquarium a couple days after Christmas and everybody thinking that Pearson and I were their parents...

  17. Aww, I bet your mom loved that! What a sweet gift from all of you! And I love Sarah's little face in that photo. She seems like such a job!

    Also, Angel's gift that is only from Angel and not you at all was hilarious. Absolutely something my husband would do to one of my sisters. :)

  18. That ring is absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing gift! We don't really do gifts in my family so unfortunately I don't have any fun stories to share. Thanks for joining our linkup!!

  19. Angel looks so overjoyed about that steam mop! (Not gonna lie, I'd be pretty thrilled to get one too...they're so useful!) I hope someone I adore looks at me like that someday too, hahaha.

    + that's such a sweet gift for your mom! <3!