09 January 2017

The Tale of My Lost Christmas Present

Back in August this year, when we were in Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by Ikea for a quick look around. While at Ikea, I spotted an adorable little turquoise table/cart on clearance for a good price, and suggested to my parents that it would make a great Christmas present for me (our trip to KL had earlier been declared prime Christmas shopping time, due to the brands/stores that are available there).

However, on that day, Ikea was packed to the brim, and we didn't want to wait in long lines to buy one thing, so they said they'd put it on the list for an upcoming trip when they'd stop at Ikea again.

I looked forward to receiving my cute table at Christmas and nothing more was said about it for the time being. In November, when Christmas shopping season was in full swing, Mom was complaining that she couldn't think of anything great to buy for me--and I said, "You already got me the table! Don't worry about it!"

And Mom said, "What table?"

And then I got worried.

I reminded her about the cutest turquoise table my eyes had ever seen and she remembered it, but then she said, "Actually...I'm pretty sure that later, when we went back to get it...they didn't have turquoise in stock, and we weren't able to buy it."

"What? Really? Wouldn't I have known about it if that happened?" I asked. "I really, really thought you went back and bought it."

Mom couldn't remember buying the table, but she didn't entirely rule it out, either. However, she then asked, "If we bought the table...where is it?"

That stumped us. Our apartments are not very wouldn't be that easy to hide a large, heavy box containing a metal cart somewhere in our little apartments so that no one in the family could find it.

Eventually, we decided that the table must never have gotten purchased, and I was a bit sad about the loss of the table I'd been looking forward to...but oh well! Such things happen.


Then, January came. And I took it upon myself to clean out our guest bedroom, which had been in sad shape since July, when we had water leaking from the roof into our storeroom and we had to take everything out of the storeroom and put it in the guest bedroom. It had taken months for the leaking in the storeroom to be resolved, but now that the ceiling no longer leaked, I wanted to put everything back where it was supposed to go.

And what did I find at the bottom of a pile of large suitcases? A large, heavy cardboard box with a turquoise sticker on the side of it!!! my Christmas Ikea table, the one I fell in love with in August, find itself hidden under a pile of suitcases that were stashed in the guestroom in July?

I have no idea. Nobody seems to be able to remember hiding it there. Someone must have at some point, maybe they didn't know what it was, or maybe they simply forgot about it in the intervening months.

At this point I don't care how, because I got the cutest Christmas present in January and now my little rolling nightstand adorns my bedroom and waits to be filled with accessories and craft supplies and any little thing I want. I told Angel the table's all mine, but I cleaned out a drawer in the dresser for him to use, so it's all fair, right?'s true, you never know what you might find when you are cleaning. You might even find a lost Christmas present to yourself from your parents that your mom doesn't remember buying for you.


  1. Haha--I love this story because it sounds EXACTLY like something that would happen around our house. I actually just found the matching set of a pair of beloved my inlaws' house four hours away. I thought the other shoe was gone forever since it had been missing for a year. Yay for finding it again! Also, my mom is the world's worst at buying presents and hiding them from herself. Back in 1999, I asked for the Tarzan soundtrack (totally dating myself here), but my mom forgot where she put it and I didn't get it until Christmas 2002! I'm glad you found the table--it's so cute!

  2. Yes! All of this is so familiar! Cleaning reveals everything. Sean found an extra 2 or 3 gifts for me after the New Year, and my mom was devastated when She lost one of Sean's gift - in the box of gifts for the whole family. Naturally, it was discovered in the midst of the exchange and all was well.

  3. Hahaha, one year when we were kids my brother and I got Valentine's Day presents...wrapped in Santa wrapping paper. Mom had bought the gifts months before Christmas, wrapped them and put them in the back of a closet, completely forgetting about them until she was putting away Christmas stuff. Since we'd already gotten plenty for Christmas she kept them where they were and they served as Valentine's gifts .

    The table is really cute! They are building an IKEA in the city closest to me and it should be opened fall of 2017, I can't wait!

  4. What a great story! I have that cart and I ADORE it. I've used it for so many things, but it's currently in Gracie's room as toy storage.

  5. I am the biggest mislayer of items ever. Sometimes I get all organised and buy presents for people early and then wrap them. Of course I then forget what's in them, who it's for, or when to give it so it sits around nicely wrapped for months. Anyway, hooray for late discovery presents and new exciting furniture!

  6. That's a memorable story! I love those tray tables from Ikea.

    My mom almost always forgot to set out a present, and we'd always come across it eventually.

  7. Haha this story is awesome! I'm so glad you got your table though!

  8. Ha! What a good ending to the story : )


  9. Hahaha! Oh goodness, I'm so glad you found it!

  10. I LOVE that cart and I'm so happy you finally got it!! I've had my eye on that exact one for years, but Ikea won't ship here. I found a really similar one at Target I think I might snag soon, although it's navy blue instead of teal...same idea, though. You have good taste in carts! ;)

  11. Oh my gosh, this is so funny!! I'm so glad you found it!! Super cute!

  12. This is the best story! I love that it was hidden and no one knows how it got there and ALSO that you got your cute table! Win all around.

  13. Hahah wow what an awesome story! So glad it was found!

  14. I LOVE that cart. I have seen similar ones before, and turquoise is the color of my kitchen decor. What a fun surprise for you to find! It definitely seems like a special Christmas gift straight from God to you. :-)

  15. I have that cart in a rust it. What a mystery though! I wish mine had found its way into my home and up three flights of stairs without my lugging it. ;)