30 April 2017

What's in My Carry-On for a Long-Haul Flight

In this case, we're talking about the small backpack carry-on, the one that goes under the seat and is accessible during said 13 hour flight.

Carry-On for Long Haul Flight

My larger carry-on is a rolling suitcase that goes in the overheard compartment and holds all of my clothes for this trip. When it comes to the backpack that goes under the seat, my biggest packing priorities are the following:

1. Important docs/electronics
2. Food
3. Entertainment

Carry-On for Long Haul Flight

Clockwise from left:

- Scarf to serve as a blanket in freezing airplanes and airports.
- Notebook. In this case, the purpose of the notebook is really just to keep photos and artwork that I'm bringing back to the USA completely flat to prevent it from getting bent. I couldn't think of a better strategy, and I didn't trust the suitcase.
-Headphones. It just so happens that I recently won these because I didn't own any before, but I think you need them if you want to listen to movies in the airplane. I really hope this airplane has movies. The last two 7+ hour flights I took had no movies, so I'm starting to feel like movies in the back of seats aren't a thing anymore. Are they still a thing? I really hope so.
-Camera. I still believe in actual cameras over cell phone cameras.
-Glasses and case. In the airports I have to wear my glasses to read the signs, but in the airplane I want to be comfortable and just store my glasses.
-Kindle with its charging cord. It's my dad's Kindle, but he doesn't use it often, so I steal it when traveling and download free books onto it. I much prefer real books, but I don't want to pack 5+ books for a trip, so this is better.
-Lots of pens. Including a blue and black pen for arrival forms, otherwise, I don't use such boring colors.
-GPS. We're renting a car as soon as we arrive and have no idea where we're going. Hopefully the GPS will point us in the right direction.
-Camera charging cord.

Carry-On for Long Haul Flight

-My little purse. Which has my wallet, phone, some meds, chapstick, tissues...and that's about it. I like little purses.
-Small clear plastic bag of liquid toiletries under 100 ml. I follow guidelines.
-LOTS of snacks. I'm not great at eating airplane or airport food. Snacks will help keep me busy. There was not much thought put into choosing these. It was basically, "What is on these grocery store shelves that I will actually eat?"
-My travel journal and my notebook. Writing is great entertainment.

Not pictured:
-I always keep my passport, boarding passes, and all itinerary and insurance information in an organized file
-My Bible.
-Phone charger
-Universal plug adapter so that I can actually plug in my charging cords in the USA.

So basically it's mostly food and books/notebooks. Sounds ideal, to me!

Hopefully that'll be enough to keep me fed and busy on the long flight from one side of the globe to the other! What do you bring with you on planes?
AnneMarie said...

You went on two 7+ hour flights that did not have movies??? I am so, so sorry that you had to undergo that. Yikes. I haven't been on a 6+ hour international flight in 4ish years, but there were movies. And a month ago, when my husband flew to the other side of the U.S., he got to watch movies on his flight even though it was only a few hours long, because it happened to be a big plane that was headed to an international airport! I really hope that you have movies on your flight!

rooth said...

Face wipes, phone chargers, and books - so key!

Christina @ Hugs and Lattes said...

I don't think I've ever been on an international flight that DOESN'T have movies, so that is crazy! I love how organized you are in your carry-on packing skills. I just throw together books, gum, headphones. I start off very organized and it all turns helter-skelter by the end.

Rach said...

We have a lot of the same essentials! Snacks, headphones, a book (which for me is usually on my phone now), and a journal are my most important ones. I hope they'll have movies for you! I've been on a couple of overseas flights where they only had one big screen at the front of the cabin and everyone could plug their headphones in to the arm rest to listen along (always very family friendly movies), but usually they have movies on the back of the headrest. Hopefully this flight will have that for you!

Unknown said...

Nooooooo!!!! There have to be movies! There can't not be movies! I hate planes so much - movies make the whole experience one big multi-hour movie marathon.

I also bring a scarf for the plane... and a book, and my Bible, and my ipod (angry birds and fruit ninjas ftw!) and a paper bag to hyperventilate in - 'cause I'm a lot of fun on airplanes (jk about the paper bag, but it's probably a good idea).

Rubi said...

I also bring a scarf to serve as a blanket/pillow! If it's a super long flight, I usually bring on more food than actual items lol

Rachel said...
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Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad said...

No movies is rough! I always have my ereader as a backup but somewhere around the 3 hour mark I just really need a trashy film to zone out to, ha. I also take all the food with me, lots of extra clothes to wear (including thick socks), lip balm, and all kinds of sanitising things. I always catch a cold when I fly so I try my hardest to beat the germs!

Robin said...

I am going to take a couple of your snack ideas. I'm always looking for things that I can take to work, which won't need to be refrigerated.

Laura Darling said...

The longest flight I've been on was only about 4 hours! But these are GREAT tips! You sound like a pro!

Farrah said...

The scarf (and layering clothes in general) is definitely a must-do for flights! x_x I also made the mistake of not bringing headphones once and...never again, haha.

I was recently on an 11-hour flight and it had no movies. It made me pretty sad. :[ I just slept the entire time, haha.

Mary E. Stephens said...

I was so thankful that I took my Kindle with us on our trip to Australia. I read a little from my brother and sister-in-law's library, but it turned out that I was happier reading my own familiar friends, I mean books, while being so far from my familiar environment. It was a great distraction when I needed to rest and refresh my mind for a little while - at least once almost every day. :-) The great thing is that I could literally carry a large library with me, which was so awesome. :-)