15 May 2017

My Impractical Life Dreams

I have a few dreams in life that are rather impractical--or at least, there's not all that much I can do about achieving them. Fair warning, there will be mentions of both islands and pirates in this post, because I'm a very predictable person.

Island dreamin' in Thailand

1. Win a free stay at a fancy hotel. I have a very specific dream that I'd like to win a hotel stay. I don't know how that will happen because I don't often enter contests. Most of the time, I hardly even believe that real humans actually win contests or giveaways. Although winning has seemed more possible lately: When Angel won a bike in a lucky draw last year, the lucky draw prize given away right before that prize was a hotel stay. My sister won a hotel stay as the 6th place prize in a contest we recently entered. I won 5th place, and the prize was fancy all-natural shampoo. Still not a hotel.

I also won: lime green 'crocs', headphones, craisins, and hand soap. So...I won't need to buy soap and shampoo for a good long while, which is very happy, but it's not a hotel. I'm not sure the shoes really go with anything in my wardrobe...

2. Be named a Distinguished Young Alumnus of my college. You can qualify for this award up until you turn 40, and there's one chosen every year, which gives me about 15 years to distinguish myself enough, which sounds like enough time, but then again, I'm not very distinguishable, so I'm not sure the odds are in my favor.

3. Live on a remote island with basically nobody on it for a period of time. When I heard about Maatsuyker Island, it made me want to be a lighthouse keeper. I recently read The Light at Tern Rock out loud to the kids, and was completely unable to sympathize with the little boy in the book, who was really mad that he had to spend an extra two weeks living in a lighthouse on a tiny island instead of returning to the mainland. That kid just couldn't appreciate how rare it is to have the chance to live on a remote island. It wouldn't have to be a lighthouse. I also have fond feelings for the bamboo houses and hammocks on Gilligan's Island.

4. Be cast as Captain Jack Sparrow's daughter in a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. I just need a pirate name...

5. Be given an honorary PhD from a university. I'm not really at all sure how or why universities do such things, let's just say I think it's a bizarre but cool idea. 


These are the dreams I think are least likely to come true, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming. I never claimed to have my feet planted firmly on the ground, did I?

What's your most impractical dream in life?


  1. Hey, go big or go home right? If you're not going to dream big, then why bother?

  2. I would also like to win a hotel trip! And I seems as if you never meet or hear about a person who actually won a contest/giveaway.

  3. I'd take an honorary PhD as well! I remember our university giving out a couple of those while I was in school there and I kept thinking how cool it would be to have the PhD without all the work, haha! Love your dreams, Rachel. Keep on dreaming! I bet life surprises you with at least one of these! :)

  4. I definitely wouldn't mind winning a free stay at a fancy hotel!! I'd take an honorary PhD as well! :P Not sure what I could get one in, but...trivial details! ;P

  5. I too think most contests are rigged, but I think that says more about my cynical attitude than anything else! Hey, you've won more than me. Maybe that hotel stay isn't so far away. My impractical dream is to open an entirely gluten free cafe, where I just make all my favourite gluten free meals all day and make lots of coeliacs very happy.

  6. The year my son was born I was bored being a stay at home mom so I started entering contests and sweepstakes. And I actually won things! I won a gift card to a sporting goods store, office Depot and a iTunes gift card. I won a Nintendo 3ds and an Xbox 360! We also won several little things like t-shirts. But our biggest win came when we got the chance to win money if a player from our baseball team ( the Kansas City Royals) hit a home run during the 6th inning of a certain game... And he did! We won $1500 dollars! It was so exciting! I don't know if there are many contests open to Malaysia residents, but you should look into it. Some companies offer writing contests. It's a fun hobby and sometimes I wonder why I don't do it much anymore... I guess I got bored with entering my name into forms all day. My unrealistic bucket list item is to witness a fight at a major league baseball game.

  7. I would love to win a fancy vacation/hotel stay somewhere! Or a day at the spa sounds pretty good too. I won free windows for our old house once, that was for sure the biggest thing I've ever won.

  8. Mine is to be one of Britney Spears' backup dancers... because obviously that's a realistic dream. Winning a bike would also be amazing. I think winning a hotel stay is pretty realistic... just keep entering things and praying! ;) I've won a pair of $200 shoes from a blog giveaway once, which was pretty incredible considering so many people entered it.

  9. I used to dream about winning Big Brother (the reality TV show). But it was more involved than that. I also dreamed about using some of my winnings to take my whole family and my best friends and my nonexistent boyfriend at the time to Disney World. I further dreamed that CBS would want to film part of the trip for some post-Big Brother special, and to do that, they would section off parts of EPCOT for filming. Unbeknownst to me, my nonexistent boyfriend used this to plan my proposal in the French part of EPCOT.

    I have a very vivid imagination.

    I'm now happily married, with no desire to leave my husband for several months to be on reality TV. But it was a nice daydream while I was single.

  10. Mine is to be one of the historians on a History Channel documentary.

  11. I think you would be great as Jack Sparrow's daughter. Keep dreaming, girl.

  12. you. are. amazing. I am thoroughly convinced that you-- yourself-- are capable of absolutely anything. go big! xX