04 July 2017

Fun with Family in the USA

I've been writing about various destinations we visited during our trip to the USA, but I feel it's time to underscore the fact that on this particular trip, destinations weren't really the point. They were a great part of the trip, to be sure, and lots of fun, but the point of the trip was


And, when you're lucky like we are, family who are also your best friends.

So, other than visiting cool destinations, our visit included:

Pulling a prank during a wedding rehearsal.

Posing exuberantly near lighthouses while Angel looks on skeptically.

Sister selfies at Chinese restaurants while Angel tries to photobomb.

Getting my photo taken "with" Red Green since I got so excited when he suddenly showed up on TV!

Grilling 15 lbs. of carne asada for tacos.


Lots of arm wrestling.

Cousins who really love each other.

Excessive amounts of arm wrestling.

Swing dancing, whenever we could fit it in.

Decorating my sister's car for the honeymoon. We put about 5 giant bags of wrapped candy all over the car, we figured they'd need honeymoon snacks to keep their energy up for the long drive to Arizona. Decorating wedding cars is a long-standing tradition in my family, but this was the first car that my generation, a whole contingent of cousins, got to decorate. 

Seeing my grandparents--these are the grandparents I lived with when I was in college--they were actually the first of the family to meet this friend named Angel who sometimes randomly came to visit during freshman year. Surprisingly, my friend named Angel who came over was not a girl. We visited my other grandparents too, but I didn't get a picture with both of them, unfortunately. It's surprisingly hard to get ALL the pictures you want!

As a family, laughing at Angel for ordering a hamburger at a restaurant famous for CHICKEN.

This video is a mixture of moments with our family...all of which seem
There are so many more precious moments with family that went unpictured:

-Angel and his brothers sitting around telling stories for an evening of all the fights they got into as kids and attempting stabbings and the like. (stabbings?!)

- Playing with my nephew, and we discovered that if he learned anything about his Aunt Rachel, it's that she says "Gentle" a lot. :P I'm from a family of girls, haha, there wasn't much rough-housing when I was growing up!

-Shopping trips at Kohl's with Mom and the sisters where we celebrated finding super-good deals on ultra-clearance prices.

-Early Sunday morning, after the wedding, about 20 family members from 3 generations sprawled all over the living room, half still in jammies, giggling over all sorts of stories of past pranks and shenanigans.

-Meeting Angel's former coworkers, one of whom told me, "We really, really miss him. You know, when some coworkers leave, you kind of...close the door behind them. But when others leave, there's something special missing that can never be replaced."

What fun have you had with your family lately?
AnneMarie said...

I love that Princess Bride prank! What a great way to lighten up a wedding rehearsal. I love hearing about the adventures that you have with your family-what a great sense of fun you all seem to have! A few days ago, my parents and most of my siblings came to visit and check out our new house. It was a pretty chill visit, and nothing too crazy happened, but it was lots of fun to spend time together and stuff our faces with quinoa chocolate cake :)

The Lady Okie said...

Aww so fun! Loved the video! The arm wrestling was intense haha! Your family is fun :)

Kay R. said...

haha you guys look like you had an absolute blast! Love this!

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOSHHHHH - that car!!!!! I'd cry if that was mine to clean up

Rach said...

HA! That Princess Bride prank was awesome! So funny! Looks like so much sweet time was spent with family while you guys were in the States! I'm so happy for you!

Also, randomly, my grandparents were the first family members to meet Christopher as well! My parents were still living in China when I came back to the States for college so I had several other family members who met Christopher long before they did.

Laura Darling said...

THose little everyday moments oftentimes turn out to be the best memories! Looks like you had such a great time. Love the lighthouse pic! And that tradition of decorating the cars is something I've never heard before but it looks like so much fun!

rooth said...

I had never watched the Red Green show until I started dating a Michigander. I love that you're familiar with it :)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I've been reading your blog from Bloglovin' but haven't popped onto your site with a computer until today and I LOVE the new design. It's really pretty.

That prank is really funny! Princess Bride vows are just so hilarious. And most of all, I'm thankful you got to spend such good quality time with your family. That is the best part about traveling.

Melissa said...

Oh, I just love all this...this is how memories are made! Silly stories, fun's so perfect! We just spent a week in NH with my family, and it was so perfectly imperfect <3