03 September 2017

Travel Goals

I told Angel recently: "You're lucky, because right now is probably the first time in our marriage that I haven't been planning some sort of future vacation that you'll end up agreeing to."

You see, for the past seven years, I've planned all of our travels, from day-trips to week-long vacations. Our usual travel plans usually come about in this manner: I hear of some location that, for whatever reason, excites my interest. For example: Tung Ping Chau, an uninhabited island belonging to Hong Kong.

I then begin to research the potential destination, collecting all available information on how to get there and what to do once there. I determine if the destination is reasonably budget-friendly and find the most cost-effective transportation and accommodations. Along the way, I periodically tell Angel all about how awesome Tung Ping Chau is and how cool it would be to go there and how I've figured out how to make it affordable and in the end, he ends up agreeing that my adventure plan sounds awesome, and we go. One exception: Our "layover vacation" in Hawaii was all Angel's idea in the first place. But I did all of the planning and mapping out of bus routes and building of our itinerary.

However, I'm currently in a state of mind where even going to the grocery store or to the mall sounds a little too risky most of the time. I do know that pregnant people travel all the time but I'm in a current state of wondering "How??" because I'm sick enough inside my own comfortable home. This is just a temporary state, I know.

Just because I'm not planning any trips right now doesn't mean there's no places on my list, however. There's always a few dream vacations hanging out there that I figure I may get around to one of these years. Here they are:

1. China

Okay, that's broad, but I definitely long to go back to China. There's a few major locations, the trouble is that they are a bit spread out: ChengDu and Xi'An are on my list, as well as ShangHai Disneyland.  Angel really wants to go to the Shi Lin Stone Forest and the Three Gorges Dam (a dam? Why?). Also, I want some authentic SiChuan veggie dishes because I miss them so much, and Halal dumplings and noodles from a Muslim Chinese family-owned noodle shop (That seems really specific, but I'm not a huge fan of pork, so our local Halal Chinese noodle shop in ShenZhen was amazing because they used beef as their meat of choice). I think we'll find ourselves back in China to visit sometime within the next couple years...

2. France

This one, my main interest is the Paris Disneyland (these would be my last two Disney parks in the journey to visit all of them around the world), and the Loire Valley castles. I haven't done much research into what else because I think this is one destination that Angel can not be convinced into thinking is interesting. If I go, I think I'd make it a trip with my little sister Anna because we're good travel buddies. She shares my (usual) endless energy.

3. East Malaysia

Angel's never been, and I'd love to take him to see a bit of Sabah and Sarawak one day. Mount Kinabalu and the Mulu Caves would both be major adventures...but both also sound more physically grueling than I would normally be prepared for. Such adventures would require pre-trip training, for sure!

4. Western USA Road Trip

I love road trips, and national parks. Especially after spending a few days in California in May, I'd love to someday explore more of the natural world of California and the rest of the western USA. Maybe work our way across the country. I have no idea when a trip like this would happen, though, as it's not like we often find ourselves in the US with access to a car we can drive across the nation. I utterly detest the long plane flight to the US and that alone will keep me away for a good few years, I imagine.

5. Hawaii

We loved Oahu, and now I'd want to check out Maui and Kauaii. This probably isn't too likely to happen unless we stumble across another "layover" incident, just because Hawaii is so far from everything. But Hawaii is awesome, so, it has to go on the list. AND AirAsia, the budget airline we use most around here, recently started offering flights to Hawaii...

6. A Cruise

I actually don't know much about cruises or cruise destinations but I love boats and oceans so they intrigue me. There's definitely a big part of me that thinks I have too much energy to be cooped up on a boat for much of a trip, but I'm told there's lots of activities on these boats, so I continue to think that maybe we'll go on a cruise someday.

7. The UP

I'm a Michigander but have never really been to the UP, other than just crossing the bridge and visiting Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox (a random memory from my childhood). I'd love to see the state parks up there someday--but only during the height of summer! I have no interest in freezing!

A few other places that intrigue me but seem more doubtful that we'll actually make it there: Iceland, Mexico, England, Ireland, and New Zealand.

What places are on your list?


  1. I love this! As soon as I saw your cruise idea, I had to leave a comment and tell you to consider a Disney cruise. We went on one with a group ranging in age from 5-60, and there was never a moment where any member of our party wasn't having fun. The service is incredible, the ship beautiful, the food outstanding, and, of course, the Disney touch brings all sorts of magic! Given your love for the parks, I can't help but think it would be a wonderful fit!

    1. The Disney Cruise Line definitely sounds like it would be more my style!

  2. Your list is quite impressive. I´d also love visiting the Loire Valley Castles. Since we live in Switzerland, I hope we can get there soon :)

  3. Great list! Some of my current bucket list places are Iceland and Thailand. I have been to Kauai and it is beautiful, I would love to go back.

  4. YASSS! I love the Western US and I am going to Hawaii very soon. I love traveling and there are so many places I'd like to go!

  5. This is a great list! When going to West Cost be sure to check out the Muir Woods in Cali, honestly it was amazing. I've been to Maui as well and it's the best place in the world to go whale watching! I'm currently dreaming of going to Italy, LA and I would really love to travel to Norway and check out some Scandinavian cities!

  6. My travel lists includes African safari, probably in Namibia, and at least one of the Islands of Greece, Iceland and heading back to Portugal or Spain.

    I'm surprised Canada isn't on your list!


  7. My travel bucket list is always growing! There are still a few countries in Europe I'm hoping to visit and then I'd love to get to Japan and Australia!

  8. I really like your list. I keep telling myself I need to write a list out like this and it's in my head I just have never gotten it written down, so hopefullyI will soon!

    The Western USA is simply amazing and beautiful. I'd go there again. If you do go there feel free to ask us any questions you might have.

    I think that's fun that you have gone to most of the Disney places in the world. So cool! I think Paris would be fun when the peonies are in bloom. We almost went last year when they had $400 round trip tickets but it was too late of notice to take off of work. =(

  9. I'd like to go to the Virgin Islands. Not too exotic but just looks so pretty! Also, I went on my first cruise recently and can't say it was my thing. However, lots of people love them!

  10. Ahh, I studied abroad in Bejiing for a semester and I went to Xi'An - you have to go! The Terracotta Warriors are amazing! And it's such a beautiful city overall. I also still need to visit France & go on a West Coast road trip! I've been wanting to do that since I graduated college. I'm only a year out, but I still plan to do that too! Great travel goals!

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  11. I hate traveling so I read your list but thinking of trips makes me anxious lol. My husband loves to travel. Being pregnant has some perks at least for my travel anxiety haha!

  12. Ah! My long and wonderful travel bucket list. I haven't checked that out in a while. One big one is to live in a small town in Italy for a few months. This will include living like one of the locals, eating loads of pasta and sipping great wines. #dreams

  13. This is a neat list! And it's a good idea to daydream/plan even if you can't do a big trip right now-you'll be prepared for the future! I've been to France a few different times and really loved it, but I loathe the French train system (the trains themselves are great, just the whole process of getting reservations and schedules is awful).

    Unfortunately when it comes to travel for me, I can't just visit a country once and be satisfied with never going again! I've already been to England and Ireland, but I'd love to go back to both of those places and visit different parts of them. I'd also love to visit Japan someday. And the Holy Land, if it's not too dangerous.

  14. This is a great list! I'd love to visit France one day soon, as well as some other countries in Europe. And I'd so love to get to SE Asia. A bunch of countries from that area are on my bucket list, too.

  15. Great list! I also would love to visit all the Disney Parks. Ireland was my dream trip and I'm dying to go back. Greece and India are also high up on my list.

  16. Greece and Italy are on my MUST travel list.

  17. I'm from Hawaii, so it's nice to see it on your list, I won't lie! There are so many places I want to go that I haven't thought about them lately. It seems overwhelming. Interestingly, there are places I've been that I want to return to, as well.

    But let's see...Europe. I've only been to Austria and I'd love to see more of it. And a great American roadtrip, for sure. I've always wanted to hit all 50 states.

  18. We were in France, but only for a short enough time to eat dinner, see the Eiffel Tower, and then breakfast the next morning. I wasn't especially fond of how crowded everything was, but THE FOOD. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. I also want to go to the UP. Devin's Mom's family is all from Michigan and I've heard it is so beautiful!

  19. Oooh congratulations! I didn't know that you were expecting! I remember reading about the waiting, so I'm glad that your patience paid off. So exciting!! :) Ah wanderlust... I have it pretty intensely right now. I'm happy we'll be heading to NYC soon! Other than that though, it's been a calm travel year for us. In some ways that's been good, in other ways... that's been hard! haha I would love to visit all of those places. It's been so long since I've been to the great lakes, but I'd love to go back! :) I've really been daydreaming about Scotland... I'd like to make a Europe trip happen sometime in the next year! :) XO - Alexandra

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  20. The bf says the UP is definitely up on the list. They would go camping up there when they were little and he says it's a must do :)

  21. I think we might be travel planning twins :) the only travel destinations my husband comes up with of his own volition are crazy places that he wants to go to because there's a secret naval base there or only 3 people live there and I have to break it to him that travelling there probably isn't the most practical.

    I'd also love to go to East Malaysia but share your concerns about the physical exertion aspect of it. Is there a lazy travellers' way to visit? I am desperate to see some wild orangutans. And I am a firm cruise convert so should you ever go down that path (highly recommend) then let me know and I will tell you everything I know! Not much but still.

  22. Great list! <3 I really want to check out the other islands in Hawai'i too! + a cross-country road trip so I can visit all the state parks and eat food everywhere, hehehe.