17 October 2017

Day in the Life (on a day off)

Angel and I had a bit of a 'unicorn day' on Monday--no work, no events scheduled, no obligations for either one of us until 4:30 when he left to teach his only class of the day.

So, obviously, we did what all adults do when they get a day off together: catch up on errands and chores!

And vlog, for some reason, because we had more time and because I love videos of real life. Enjoy these glimpses of our day and our neighborhood and life here in SE Asia.


- I'm not responsible for the music Angel plays in the car. No one ever has any idea what he might have on the current playlist--anything and everything from 80s hits to country songs to Rich Mullins to Ryan Higa's song parodies to Camilo Sesto to Chris Tomlin to a dramatic reading of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. Any new person who rides in our car is usually mystified by our playlist. At this point, it all just seems normal.

- Angel received a gift card to a department store for his birthday in July. This was the first time we had time to go out shopping to spend the gift card. Spending birthday money is always a very serious business. I joke that no one else but me would have the patience to shop with Angel...but I love shopping with my man who thinks very, very carefully about what he wants to choose. On this day, he went with an "ultra-practical" birthday theme, choosing: a water pitcher, packing tape, white-out, bathroom cleaning spray, and a serrated knife for the kitchen.

- I should have vlogged at the post office because I waited in the car while Angel went in and had such a fun time watching the roosters strutting around acting like they're all that.

- Christmas card-making projects begin early in our family because making over 200 Christmas cards by hand, writing them, and addressing them, and getting them in the mail in time for them to actually arrive in the USA in a timely fashion is long process. Also, a long-standing family tradition begun many years ago when we first discovered that you couldn't buy big boxes of Christmas cards here. Now it's a project that I look forward to and a few in the family dread. We're getting started earlier than usual this year, though, since other upcoming events make us think we need a headstart. Angel and I send out our own Christmas cards, but I always get involved with Mom and Dad's Christmas card project.

- Things we did during the day that didn't make it onto the vlog: we ate leftover chili for breakfast, Angel talked to his parents on Skype, we dropped off a package at the post office, Angel took a nap, we hung up two loads of laundry, wrestled the sheets and pillowcases back onto our bed after they dried, and I worked on Christmas cards at Mom and Dad's house while Angel was at work, and later, while he ran 10k. And other stuff but this was two days ago, how can you expect me to remember everything? We must have eaten again at some point...I think I ate ramen in the afternoon.

How do spend those rare and precious ENTIRE days off? :)
Elizabeth said...

I loved the vlog! It looks like you were able to fit a lot into your day off! I usually spend my days off catching up on sleep (since I work nights), running errands, cleaning my apartment, or sewing.

My New Creative Business said...

I love it when you have those "unicorn days" as you put it - where you've no obligations at all except to put your feet up and relax! I totally live for those days, Ha!
Looks like you had quite a day!

Marissa said...

Wow 200 Christmas cards by hand! You are dedicated, but I bet everyone you send them to absolutely loves receiving them.

Unknown said...

I was going to buy box Christmas cards but I didn't find anything that I like. I'm going to be making my Christmas cards this year, I don't think I can do 200! I spend my day catching up on my sleep since I have Grave's Disease and trying not to let anything stresses me out. I can't wait to see your Christmas cards.

Unknown said...

Such a refreshing video to watch! He chose interesting things to buy with his birthday money!

Belle |

Anonymous said...

OMG! 200 Christmas cards? I couldn't do It! Lol. How wonderful that you do this for your family! Are they all the same?

Breakfast at Lillys said...

Sounds like a great day! I know this sounds crazy but I usually work on my day off haha.

Michelle said...

I loved this! It’s so fun to see into other people’s lives, especially in different countries.

Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad said...

Spending birthday money is definitely a very serious business! I think Angel chose very well.

I was organised enough to make and send out home made Christmas cards precisely once in my life. Now we are far away and that has completely thrown what little game I had left. I'm already missing birthdays left, right and centre. I need to give myself a talking to and start making some lists!

rooth said...

I love that you guys hand make your cards, that's so sweet :)

My time off is spent reading and reading some more. You'd think I'd have run out of books by now!