10 December 2017

DIY Christmas Cards for 2017

Y'all probably know by now that handmade Christmas cards are practically a given as far as I'm concerned. Here are last year's cards.

Over the past year, both my sister MaryGrace and I have experimented a bit with watercolor painting. She does it much more than I do--I suffer from the completely false perception that I should only be making art if there is a purpose for the art. I admire her ability to simply sit down and spend an evening painting and trying out new techniques even with no purpose or end goal for the art in mind. That is a characteristic much needed in a true artist!

Because of our fascination with watercolor, both the card that Angel and I send out and my parents' family card involved watercolor designs this year--and yet maintained very different styles--after all, we wouldn't want anyone to get the two cards mixed up, now would we?

Here's my card:

Definitely a minimalist design--stamping out the letters was really fun, though! I tried to get Mom to use the stamps on her cards but she preferred the look of handlettering. I also see the appeal. I made our cards on my own, but Angel got the task of writing personal letters in each one and addressing the envelopes.

Here are Mom and Dad's cards:

It was a true family project putting these cards together--MaryGrace painting the watercolor paper, Dad tracing and cutting out ornament shapes, Mom, Angel, and I handlettering the words for the cards and signing the inside once the cards got put together. No small task when you have over 200 cards to make...but we listened to Christmas songs while we worked and had a lot of fun accomplishing this project together!

And here's this year's family photo:

The four panels wrapped up with ribbon like a Christmas gift was Mom's vision. I didn't have any software that could easily accomplish this vision, so I turned over the job to my graphic designing brother, and it turned out awesome!

What kind of Christmas cards are you sending out this year?
Kristina said...

A little bit of everything this year. Some photo cards, some store-bought and some handmade. I tried my hand at watercolor cards this year too.

Rachel said...

Ooh, variety! I like it!

The Lady Okie said...

I love the look of the stamped letters on your card! And you and Angel are killing it in your engagement picture on the card. Love it!

Parul said...

Wow! These are some amazing holiday cards. I love all things DIY and adding that personal touch to your holiday cards makes them so much more meaningful.


Summer @ Coffee With Summer said...

These are so cute and unique. Love how simplistic they are - simple is always best!

Kristen said...

I love your Christmas card for this year! I'm not doing any cards this year for Christmas, but will definitely be sending them out next year :)

Crystal said...

Your cards are so pretty! I think my fave is the first... I love trees!

Suzanne said...

You guys did a great job! 200 card! That is insane!

I sent out boxes of homemade goodies, chocolates, cookies etc with tag I created from photos of the person I sent it to. Everyone seems to love it.


Kaycee said...

Ooh! Love those watercolor cards! I also love your family Christmas card! You guys looks so classy. :D We just ordered our cards through Shutterfly. :)

Southern & Style said...

I am SO in love with your cards-I really like the stamped look on yours!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style