30 January 2018

Pregnancy vs. Children

Obviously Angel and I don't have kids of our own running around as of yet...but I spend a good chunk of my time with children, and I'm now under the impression that kids are rather hilarious in their response to pregnancy. Here are a few examples from the past few months:

6-year-old: "Can I listen to your belly?"
Me: "No!"
6-year-old: "But I want to hear what the baby is saying!"
Me: "The baby can't talk yet."
6-year-old: "Are you serious? He can't even talk?!!"

{I'm about to get down to pick up a piece of paper off the floor}
4-year-old: "Don't crush your baby! I will pick it up for you."

4-year-old: "When is the baby coming out?"
Me: "Not for a long time, he's still too small."
4-year-old: "How small is the baby?"
(followed up with daily requests to know how small the baby is each day)

6-year-old: "I'm going to ask my mommy for a baby sister."
Me: "That's a great idea. Tell me what she says."

6-year-old: "Mommy kept some of my little brother's baby clothes. Maybe your baby can wear them. What size clothes does he wear right now?"
Me: "Right now? Right now, the baby is naked. He doesn't wear clothes."
6-year-old: *shocked expression*

*I'm eating Twizzlers*
4-year-old: "Why are you eating candy?"
Me: "Because the baby is hungry."
4-year-old: "How do you know the baby is hungry?"
Me: "Because I'm his mom, I always know when he's hungry."
4-year-old: "But how do you hear him ask for food?"

Daily repeated statements/questions:
"How's the baby going today?"
"The baby is a boy? But I thought he was a girl. Why isn't he a girl? Girls are so nice! And so cute!"
"Is he bigger yet? Can I see his face?"

Steph L said...

Haha these are too cute! I can just hear a little kid asking "Are you serious? He can't even talk?!" :)

I had a student last year whose mom had a baby a few months before I did and every day the girl would come in and say "My mom's baby is the size of *whatever fruit/vegetable* today. What's yours?"

Suzanne said...

Hahahahahaha! Kids really do say the darnedest thing : )


Jenny Evans said...

I think I overused the "the baby is hungry" excuse during my last pregnancy and the kids caught on. Sometimes I just wanted a treat.

Melissa said...

I love love love kiddos and pregnancy haha Spencer always poked "the baby" so he'd know that there was somebody waiting for him. And now he's been asking us for a new baby brother because Porter is boring haha you look beautiful, Rachel!

Marette F said...

Haha my three-year-old asks when the baby is coming out every day, too! She wants to know if she can say hi to her too all the time.

Unknown said...

Those comments are so adorable and funny! Its so great how kids think in such literal terms. Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Haha these comments are so cute! Kids do say the darndest things!

kiara catanzaro said...

These are so sweet! It's SO FUNNY to hear comments from kids. I remember my nieces and nephews being curious when another sibling was pregnant, especially as they got to that cute/funny 5-7 year phase!

Lily Fang said...

These are hilarious! I think I remember the first one from one of your insta posts. I must've said some pretty silly things when my mom was pregnant with my younger brother too. The only think I remember is that I was so fascinated when it moved or kicked and I could see it through my mom's stomach.

It must be crazy that the baby is coming so soon! Sending you the very best for the final weeks!

imperfect idealist

Bailey said...

That is too funny!!!! Kids say the dardnest things!!!

Brita Long said...

Aw these are adorable!

Amy @ Swag On, Momma! said...

I loved, "That's a great idea. Tell me what she says." haha!

Erin Peyerk said...

Oh my gosh I love these!! Too cute!