04 February 2018

10k Race Recap - It was actually an 8k, also, the "Death March" and essence of fish.


Angel signed up to run a 10k early on the morning of February 4th.

That's normal.

This race was closer to home than his recent races have been, and I told him that if he placed, he should come home and pick me up for the award ceremony. I didn't think he was likely to place since only the top three overall were going to get trophies. Angel, on the other hand, told me he was thinking about "winning" the whole thing.

At 7:40, he called me and told me to be ready to get picked up, because he'd come in second place.

Turns out, when he started the race he knew he was in 4th place, and the guy in 1st place took off so far ahead that Angel never saw him for the rest of the race. The other two stayed in sight, and as the miles passed, Angel passed them, for a 2nd place finish at 34 minutes 5 seconds. Wait a minute--that doesn't sound right for a 10k time! Angel's fancy new watch revealed that the race course was only 8 kilometers, and talking with the other winners confirmed that the race track was significantly shorter than expected.

Oh well, these three certainly weren't complaining about a short race, given that they won it! What was a surprise to us was, along with the trophy, Angel received a "hamper" full of food items as part of his prize. This has never happened at the races we've attended before!

Angel and I found the music choices for the award ceremony highly amusing, as they ranged from "Let it Go" to "Get Lucky," "Fight Song," and "YMCA." The winners of the 6k race received their awards to the tune of the "Death March" from Star Wars and it gave the whole affair a certain air of intensity that I don't normally associate with 6k fun runs.

Investigating what was actually inside the gift hamper was a great deal of fun for me. We always see these sorts of hampers in the grocery store around major holidays (Chinese New Year is quickly approaching!) but have never bought them as a gift because they always seem to include such odd items in their packaging.

This one contained: Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Durian-filled chocolate, dried cranberries, 4 bottles of essence of fish, strawberry candies, sparkling grape juice, candied nutmeg, green tea, tomyam-flavored peanuts, and almond shortbread biscuits (these were wrapped inside a box that didn't say what was inside, but merely proclaimed: "The Best Gift Ever" in gold lettering all over the box).

The essence of fish is the most mysterious item in the hamper as far as I'm concerned, because I can't imagine the circumstances under which one would desire to drink anything with such a name. The instructions on the bottle say that children should have half a bottle twice a day, and adults should drink a whole bottle twice a day. It's a health supplement, but one that I think I'll have to pass on.

Since we'd already stayed for the whole award ceremony, we decided to stick around for the "Lucky Draw" or raffle. If you've read any of my race recaps in the past, you may have noticed that Lucky Draws are a big deal at races. There are often LOTS of prizes to be given away, so the odds of winning something tend to be pretty high. This race said they had 35 prizes for the lucky draw, but in reality, there were a good many more than that, because many of the 35 gave away multiples of the same prize.

Probably because there were so very many prizes to give away, the lady announcing the numbers was rather feisty about trying to speed along the giveaway process. After she announced a number, and she'd see someone begin to get up out of their seat and make their way toward the stage, she'd start yelling in any one of three languages: Mandarin, Bahasa, or English, based on which language she thought the person spoke. I know enough to be able to translate the Mandarin and Bahasa for Angel, and I was cracking up as she'd be yelling out: "Hurry up!" "Run Faster!" "You've had an hour to rest already, faster!" "Why so slow?" "Run! Run!" "Don't walk, run!"

I learned over to Angel and told him that if his number  got called, he better hop out of his seat and RUN to the stage if he didn't want to get heckled. He took my advice when they called out his number, but we didn't know what he'd won until he returned to our seats with the envelope:

It's a gift certificate for a free lunch buffet at a very fancy local hotel...a free lunch buffet for ONE. Who goes to a buffet by himself? Seems to me that meal prizes ought to be for two...but we were very excited that he managed to take 2nd place in this race and also win a random prize. One of the lucky draw prizes was a motorbike and I am very, very glad indeed that he didn't win that one! Lunch is far safer.

I think race day always leaves Angel with a bit of a runner's high, so once we got home in the afternoon, he signed up for a race on March 10th. Which is 6 days after my due date. I let him sign up on the condition that if I'm in the the hospital, he is NOT going to the race. No matter what. I don't care if you think you can "win" this one. The "Murphy's Law" part of me suspects that because of the race he signed up for, we can now plan on baby being born on March 10th, exactly.

Did you have any adventures this weekend?
Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats to Angel! That's awesome he got second and you could attend the award ceremony. I love the hamper - sounds like it mostly had good items. Winning the buffet lunch is fun, but yeah, who gives away just one ticket? Most of those prizes are usually for at least two people! lol


Shelby @Fitasamamabear said...

Oh that's funny that it ended up only being 8k!I can understand the runners high but that's definitely cutting it close :D

As He Leads is Joy said...

Congratulations on placing. I am impressed. I did a 10K a real 10K and was thrilled to finish and not be the last person. I can't say my weekend was that exciting. The hamper looks like a typical Chinese New Year hamper. That brings back memories of living in Asia.

Jordan said...

Ha! That's wonderful; congratulations to Angel!

Cara- Kindly Unspoken said...

Congratulations to Angel! That's so amazing! I've never did any kind of race, but I'm always so impressed with runners and their dedication. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats! I always admired those who could do these races! I have never been much of a runner but I could totally walk a 10K!

Unknown said...

Well done to Angel. All the best with your pregnancy.

Kyla Matton Osborne said...

Congratulations to Angel! The gift hamper sounds great. But I am with you on the fish essence. Sounds less than appetizing... ;)

You must be excited for the baby's impending arrival. Take care of you both!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Angel on the second place finish, that's awesome! Haha I've never seen a race give away goody baskets to top three finishers but that's cool! Although I'm not quite sure what I'd do with "essence of fish" in a winners' basket if I ever won that, ha! Haha you're right though - now that he's signed up for a race you can expect the baby on March 10 because that's usually how it works, right? 😂

Bethany Carson said...

Congrats to Angel!! That is great.
That sure was an interesting combination of items in the gift hamper! Your remarks on Angel signing up for a race near your due date gave me a chuckle! :)

Crystal said...

Congrats to Angel! That's awesome! And I would expect the baby to come on race day, too! Congrats on your upcoming due date! That's exciting!

Jenny Evans said...

Wow, nice job, Angel! I think a lot of runners would be mad that the course was a mile and a half shorter than expected. They might have paced themselves differently! But what do I know, I only run when something is chasing me.

Laura Darling said...

Well that is just amazing! I hope he splits his lunch buffet with you!! :)

Susannah said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Angel!!!!! <3

Brita Long said...

This sounds like the best race ever.